The Silver Sword

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The Silver Sword
This term I have been studying the novel The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier. It is about a Polish family but their father, Joseph Balicki had been taken away by the Nazis to a prison camp in Zakyna during World War II. The prison camp was crowded with Poles, Czechoslovakians, Hungarians and a few Russians too.
The Nazis took away the children’s mother that night. The children’s mother got taken away when all was sleeping. The issue I would like to discuss is the impact of war on this family which is really the story and experience of many families during this time. The Nazis broke into the house and took their mother away. Edek who was a member of the Boys’ Rifle Brigade took out his rifle and shot at the tyre of the van but the van skidded and slid but still got away. Thanks to Edek the Nazis was now going to come back for Ruth and Bronia as well as Edek. Thankfully, all the rooves are joined up and Ruth, Bronia and Edek all escape by walking along the rooves of the houses.
Joseph Balicki will do anything to get his family back. He escapes from the prison camp and goes back to where his house used to be, but when he returns all is ruined and even his school. He finds the silver sword among the ruins of his house and meets a boy called Jan who he tells that if he ever sees his children he must give them the sword and tell them that he was heading for Switzerland.

War in Poland had always been a serious issue. Some evidence was found that the whole of Warsaw had been taken over by the Nazis, and there was nearly no food to go around. Ruth, Edek and Bronia had to live in a shelter underground a tree, where Ruth held a school to help others. Since everyone was so scared of being captured by the Nazis there was a path of underground tunnels. 
This story has been written by Ian Serraillier, and has much depth and meaning to it. Some parts in the novel are quite sad and are very deep in meaning for example when Bronia draws, she draws what she sees and once when there were lining up for free food she draws the people lining up with sad and gloomy faces. The places in the novel are real places but the characters are fictional, it is based on true story.
I think the author was trying to get the message across that there will always be hard times in life but you must adapt to it and always have hope. There is no doubt that the effects of war are forever.

Submitted: November 11, 2008

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Ying read this.... AND LOVED IT! I think you could put a bit more of your own opinion in it, but I seriously think you retold the story SO WELL! I feel sad that I published my essay 'cos it's so bad compared to this! "The issue I would like to discuss..." LOL! Nice!! I have a picture of Jan if you want me to show u!~ :P Anyway, this comment is getting far too long. Great work- update me when you post more!


Mon, December 8th, 2008 9:39am


Ergh, well Ms. Taczanowski edited it and its not that good. Anastasias is so good u should go read hers as well.


Wed, December 10th, 2008 6:59pm


i remember this book i read it when i was twelve i think..i was nearly put off books because i thought all books were going to be like this was so sad, but the ending made up for it.
great review by the way! and great taste in books ^_^

Fri, June 26th, 2009 4:06am


I love to read, its interesting

Fri, August 21st, 2009 5:13am


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