the keeper of the keys and her mechanical bee

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just a short poem i wrote on the plane coming back from London. its about this woman who takes away this man from his own daughters and wraps him around her finger and manipulates him into doing everything for her even to destroy his daughters lives just to make her feel better about herself.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



She locked him away and threw away his keys

he's stuck in his cage for invisible centuries.

She's wrapped him around her finger like tight suicidal rope, cutting off his love supply,

he is her castles moat.

She wants his prtection

drowning his own daughters,

he loves her more than anything, everything for her will be slaughtered.

She is the keeper of the keys.





he buzzes around her honey coloured hair,

fixing everything she holds with care.

" Ascrew is loose!" her words are a crack of a whip.

"Your my queen, i will do anything for you."

he bows down to her feet.

She has made him weak,

but he doesnt know it.

She is the keeper of the keys and heis her mechanical bee.... and she will show it.

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