Keeping my life.

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Who kidnaps a girl on the way to beach on a sunny day? A weird person. but what happens when you have to fight for your life in the process in a dark room with a quest you have to take in your own mind?

~* This is not finished but I want to know what you think about it and if you enjoy it then I will carry on. Yes i know that there might be a few errors of punctuation, grammar or spelling but please ignore them and tell me what you think?~*

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



The room was empty, I don't know how i could have explained this to them. I was afraid for my life, and now this! What was I going to do? How could I explain...?

"Yeah, hi, the girl you had in the basement? It's now empty..."

It was a sunny day and I was walking down to the beach when I saw a woman in a red cloak, the red that you would say; “Why does she have blood on her clothes?" As far as I could tell from the distance I saw her at, she had white hair and her skin was pale. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she wasn't beautiful but she was captivating by the way she walked, she was like a cat, as if she was stalking her prey. i couldn't put my finger on it, but for some reason as soon as she had entered my vision it felt like everything went a bit cold even though the sun was out and the birds were lying on the asphalt soaking up the heat into their little bodies, although I couldn't feel the heat. My skin grew goose pimples and my hair blew in front of my face. My eyes darted around my other surroundings but then everything else looked normal. It’s only when I look at her.

I carried on walking but as soon as I did, i felt a tug from my hair, and my head got whipped back. When I looked up to see who was hurting me, i saw the woman that i had seen earlier. She whipped me around and looked me in the eyes, the next thing i knew there was a voice in my head, but it wasn't my own;

"Help us; you get your life back. You fail your life falls away forever."

The next thing i knew i was fading, everything was turning dark and I fell to the ground.

When I had woken up, I found myself in a room that as filled with drapery that hung all over the walls, windows, and the ceiling. When I raised myself off the floor I saw one figure sitting in front of me in an oak arm chair. I wiped my eyes clear of all the fog that i felt clings to my already dreary eyes.

"Welcome young one. Tell me your name." What the hell?! This man was beyond weird. First I got kidnapped and then my kidnapper/person in the room asks me for my name. With a voice I have never spoken in, in my life I said; "Young one? You kidnap me, call me weird names and ask me for my name. Do you really think I'm going to tell you?" This made the man put a smile on his face. It wasn't a grimace or a sardonic smile, it seemed friendly. He stood up and walked towards me. As he came closer, the light above cast a spot-light on his face. He had hazelnut eyes, a chiselled jaw and red hair; exactly the same colour as the woman's coat. It wasn't dyed though, you could see that it was his, so shiny and clean looking. I wanted to stroke it.

“If you can stop staring t me and give me your name I will give you some food." He said. But I got out of my reverie, sat up straight, folded my arms around my chest and put on one of my death stares.

"You not going to budge are you?" The smile on his face disappeared and suddenly, since being in the same room as him, he looked angry.

Only now was I starting to get a bit nervous and scared. He walked toward me stealthily. It actually looked like he was floating; I couldn't hear his footsteps on the cold tiled floor. As he lent down in front of me he had said; "Now listen here you little bitch, I only want two things from you; your name and for you to go on a little mission. If you don't I'm going to have to think about all the different ways i get to kill you."....

"M-my name is Cassidy." I stammer in a hushed voice, i bend my head down and let my hair fall in front of my face, acting like a curtain, I can still feel him looking at me. i now wanted to get out of here, surely my parents would know by now that i was missing. What else is going to happen? I seriously do not want to die. Hoping that my parents had already called the cops, I thought maybe I should just do what he wants so that no one finds me dead.

"Now we are getting somewhere. So Cassidy, Have you ever heard of the name Concocha?" He had said my name by elongating the ss's, at the same time he used his left index finger to lift up my head by my chin but i still kept my eyes downcast as I didn't want to look at him.

"No" I whisper, His touch is cold but my head is pounding and beads of sweat form at the top of my brow. I decided to take a chance and I reverted my eyes to look into his face. And as I did, his eyes looked different, they looked exactly like a cats and his ears started to protrude from behind his ears. If I could describe them they looked like am elf's crossed with a dog. As he opened his mouth to say something, two fangs popped out from both the top and bottom of his mouth amongst his teeth. Then he grinned. "You my sweet, sweet smelling girl needs to look after someone for me. And as he said that, the woman with the red cloak from across the room whom I only saw now, Whipped up her arm which was holding a quilt in her hand,and what replaced the space from the quilt was a cage. A cage with a girl in it.

She looked positively scared. Her eyes were downcast but she had mascara streaks down her cheeks and her black hair fell over her shoulders, arms and knees, she looked starved; as if she hasn’t eaten for three months. I was surprised to see her sitting and not lying down on the little available floor for her. Why do they have in here? But then why me too?

In the little time I had to reply I was already whipped into a strange slumber. I was still in the room but I was looking at the girl in cage, I was talking to her but she wasn’t replying by moving her lips. I could hear her in my head.

They just took me, I was in my room sleeping and then when I woke up I was in here with that woman in the red cloak looking at me with her pointed lips. I was so scared that my scream was a silent whisper. I couldn’t move or make a sound.”

“But why, haven’t you asked that man any questions?” I asked her. As I was looking at her I saw little flies hovering around her head. They were glow in the dark and I could hear a sweet melody escaping from them. It wasn’t a song with words, just music. It was very calming and all I wanted to do was be there with them.

“Ever since being here, they gave me something that was in the form of a sandwich, it had something in it, something that made me stop talking all together except for my thoughts. I can think but that is it. I don’t know what they have done to me, especially that man. He freaks me out.”

I think any one would be freaked out by him. As my dream continued down a longer black tunnel, I saw flashing images of little weird people. they had the same features as that man but were all a different height. they were so small! perfect proportions , beautiful but they looked deadly. I could see it in the eyes of each image. they began to go faster and faster and before I knew it i was in a whirlwind full of images of these people. It felt like each joint in my body was going to deatch themselves from me, I had no way of getting out of this and each movement my body made was agony. I tried to pull my body in a ball but I didn't prevail.

First my arms gave way. each bone snapping, hideous howls escaped from my lips, with one last tug my arms were pulled from their sockets, black blood spilled out, filling the empty space that surrounded me. my legs felt like they were being cut up by sharp scissors; as I looked down towards them I could see my skin being pulled off. the pain was agonising. more black blood spilled out of me. with another fina rip my legs were gone. another ry erupted from me, it sounded unhuman. like a wild animal.

Suddenly I was pulled out ofmy dream. with sweat sticking to my forehead and clothes stuck to my skin, I wrenched myself up, frantically i touched my arms and my legs making sure that they were still apart of me... I breathed a sigh of relief and flopped back down. "what the hell was that?" I thought.....

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