Matters of the heart ftt Justin Bieber (Part 3)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Main Character- Bethany
Baby girl name- Destiny
Fantasy celebrity- Justin Bieber

Bethany- cute, sweet, fun, hilarious, caring and in a relationship with Justin.
Destiny- chubby, cute, 3 years old, bubbly.
Justin- Hot, funny, cool, swaggy, in a relationship with Bethany.

Hope You Like It And Enjoy! :D

Submitted: June 19, 2012

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Submitted: June 19, 2012



Survivingwithout you

Two years later...

I watch her stumble over the toys as she giggles and looks at me with those sparkly brown eyes. She has got Justin's eyes... and his smile. Her laugh reminds me of his and she has got dark brown hair, like mine. Destiny. I named her Destiny knowing that Justin will love the name.

It's been two years and Justin is still trying to get a hold of me. I came across him a couple of time but, managed not to blurt everything out. He was on tour when I had my belly, so he never found out I was pregnant.

Destiny is my daughter. She is a young definition of Justin. She looks alot like him and she is the only reason I can survive without him.

I get Destiny dressed so we could go the church. I call her Dezzy for short.

I can see the excitment in her eyes as I come closer, "we've got to go Dezzy. Let's get you dressed." I say.

My parents have been okay with Dezzy now. When she was born, their hearts meltedand I was forgiven.

I get Dezzy dressed and hop into the car. Just when I buckle her up, my dad walks up.

"Ready to go Dezz?" he calls her Dezz.My mum sits in thje front seat and I sit next to Dezzy.

Mum peaks a kiss on mine and Dezzy's head and says, "lets get going"

When we get to the church, I see my best friend Shawn there. "Beth..." We are seeing each other after a long time as he was on a vacation in Europe.

"Hey, Shawn." A smile crosses my face before I notice. "Oh, I missed you so much" he continues, "hey Dezzy. How's this little beauty doing?" We hug and Dezzy hangs on to Shawn.

"She really likes you aye?" I say, passing her to him. "I guess. Hey how are you. You remember me?" hesays to Dezzy as he carries her into the church and we sit next to each other.

After church,I decide to spend some time with Shawn at his place. "Mum, I'm going at Shawn's. His parents want me over for a while. They want to see Dezzy and stuff ye?" I tell her as she walks past me.

"Okay, honey. Don't be late" she says. "Okay."

I have a pretty good time at Shawn's place helping them cook and playing with Dezzy.

When I go home, my parents are watching T.V. "I'm home" i say, takingmine and Dezzy's shoes off. They says somethingback to me but Idon't get it and don't bebothered to go andask them.

I go straight to my roon and put Dezzy down in her bed as she is drifting off.AsI fix the blanket over her I hear a familiar voice, "Bethany?". I pause for a moment taking it in. I know who that is. I turn around and seeJustin standing behind me. "You have a baby?". I am speechless. I don't know what to say.I know Iam happy to see him.More than happy,butI'm not meant to see him.

"Oh so that's why you left me?" he says with a cruelangry and hurtful look in his eyes.

"You cheated on me and got pregnant with a random and then left me to suffer.." he continues his blaming for a while. I can't believe he is sayig this. I did all this for. Finally I blow and blurt out.

"It's YOUR baby" I fallto the ground.What have I done. This wasn't meant tohappen. He wasn't meant to know. Tears fill hiseyes and he falls down next to me. "What?" He says and I hear the word ecoing in my head.

Tears run down my face as I tellhim everything. There is no point inhiding it now. Not at all.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He finally asks. "Justin, are you crazy. I knew if you found out you woudleave everything. Your career would have been over. And you could have gone to jail.I'm under age, remember" I say,locking my eyes into his.

After a long pause, I say, "I have something for you." He dosen't move. I get up and grab a file from the cupboard. I hand it to Justin, and sit on my bed as he flips through it.

"What is this?" he asks, not bothering to read.

I put on a fake smile and answer him, "its a DNA test. It proves that thebaby is your. Just in case you know."

"Oh, you didn't have to do that. I believe you." He says grabing my icy cold hands. "I didn't do it for you Justin. I was never even planing to tell you about it." I say feeling the warm in his hands.

"You weren't gonna tell me? Why?" He asks. "It woud have been the end of your career Justin. I couldn't do that to you. Imean, this is it. Thats ho far it goes. No one knows anything." I says leting go off his hands.

"Wait so you just want me to forget? No Babe I can't do that.I love you."he presses his lips against mineand kisses me.

I can't helpbut fall for him.

Later that night, Justin plays with Dezzy for hours. He loves the name Destiny,as I expected.My parents knew he was here but didn't tell me as per Justin.

We have dinner together and finally me and Justin are at the front door as Scooter waits in the car to pick Justin.

Justin hugs me tight and says, "you should know, I still love you as much as I did before."

"I love you too Justin. Why do you think I didn't tell you."

He lets go of me and says, "because you were selfish and wanted Dezzy for yourself."

I smile and my eyes fill with tears. "Thanks for coming back Justin."

He planks a kiss on my lips and it feels like that feeling I have desperately waited for two years.

"Bye Beth." he gives me a last hug and jumps into the car.

"Bye Justin" I whisper to myself as the car drives off.

To Be Continued...

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