Childhood Nightmare, The Hush Man

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Ok so I've had three main scary characters in my childhood nightmares growing up.I thought it would be interesting to write about one of them right now. I called him The Hush Man, read and post a comment if you would like to.

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Ok, so I’m unable to sleep at this time. So I thought I’d share one of my child-hood nightmare figures to my readers. From when I was about five years of age I started to have these weird nightmares that were reoccurring as I grew older. I had a total of three nightmarish figures or characters if you will, that have haunted my memories from time to time since I was a child. I will go over my first nightmare character that has always scared the hell out of me and got me up in the middle of the night crying when I was about five and seven years of age.

I’ve given my nightmare characters my own names that I have made up for them. So the first one I had named “The Hush Man”. So the reason being why I had named it that, was because this character was this random creepy man who would find me and raise his finger to his lips and say “shhhh”. He was dressed all in black, pale dead skin, skinny, very long messed up pitch black hair, very pointy long beard, long pointy ugly chin and crooked ears, he wore a black trench looking coat.

This just raises my heartbeat and makes me shaky just writing and thinking about him. But he would find me in my dreams and confront me and say “shhhh” I would run as fast as I could away from him and he would follow me. His long black hair would form into a creepy hand that would reach for me while his freakish wide eyes would weaken me with fear. A disgusting smell would start to surround me and it would make my legs feel like rubber whenever he would say “shhh”. It seemed like he was releasing this poisonous stinky gas that would throw me into a panic and weaken my limbs. His freaky pointy beard would grow and try to wrap around my body; which I always fought to throw it off. So wherever I would go he would be after me. I remember as a kid I ran into a crowded mall and he would be in the busy crowd looking at me and raising his finger to his lips while his beard would flick around as if it were a snake.

I remember in one of my dreams I would go up to a random stranger and ask for his help to stop the bad guy from getting me. So this stranger would point at him and say to leave me alone; which “the hush man” would obey and walk away while looking at me with his freaky eyes and like many times before raise his finger to his lips and say “shhh”. So once gone the stranger asked me what was going on. I told him how he was after me and scaring me. The stranger would then pick me up to take me home. Then I noticed that scary smell of “the hush man” and this stranger would become him and wrapped me up in his long scary hair. And that’s when I woke up screaming and crying.

If anyone has had any nightmare figures as a child it would be interesting to hear about it. To this day I don’t know why I dreamt about this scary adult/creature who would haunt my childhood dreams and chase me in them. It is just shocking how much he would scare me. One-time while I was in grade two I think, I had started crying in the middle of class because I thought about him and worried that he would actually come after me in real life. So the teacher asked me about my nightmare and I told her. Later that day the social services had contacted my mother and they even came to her house and asked if she was friends with a strange individual; my mom was very surprised and shocked that I had these dreams without telling her as they told her about them. Later on in the week I had visits with a councillor and had several talks with her. This was all very frightening to me. I guess they had thought my mom was friends with this guy that would do that to me and possibly some kind of pervert or something. But she wasn’t, I think the reason why they had questioned her was because my sisters were taken away from her and put in foster care because of her drinking and inviting strangers over; unstable parenting and caring.

Now that I think of that I realise how important it is for any child to be in a loving and safe environment while growing up. Because even small things, can trigger nightmares and haunt them for the rest of their lives. With that being said, I had stopped dreaming about this guy suddenly. And I think I know why. One time when He began to approach me and of course say “shhh” I came up to him trying my hardest to not be afraid and asked him why he has been doing this. He wouldn’t  answer and keep on trying to scare me; which didn’t.

By this time I had started going to church in one of the foster homes I was in; I was learning to love everybody. Anyways, I asked him over and over why he was trying to scare me. At last he stopped what he was doing and just stared at me. I approached him and gave him a big hug and told him I was sorry for being afraid of him. At that moment he hugged me back and started to walk away while crying. Ever since then I have never dreamt about him. I did this in my dream when I was around seven years old I think. As for my other two nightmare figures I will write about shortly. Thank you to anybody who has read this; like I said before, it would be interesting to read about any weird nightmares.

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