The Weird and the Beautiful

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For an assignment I had to write a colour story on strange bedfellows taking any angle. Read on and find out =)

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012



Pedro; a name girls dream of. A name, girls would love their own men to have. But due to unforeseen circumstances, Pedro is taken. None other by Gloria de los Cervantes.

Both born in Madrid, Gloria and Pedro met on a smouldering hot summer’s day. On the beach Gloria lay covered in oily sun tan lotion that made her skin glow. Her face, covered in a stronger sun tan lotion was hidden by a large straw sun hat.  What she did not want to show is what people did not get to see.  Next to the beach was an ancient bull fighting stadium and at that same moment a young man was flown out of it into the air staying airborne for at least 10 seconds, every limb flaying about. He crashed face first into the white granny beach sand, backside pointing up toward the sky.

It was a comical sight, but it did not stop Gloria from rushing toward him, not realising that in the process of running in his direction, her hat fell off landing perfectly next to her belongings.

Reaching the man, who was already dusting off his face leaving red marks behind on his skin, Gloria literally leaped down next to him. Asking if he was alright, the man replied with a nod keeping his eyes closed. As soon as he opened them, he looked at the woman who sat beside him. Her voice did not match her face. Her face, contorted with a protruding chin, a large nose the size of an obese slug and cheekbones that were in the form of a moustache. Her voice was the complete opposite. Even with her bottom lip overpowering her upper lip, her voice was soft, kind and gentle…

Pedro on the other hand was handsome. He had an uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt: his eyes looked deep into Gloria’s soul just by glimpsing at her. He had long blond locks of hair, a perfectly chiselled jaw and a nose of a supermodel.

From that day forward, Gloria and Pedro were inseparable. They would go to the bull fighting stadium where Gloria would gaze longingly at him as he flapped the blood red muleta driving the bull mad. She knew he was the man of her dreams.

Two years later, with Gloria at the age of 25 and Pedro 10 years older than her, 35, they married. Gloria got a job as a physicist, flying around the world learning seven languages. They ended up having five children and now have 12 grandchildren. It was that fateful day when in Barcelona he was asked to take the  place of the matador who grew ill due to a savage case of food poisoning, when the tragic account of Gloria witnessed a  bull’s horn ram right into her husband’s stomach. Without caring about the angry bull running around in the centre of the stadium, Gloria ran towards her husband. But it was too late. The bull’s horn had hit Pedro at such an angle that it penetrated his heart. Pedro died in his love’s arms at the scene.

“According to Pedro, I am perfect the way I am,” Gloria says sitting down on her kitsch pink flower sofa with a cigarette sticking out of her mouth. A tear escapes from one of her large eyes delving into the folds of her now wrinkled skin, showing her laughing days in her eyes and the worries she endured that crease her forehead. She is now 83 years old and reminiscing on a true love story.

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