Humans- we are strange creatures

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what are humans?
our emotions go haywire, our nerves go to breaking point and our tendencies what ever the case are beyond ordinary...

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



Dont you sometimes want to bash your head against a glass door and watch the shards of glass fall to the ground? Or better yet, bash your head over and over again on a table of spikes and feel the blood run down your forehead taking away all the stress and letting out all your emotions? i guess not, well, i hope not since that sounds graphic and looks pretty painful.  but then what do you do when you are out of your mind annoyed, angryor just plain old irritated?

But what would be lovely is to feel serene, peacful and calm. Wouldnt it be nice to make a cup of tea, to take out the tea bag that was mixed with the milk and and watch the final dark drops fall into the creamy coloured  liquid, to sit and watch the sunset with no sense of agitation; instead we make our tea in a rush burning oursleves in the process, then draining it down our throats which scolds our tongues, and then racing off to a late night meeting with the boss, or a busy but joyous night out with friends, only to come home with a splitting headache at the end.  Yes, thats how people live these days, unable to think straight, screaming and shouting at our dogs and cats or even our turtles and birds, even when they didnt do anything wrong and you have nothing or no one else to turn and complain to....

In the end we all just scream into our pillows, rip them open and watch the feathers fall around us, sticking to our hair and clothes making it look like a snowy wonderland in the middle of the scorching hot summer.  After our little moment we look like savage beasts, with our hearts pounding wildly and our chests rising frantically and air being pulled in and out between our teeth.

We attacked the poor innocent harmless pillow. OH DAMMIT! Now we got to go out, spend our well earned money and buy a new pillow! just so that we can sleep at night.

We need to make time for ourselves, take some time off work, go to the country side, sleep in a cottage and spend some time with the cows, no not the cows that are cold heartless bitches that ruin your lives, but the ones that graze on the ground and stand on four legs.  Go ride horses, feed the chickens.  Breath in that fresh air and start making new plans for yourself.  make sure that you have that peaceful cup of tea..... =)

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