Tom Cruise as The Little Prince

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The book Le Petit Prince, or The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, is made into a high budget Hollywood film.

Submitted: May 22, 2008

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Submitted: May 22, 2008



Script for

Little Prince

By Jordan Ett
Directed by Tim Burton
Scene 1

Aviator: to be played by Johnny Depp, narrating When I was a small child, I liked to draw. I also was a small bookworm. shows young Aviator reading I read from a book that snakes ate their prey whole. And so I drew a drawing inspired by that idea.

Aviator's Dad: Nice hat.
Shows picture #1

Aviator: It was not a hat. So I drew it for him more carefully. Those grown-ups needed everything to be explained to them.

Aviator's Dad: Nice... hat embroidered by a picture of an elephant?

young Aviator points out the little dot on #2

Aviator's Dad: A hat embroidered by an elephant with a little button on it's brim?

young Aviator sighs

Aviator: It was an boa constrictor after swallowing whole an elephant.

Aviator's Dad: You know, maybe studying geography or arithmetic would be a better way to while away your time.

Aviator: And so I did, but I young Aviator is shown slipping his drawing in his back pocket always kept that drawing as a test of true understanding.

Voices: simultaneous That is a hat x5

Aviator:But, no matter who I may say it to, they would simply say

Aviator + Voices: That is a hat!

Aviator: And so I became a subscriber of “Flight Weekly”, “Plane Repair Magazine”, and “Sports Illustrated”. And stopped my subscription to “Drawing Daily”. And if you hadn't guessed, I became a pilot. An airplane pilot, that is. And I became a man of solitude. And then I had an accident in the Sahara desert.

In the Sahara Desert

Aviator: Well, what seems to be wrong here? opens the engine Looks like there is some engine damage here. Well, I might as well try to get some rest.

Scene 2

The LITTLE PRINCE enters. He takes a gun out from a pocket inside his coat. Little Prince points the gun at the Aviator.

Little Prince: Draw me a sheep.
Aviator suddenly wakes
Aviator: What?!?

LP: OK, None of this “What” business. Got that? Just hand over the sheep.

AV: The what? A sheep?

lp: Yeah. Didn't you hear me the first time? DRAW ME A SHEEP.

av: narrating When a mystery is too overpowering, one dares not disobey. narrating done Wait... I don't draw!

lp: Does this look like it cares? Start drawing.
av does so. he gives lp #3
lp: What kinda crap are you trying to pull here?!? A hat?
av: Actually, it's an eleph...

lp: Yeah, no crap. Who wouldn't know what an elephant inside a boa constrictor look like? But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that you need to draw me a sheep or you won't even be able to draw elephants inside boa constrictors. DRAW!

av draws #4

lp: Does that even look like a sheep to you? No, that's called a r-a-m. A raaaaaam. Not a sheeeeeeeep. Draw a sheeeeeeeeeep.

av draws #5

lp: Too old. It need about 30 years more on it's lifespan at this moment.

av draws #6
av: Hey, you, this is a box. The sheep you want is inside.
lp stares for a whle

lp: Oh, was I staring? I haven't seen that many words come out of your mouth yet. But here. Give me the picture.

av: What?

lp: You think I'd want you to draw something just for my pleasure? No, I want to keep it, idiot! all of the sudden all soft Oh, isn't it sweet?

av: supprised What?
lp: Are you blind? The little sheep has taken a nap.

av: narrating And that was how I made the acquaintance of this strange little prince. He disappeared after that and, suddenly, reappeared at sunset.

lp: Hey! Av looks What's that?
Av: What's what?

Lp: That thing right there! Painted white and has a little pointy thing on the front.

Av: narrating I was very proud of my self when I said nd That is an airplane. That is MY airplane.

Lp: Yea-wait. You just dropped down from the sky!
Av: Yeah. That's right.
Lp goes into a peal of laughter

Av: n His laughter irritated me. I liked my misfortunes taken seriously.

Lp: That means we got something in common. Which is your planet?

av: WHAT?

Lp: Even though from that airplane you couldn't come from too far away.

Av: Wait... you come from another planet? N As any normal person, my curiosity was aroused by the “another planet” idea. It sounded to me like Gilligan's Island meets K-PAX. I tried to find out more. Nd Hey, hey, where do you live? beat Which planet? Beat Where do you want to take your sheep?

Lp: The good thing about the box that you have given me with my sheep is that at night my sheep can use it as a house.

Av: beat Right—and, and if you are good I can even give you a string and-and, a post, so that you can tie him during the day!

Lp: Tie him? Why the hell would I wanna do that?
Av: Well, so he doesn’t run away!
Lp: Run away, where would he go?
Av: Just about anywhere, uuhhhh, strait ahead!
Lp: Strait ahead, nobody can go very far…

Av: n And I thought I heard a hint of sadness in his voice. But the next sunset, he was as rowdy as ever.

Lp: Hey, you, do sheep eat little bushes?
Av: What?
Av: Uuuhhhh, do they what?
Lp: Do they eat little bushes?
Av: Uhhhh, I don’t know. Sure!

Lp: coughs Interesting. So do they eat baobabs too?

Av: No, they are NOT little bushes. They’re trees, and they’re as big as castles! You know what? I think that if you put a herd of elephants on your planet, they could not consume the baobabs.

Lp: Funny. I know, but before they start getting big, they start out being little?

Av: Uh, I guess. But, why do you want sheep to eat the little baobabs anyway?

Lp looks at Av skeptically

No here notta!

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