Cyclical Life 2

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A chance encounter with the object of many of her desires.

Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Submitted: May 12, 2012



"sorry is that seat taken?"

 I averted my eyes from the lesbian couple out the window, holding hands and talking amicably. Probably about the latest episode of lip service I thought as I turned to answer the stranger with an irritated scowl. As I reached to remove my adidas bag from the seat, I looked up at the unknown stranger. My breath caught instantly in my throat as the most lucious pair of green eyes stole my sight. I smiled weakly, unable to believe my luck, as she graciously sat on the dry interior. I returned to gazing out of the window, amazed at how quickly the univese set about materialising fantasies that haden't even formed in my mind yet.

 "In the 6 months that I've seen you you've never said more than 5 words to me. Are you always this quiet?"

 I haden't realised she had spoken until I felt that familiar gaze boring into my neck. Feeblely I pivoted my head until I was facing her direction. She had slyly leaned in, giving our faces limited breathimg space from each other. I instantly began counting the light dusting of freckles peppered across the bridge of her nose. I'd never noticed them before. They merely added to her allure. Before I could contemplate my response to her question she broke the silence between us with a single word.

"Jasmine" she breathed.

I inhaled the fruity scent which escaped her lips. She smiled invitingly at me whilst inching her knee closer to mine. Was she flirting with me? I thought as I cleared my throat to utter a response which matched that of her duosyllabolic name.

 "Lola" I whispered.

She smiled again, a full lucious smile which infected the various organs that crafted her beautiful face.

"Lola" she repeated. "It is nice finally talking to you."


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