Lola Hatter's Tea Shop

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Lola Hatter is the beloved daughter of the Mad Hatter. Her life's story is hardly exceptional in Wonderland, but here on Earth, the story takes on a fantasy all its own.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012




I have a tale to spin, that to some would be confusing, but to me is as natural as breathing. My name is not in fact Lola Hatter; it is my stage name. But that stage name has a back story.

I will not bore you with the tale of how Lola Hatter the Mad Hatter's daughter came to exist in the minds of my theatre company, but I do feel compelled to illuminate who the character is, in her entirety.

Lola Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen. When she was young her parents divorced and her father gained custody of her. Her mother was determined unfit for parenthood, as she kept threatening to chop off her daughter's head for any small infraction of the rules. And so, Lola went to live with her father at his tea shop in the woods.

Now what it is important to know about the Mad Hatter is that he used to be quite normal. He was a perfectly sane father, and a good one at that, but he was particularly strict. It soon became readily apparent to Lola that should her father remain as sane as he was, she would never be allowed to have any experiences with the outside world at all. And in a world as wonderful as Wonderland, this was quite a depressing thing to have to come to grips with. So Lola developed a rather ingenious if misguided plan. She began to spike her father's hats with mercury. Now she never would have given him enough to kill him, but she put the exact dose necessary to make him lose his wits. As soon as he could no longer comprehend logic, Lola was free to do as she pleased.

However, after her father lost all recognition of reality, it fell upon Lola's shoulders to keep the family business, the Mad Hatter's Tea Shop, up and running. Fortunately for her she had many friends to help her with that task. Her best friends--the Dormouse, Alice, and the Nine of Clubs--all helped her keep the tea shop working, and with their help she gained the freedom she had wished for before her father's lunacy. Her father's best friends, the March Hare and the Caterpillar, always visited every evening for tea, and her favorite regulars--the White Rabbit, Bill the Lizard, the Doorknob (when he could haul himself away from work) and the Tweedle Twins (Dee and Dum)--made the atmosphere within the tea shop the most comforting atmosphere in all of Wonderland. Despite the fact that Lola herself despised tea, and only drank hot chocolate, the Tea Shop became her favorite place in the world.

Years passed and her mother got remarried to the King of Hearts. Lola absolutely adored her step-father, as well as her step-brother the Jack of Hearts. After her kindhearted step-father calmed her mother's violent tendencies down, it became much easier for Lola to visit her mother's family. One of her best friends, the Nine of Clubs often visited with her, and soon was dating the Jack of Hearts. Unfortunately they broke up and caused quite a bitter tension between the two sides of Lola's family, but she still remained quite close to her family in the castle.

As the years passed and she had many adventures, Lola befriended many magical creatures of literature, such as Mr. Tumnus of Narnia, Peter Pan of Neverland, and the Castleite fans of ABC's Castle, but year after year she found herself drawn back to the little old Tea Shop in the woods of Wonderland.

As of now, Lola still runs the Tea Shop with her friends, and although much has changed and the characters have had many adventures and journeys over the years, the Tea Shop remains the one stable place in all of their lives. Lola still loves to sit by the tea kettle and listen to the White Rabbit and Bill the Lizard bicker over the proper way to expel a monster from a house. Lola's cat, the Cheshire Cat, still likes to flirt with Alice's cat, Dinah, over their milk and dinner. The Mad Hatter still likes to ramble on about ravens and writing desks. The Dormouse still gets tea-drunk and then curls up in his teapot by the door to fall asleep, while the Caterpillar blows colorful smoke-rings around the table. To Lola, no adventure could be as thrilling or awe-inspiring as the everyday adventures she gets at the Mad Hatter's Tea Shop in the woods of Wonderland.

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