Strength Through Pain

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An essay on love and suffering.

Submitted: October 06, 2013

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Submitted: October 06, 2013



Oh dualism, the Great Reality, let me have good and bad experiences, but do not close my eyes, do not cover my ears, do not shut my mouth, do not plug my nose, and do not render me numb to touch. I want to feel life - good or bad. The bad is chaotic and fun, the good is pure and holy. Open my senses even more, if that is possible, to perceive you fully and maybe possess the feeling we all want more of - love.

You have to be strong to survive.  No pain, no gain.  Pain builds character.  It is said that pain and joy come from the same mother. The depth that we can experience joy is the same as pain.

When you are going through something bad, but ultimately come out of it on the other side unscathed, you get stronger.  Think of it as building up your will power, strength, character, etc.  Think of it as signaling to people that you are strong.

What is signaling?

Signaling can be conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional, but there is always a desired outcome for gain.

Everybody knows Nike or Calvin Kline and most people will spend vast amounts of money to wear these products. But why? The meaning surely involves signaling. But what are you signaling?

Surely when you wear popular and expensive clothes or shoes you are signaling some kind of strength, power, or position. If you can spend thousands of dollars on a fancy refrigerator isn't that a signal of vast monetary resources?

Zahavi's Handicap Principal:

Peacocks evolved longer and longer tails as a handicap that offers visual proof of the birds biological fitness. For a signal to be worth anything it must be costly. The idea with the peacock is that, by proving that they are indeed able to drag those tails around, they thereby offer a signal of their superior fitness. The longer tail would be too costly for a lesser bird to manage.

We are always signaling in life.

Suppose you want to find a lawyer to defend you but when you walk in his office it is run down and the furniture is out of date. What kind of signal is that? You start to wonder if this lawyer is going to be reliable if he can't even afford nice furniture. So you ultimately choose the lawyer with a beautiful office and nice furniture. Notice the value of sending a costly signal.

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