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A poem of the symbols associated with September 11, 2001, and their impact on America.

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




United and American airlines

September 11—nine-one-one

One a symbol of military strength

The other of economic freedom


You brought your symbols to the table

Intending to shock with your literary eloquence

But we have our symbols of our own

With greater impact and elegance.


Two-thousand six-hundred and five symbols1

Of American compassion, strength, spirit,

Not diminished, but revamped,

Their Eternal Flames heightened and relit.


Three-hundred and seventy-two symbols

Of world-wide tragedy and pain.

Your nineteen ideological symbols2

Not but lives lost in vain.


Three hundred and forty-three symbols3

Of American honor, courage, heroism,

Because while others ran for their lives

They, for the lives of others, ran in.


Flight Ninety-Three gave forty symbols4

Of American determination, bravery, heart.

They’re the reason your four symbols

Could not play your unknown part5


One-thousand seven-hundred seventy-six symbols6

Of American freedom, hope, liberty.

Each symbol a foot of our metallic resistance,

To your ill-mannered, ill-fated, and tragic psyche.


But you encountered another literary colloquial,

One you could not have foreseen.

The dramatic irony of your situation,

Led to the waking of a resolute beast


We reacted in a way you never expected.

Like a stallion, we reared up and struck.

And while you roll on the ground in an unconscious stupor,

We’ve proven that intellect is more than symbols and luck.


1 There were 2,605 American citizens killed in the attacks on 9/11

2 There were 372 foreign nationals killed in the attacks, and 19 terrorists

3 There were 343 firefighters killed in the World Trade Centers

4 There were 40 victims on Flight 93, who revolted and crashed the plane in a Pennsylvania field

5 It is still not known where the 4 hijackers on Flight 93 were headed before the passengers revolted

6 The Freedom Tower is planned to be 1,776 feet tall (1776...think about it)

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