My friend Anna

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I quite like this, tips on how I can improve?

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




Anna is so pretty,

She’s so tall and so thin.

She eats like a horse,

But she stays like a pin.


Anna is so thoughtful,

She’ll watch what I eat.

After my dinner,

I’ll be up on my feet.


Anna is helping,

To see what I am.

I’m fat and I’m ugly,

Never touched by a man.


Anna is so happy,

I’ve lost over a stone.

I must lose more,

Or she’ll leave me alone.


Anna is upset,

I’ve eaten too much.

I feel so much guilt,

Under her gentle touch.


Anna is calm,

She just wants to help,

She knows I can’t do this,

All by myself.


Anna is hiding,

Mum wants her gone.

She doesn’t fit in,

What has she done?

Anna is leaving,

I’m sent away.

So many doctors,

Every new day.


Anna is empty,

She’s cold and alone.

I know she is waiting,

Till I return home.


Anna is relived,

She’s sent me a letter,

I must lose weight,

If I want to get better.


Anna is disappointed,

She looks so upset.

I weren’t allowed,

The meals she set.


Anna is still helping,

Just like she said.

She’ll rid all this hunger,

And all of this dread.


Anna wants me home,

I’m not thin enough.

I want to get out,

Doctors are too tough.


Anna is really scared,

They won’t let me out.

They say they’re really sorry,

Then ignore my desperate shout.


Anna is really nothing,

And that the doctors said,

Anna is not real,

But a voice inside my head.


Anna has finally gone,

She’ll never be here again.

I’ll see her when I sleep,

It’s causing me so much pain.


Anna taught me something,

It was never to give in.

I don't care if it kills me,

At least I’ll die thin.

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