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Ok so I'm deciding to record some of the dreams I have anytime I can remember a bit about it.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Ok so my memory for my dreams are a bit cloudy sometimes; I can only remember fragments of it. So it starts off as a movie type a dream. Where a diving instructor begins to fall for a younger student diver that he is currently training along with some other students. I am not any type of character at this time; I’m just basically watching a movie. As the younger female diver begins to impress the diving instructor, with her flips and technique; just the way the instructor was training her, another female diver begins to get jealous and tries to sabotage her attempts to do better. A majority of the divers are seventeen and older; the main diver in this fragment of the dream looked around eighteen or seventeen, the jealous diver looked around the same age, the diving instructor was around 30 years old but appeared acttractive and young. The jealous diver wasn’t jealous because of the instructor, but because of the other diver learning better and faster than she was in general. So the main diver climbs up the highest diving bored thinking she can impress the instructor with this final attempt she was going to make. But the jealous diver looked around and none of the other divers were paying attention to her, with a smirk on her face of disappointment she begins to screw around with the diving board by shifting it around and moving it trying to throw her off balance and cause her to screw up her final attempt to prove she was the top student. You would think that the diving instructor would stop this, but he doesn’t. He is too focused on the young diver; from her beauty and impressed at how much she has learned so far at the short amount of time.

All the other divers are trying to stop the jealous diver from messing around with the diving board. The instructor looks the young diver in the eyes; as if to tell her you can do this, just ignore them. Meanwhile the young diver is scared and doubting herself and trying to stay on this shaky diving bored. But the instructors gaze of love and encouragement gave her the will to do this final trick. So she jumps really high and does this awesome twisting flip which seemed impossible to do and does backflips and front flips. While she dives into the water I go with her; as if I was the camera following her. I feel the gentle warmth of the swimming pool and bubbles surround me. Then my vision goes back to the diving group. The jealous diver has a face filled with disbelief and looks around at the other divers. With embaressment she runs away out the double-doors that lead outside.

The instructor begins to cry with happiness, he watches the other divers chatting and heading back to the changing rooms. He heads over to the attractive diver and dives in with her. Than at that point it seemed like I wasn’t watching the movie anymore and I was the instructor. Except the diver was my friend Katelynn; who I always thought was attractive. Then it goes to a completely different scenery of a swimming pool. The tiles were all shiny black and dark brown. We were right by an underwater heating lamp which kept both of us very warm and comfortable as we swam close to each other embracing this moment of pride, victory and happiness; then we began to kiss and held each other.

Then from there I enter a completely different dream, I can’t really remember how I got there but I was in some kind of old age home hospital. I was visiting a roommate that I lived with a few years back. She was recovering from a very bad fever and sickness. Then after my visit with her I asked which way was out because I had no idea. Then she said I couldn’t leave for another whole day; those were the rules. So I’m like “what? I’ve got to get back to work and all of that” and she says sorry but they won’t let you leave. So I gave her a hug and wished her a safe recovery and began to venture down a hall-way. I come in contact with a doctor and ask him “which way was out?”. He looked at me and said visitors were required to stay for another 24 hours before we could be let out. Of course this begins to irritate me and I ask “why”. He said for “regulations and safety”. This doesn’t make any sense to me so I ask if there was a way I could sneak out. So he says to go down the hall and enter the first room on the right. So I head down that way and go into the room. I enter a room that had a medical bed and an African young man sitting beside it. I told him that I was required to come here for another way out of this building. But he told me that there was something going on outside of the hospital and it was dangerous for me to leave, something about a teenage riot at a high-school nearby. He told me that I would be safe in the hospital because it was well guarded. So he gave me a choice to either wait it out, or for him to inject me with a knock-out drug to keep me asleep until the next day; reassuring me that I won’t get in trouble from work. So I take the choice to be put out for 24 hours. So he takes his needle and asks me to lay on the bed and injects me. I feel numbness begin to work its way up my leg and fall asleep.

Then from there it goes to a completely different dream as me being one of the teenagers at the high-school. The way the riot started was with a smart and witty school-president talking to everybody in the gym about rebelling against the schools system and rules because it would be cool and the rules fucking sucked. From there I’m just watching a movie once again. And basically it involves three nerdy kinda cool high-school friends hanging out in a the cafeteria while this big plan for rebellion is taking place in the school gym; a few people are still out in the hall-ways walking around. So one of the main character is a younger version of chris Marquette; the way he looked in the movie alpha dog. With laughter he goes on this forbidden website that he had hacked. And enters one of his friends identity on it not knowing that it was secretly a website for assassins. Then his friend that was beside him asks him what he was doing and looks on his laptop. With widened eyes he looks back at him and says “you are such a dick dude”. Then another friend asked what he did and looked on the laptop. The computer begins to click and beeping sounds begin to chime as somebody began to reply. All of them began to have worried looks forming on their faces to see that this wasn’t some random secret website; but a secret way for assassins to get info on their next target; then eerie theme music of concern begins to play just like a movie. As chris Marquette character begins to type really fast as his two friends watch with worry in there eyes. “shit” he says while typing faster clicking the enter button with frustration. “I can’t stop this” he says while looking at his friend to the right. Then the eerie theme song begins to speed up as chris slams his laptop shut and they run down the hallway towards the crowded gym to try and find their friend that was in there somewhere. The front door down the hallway opens up violently to there right and a shadow figure begins to slowly enter the school. The group of three hide around the corner of the hallway to hear a voice whispering that he was at the location and searching for the target. Chris begins to cry silently whispering “this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening, he can’t be here this fast, I don’t believe this” “sshhh” one of his friends said while putting his hand over chris’ mouth and chris begins to cry harder. As the unknown assassin walks down the hallway, the three silently hide around the other corner and look around the corner at the assassin. The camera begins to shift in on there scared faces and a theme boom of terror chimes as they discover the assassin was one of the other students at this school. Then they press against the wall and whisper to each other. “this is fucking insane” one of them whisper “ I didn’t mean for this to happen, I swear” chris said while sobbing and wiping his tears, “shhhhhh” quiet or he’ll hear us one of them say while he peeks around the corner to find the assassin isn’t there. Then chris gets a phone call and his phone vibrates. He answers it with shaky hands. “he-hello” he says, then a muffled distorted voice says “ you can make this easy on me by telling me where he is, or I can find you three and kill you guys”, “you don’t understand” chris said while sobbing “this was a big mistake I didn’t mean to enter his name, plea-please don’t kill him”. “It’s too late your friend is going to die” then the phone hangs up. Chris then slides down the wall into a sitting position and hits his face with frustration and worry. “what did he say” one of his friends asked, “we got to find him before he does” chris said while they run down another hallway. They approach the gym to find it is black and empty. “don’t go in there” one of his friends whisper. “lets go outside, they are probably all outside right now” one of his friends whisper. Chris looks at the far end of the gym to faintly see the assassin inside; gently lit by the exit sign looking around under the bleachers. “lets get the fuck out of here, he is in there” chris said while they run to the front school doors and slam through the doors to get outside. It is night-time out and they see cops everywhere trying to stop the rioting teenagers. They run around the school area trying to find their friend. Chris goes up to the cop and tells him there is an assassin here and he is going to kill there friend, of course the cop laughs and says he is too busy to listen to his bull-shit. Chris looks back at the school doors that they came out of to see the assassin inside with a creepy expression and freakishly widened eyes of insanity looking at them through the window of the door lit by the red of the exit sign. This freaks chris out and they run away trying to find their friend before the assassin does.

From there I can only remember fragments of the dream. But I end up walking with them trying to find their friend, which we find in a big line of people burning brand-new backpacks that they got from their school. As soon as we find him we start to run away from the school property, we grab some alcoholic drinks from this table with teenagers passed out all around it. The drinks were in plastic red cups. As we get far away we all begin to laugh and drink as we told him what happened. As we all drink I notice the drink tasted funny and as soon as I finish it off I see a dissolved pill at the bottom. Then we all start coughing and chocking and we fall to the ground. I realized that the assassin had dosed everybody at the riot with deadly poison. I know this wasn’t a good ending, I got up and decided I would write this weird dream down.

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