Side To Side

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life doesnt seem so amazing any more. why not do something about it? what you have wanted to do all along.

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



I step into the noose's path. I put my head into its deadly mouth. I can feel its grin, beckoning, taunting me, opening up for me, wantin gto bite into my neck, to feel its winning satisfaction of taking my useless life away. I take a look around my room. I see pictures of my favorite bands and singers, my teddy bears, I see memories bringing me back to the horrible past. I see my sanctuary, my bed; waiting to fold me up and keep me away from the evil things.

I sigh.

I take a deep breath in and I knock over the chair and drop. I try to breath out, but its stuck, the nooses teeth is trapping it in my throat, I give out a hoarse cough, I try to scream, i bring my fingers up to try free myself. ' I want a second chance!' ...... I can't , its trapping me forever. I feel my eyes close heavily, my arms go limp. Im left hanging, swinging side to side

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