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Sometimes it takes a death for you to start living.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



I killed a beatle the other day

It didn't deserve to die

Its death just seemed appeasing in my mind

 And as my brain coordinates my eye

To stomp and end this beatles life

I shed a tear


About how it must be feeling inside


Jealousy consumes my soul

Giving compassion no room to grow

For this beatle I hardly know is beter off than me

What does it feel now...nothing


It's ears no longer tainted by the evil murmurings of life

No longer feeling like test tube mice scutterling around the world looking for a purpose

Unbeknowst that their destiny is already determined and the direction their life is gravitating towards is pre empted vermon


I have a soul that it dosen't, a uniquely crafted heart

Yet this tiny creature possesses the spark to ignite a bullet

Without missing the mark this beatle has the power to cloud the world dark.

Through its death I am able to establish the inconsistencies of a life it no longer lives

This beatle is the luckiest creature in the world

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