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The short writing is about reflecting on my life. How time is passing over me so quickly and I am always aiming for the future and the future is coming and going and I am not even realizing

Submitted: April 25, 2015

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Submitted: April 25, 2015




Sometimes I just wish I could hit the pause button so I can enjoy the present moment. Sometimes I wish to fast forward to the next exciting moment in the future and skip all the downfall moments. Rewinding to some moments in the past wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. We all know these are just mutual wishes that every person wish that they have control over them.

Life today had become one hectic and busy ride. No one has the chance to breath anymore it’s always about business, work, and moving on to the future. Childhood is being taken away from the present generation. Children are always behind a laptop or watching TV. Time is passing and once in their life they are going to release that they have missed a lot of adventures and that they never knew what having a childhood really means.

Time is precious. One should use it wisely and not waste it because every second that passes over the individual that is a second closer to finding yourself in a coffin and then it would be too late. That may sound a little bit harsh but it’s the truth, it’s the reality that no one is conscious about. That is why if you are given an opportunity a lifetime, (let’s say being offered your dream job) you should never hesitate , just say ‘yes’. You will never look back when you are living your dream.

Life should be lived day by day, but you should be wise enough that your decisions will not affect your future. I always say that everyone should live their lives to the full , you never know when it is your chance to be called to leave this world.

I always wanted to grow up as fast as I can so I can be a free, independent woman. I would be able to manage my life better without having my parents sniffing my every move. Now I realise that I missed living as a teenager, I missed living as a child , my target always was waiting for the day where I can be my own person.

Time is always time, it waits for no one. Just face what the present time has prepared for you. If it is a problem, twirl around , solve it and move on to your next day. If it is a highlight moment, enjoy it, embrace it and hold on to it. These will be the memories that you want to remember till the last breath. One should plan their future, manage their time well, be able to plan your future but don’t forget that they are still young enough to enjoy the moment.

There is time for everything. Childhood and the teenage years are supposed to be the most joyful years that anyone can have in their lives. Then you hit your 20’s , I suppose that by that age everyone would have matured to a certain extent and would have their future in their control. Everyone is the leader of their own life. So, one has passed the time where all the crazy stuff have happened , all those hangover days where you didn’t even know how you got home may be over. That does not mean that your life have stopped there. It is opening new doors for you. You are able to plot your pathway ,whether you want to focus on your career and be a successful individual or if you want to start a family .

Time is fast , no replay, no rewind. This is a statement that should be in front of every person’s mind. Love the moment, be grateful for what you have others may not experience what you have accomplished throughout your life. Do not regret that you are growing old just say that as time passes new experiences pop up and just smile.

-Lola. C


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