I Remember...... I Won't Forget

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This is for my gran who has passed away two days ago...
She was a special person in my life and i will miss her so much. R.I.P Gan....

Submitted: April 22, 2011

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Submitted: April 22, 2011



I never thought about the day that you would go,
The day that you would leave this world to enter the other.
I will never forget the smell that used to indicate that you were around, the stale smell of smoke that lingered on your clothes, to tell me that you’re my gran; you were a part of me.
I remember when you thought I never knew when you would watch me, while I sat and read my favourite book.
I won’t forget our discussions we had about our world: the great pyramids of Giza, our oceans animals, Nature, and what we wanted to always do for ourselves.
But I know that you didn’t want this to happen, so quickly and sudden.
And now I can’t even say goodbye, because you are not next to me, giving me your ritual butterfly and Eskimo kisses. And your warm hugs.
If you were here I would talk to you about everything I still wanted to talk about, I would want to give you another hug, to feel your presence next to me as you pat my leg while you talk.
I remember the sound of your voice, always sounding the same even on the phone, that sweet crackling sound, always reminding me of wrinkling up a sweet rapper. Yes, that’s what you like, a sweet. So deliciously nice, I could savour our moments together.
I won’t forget saying good night to you. Repeating our butterfly and Eskimo kisses.
That is what I will miss the most, knowing that you were always so close by.
I miss you.

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