Erin and Klive

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This was a dream I had. I had to write it down. Erin is the only way for a group of humans to survive...

Submitted: May 19, 2013

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Submitted: May 19, 2013



I got on the bus, along with the others. We had to sit down fast. There were forty of us on this bus, ages thirteen to nineteen. On the other bus there were thirty two. Adults were too much to deal with. Children under thirteen wouldn’t survive. I was the key to it all, but none of them knew that. I found the twins, Klive and Danny. I sat with them; I had to tell them I was the way we were getting off Earth. I turned to them once the bus started to drive. Klive looked at me, but Danny looked out the window.

“Guys,” I took Klive’s’ hand, “I”

“You’re the way we get out of here. We know.” Danny looked at the hand that was holding Klive’s. “Klive heard you tell your little sister she couldn’t come. That she couldn’t survive the trip. That she was going to die either way.”

Klive squeezed my hand. Tears were running down my face. Danny was never one to be sensitive. I looked down to my lap. My little sister had been so afraid. It was heart breaking to tell her she was going to die no matter what, but at least she had our parents, and our little brother. My brother James was seventeen, and had survived the first attack on Earth. I looked to the seat next to me, he was with his girlfriend. My cousin had not survived the first attack, and neither had her fiancé.

“I have to go.” I looked at Klive, “Please don’t let me fall.” He nodded, and everything went black.

I sat up in the bed I had been put in.

“Malady,” I looked to Kara, she was my helper on Elyspi. “Would you like to see the new copies?” I nodded.

I got up, looking to see I had been put in comfortable clothes, shorts, a tee shirt, and my long socks. People on Elyspi were modern with clothes, but not so much with the way they spoke. They were getting better though. Kara took me to the tanks. These tanks were filled with liquid, and bodies. I saw my brothers and his girlfriend Jessica’s copies. They had been made in the first batch. I hated using it that way, but it was the only way really to explain it.

“Who is new?” I asked.

Kara led me to the new set of copies. “These are the new ones, and the last ones.” I looked to Kara.

“That’s not enough!” I took my hands out of my pockets. “Kara, there are more people.”

“I’m sorry malady. We don’t have the time or materials.”

“Damn it!” I paced. “Fine, tell me who’s new.”

“This row malady.” Kara waved her hand in front of the row on my left.

I looked at every face, listing of names in my head. Curtis, Vaina, Tessa, Parker, Jackson, Danny, and Klive. Thank God, but there were still twenty more that needed copies.

I left the room, Kara following closely behind me. Kara was taller than me; she had a slight build, and very short, golden brown hair. She wasn’t human. She looked human, but she wasn’t. Like all the people on this planet, she could shape shift in to one other form. I’ve never seen her true form.

I knew my way around the castle well. The castle was built for me and the others. I walked in to a room, straight up to the desk, and slammed my fists down.

“I gave you enough materials and time!”

The man behind the desk looked up at me, his cold green eyes meeting mine. He put his book down and folded his arms. “Yes you did. I told Kara that you didn’t. I thought it might make you feel sorry and bring the ones that could come, but now I have to explain.” Harrison stood up and walked to a window. “You see, we don’t want the humans with illnesses and injuries. We want the humans that are healthy.”

“So you’re going to let people die?!”

“Yes, we are.” Harrison looked at me expectantly, “Don’t forget we are the ones letting you humans come here to live. We’ve been more than generous.”

“I could make this whole planet disappear with a thought.” I clenched the edge of the desk.

“Yes I’m aware, but I know you wouldn’t do it. Then where would you humans go? Where would you’re friends and family go? We made sure the ones that could come, were made, why do you need the others?”

“Why?! Why do I need the others?! I need them because they have a chance to live, they have a chance to survive that others didn’t! And now you’re taking that away from them!” I focused on the vase on Harrison’s desk. I pictured it breaking, in to tiny pieces. It did just that.

I had been hit by one of the asteroids in the first attack on Earth. One of the attackers didn’t believe in fighting, but peace.  He had given his life and un-human abilities to me. I couldn’t stop the attack, but I did go to Elyspi. They made a deal with me: Bring humans to this world to live, if we lived under rules they make for us. I was more than happy to agree. They wouldn’t tell me what the rules were... but they did say they would treat us like their people.

“Fine damn it! I’ll bring the ones you’ve made copies for, but I’ll never forgive you for the lives you’ve thrown away.” I walked out of the office back to the room I woke up in. I sat down, and concentrated on the bus and Earth. 

I woke to the bus going over a bump. The only reason we were in buses, was to get away from the headquarters of the attacking spices. Klive tightened his grip around me as we went over the bump. I lifted my head of his chest, sitting up straight. Klive realized this, but didn’t take his arm off my shoulders. Yes, we were together, but we had only been together for a week before the attack started.

“You’re copies have been made.” I looked at Danny and Klive. “We have to stop the buses.”

I got up and walked to the front of the bus. Klive had followed. I looked at my brother; it was his turn to drive. “Stop, there are some people not going. There are twenty people not coming.” James looked at the road, and then stopped. My brother had a receding hair line. He looked almost as if he didn’t belong in this time era. The bus behind us stopped. James opened the bus door when I started to speak. “We all need to get off the bus,” When nobody got up I yelled, “NOW!” At this, people got up and got off the bus.

Once every one from both buses had got off, I tried to speak loud. “There are twenty of you that can’t go.” I tried to keep from crying, but I couldn’t help it. I listed off the names of people that were not going to go to Elyspi. They understood. I couldn’t grasp how they were so calm.

We didn’t get back on the buses. I didn’t feel the need. I did how ever feel the need to have every one hold hands. “Every one, think of how you feel in your body, and what you look like.”

I focused on all the people there, and then imagined them all on Elyspi, in the tanks.

Everything went black.



I woke up in the room I had awoke in last time. I jumped up, instantly regretting it. I almost fell from being dizzy.

“Malady, most of the humans are awake.” Kara put her hand under my elbow to steady me. “You’ve been through a lot.”

“I want to see them.”

Kara insisted I stayed in bed, but I pushed out the door and ran to the room with the tanks.

I went straight to Klive. His tank was being drained of the fluid. They dressed him, and then he opened his eyes.

I was so happy I leaned over and kissed him. We had never kissed before. “Klive welcome to Elyspi.”

Klive looked in to my eyes, and then kissed me. I pulled back, “Hey, you just got here you can’t have too much excitement....”

The Elyspians in the room tested everyone to make sure they could feel their bodies, and that they could move all their limbs. Once that was done I made them all gather in the dining room. Then Harrison walked in to the room.

“By now you all know what is going on.” Harrison waited for everyone to nod their heads. “I must now tell you rules you must follow.

“Number one: you all will find a partner to spend the rest of your lives with.” I watched people around me open their mouths and then close them. They knew they had to follow the rules or they would be put to death. “Two: you will find work that suits you decided by our work generator. And finally three: you will treat my people as your own.”

“When exactly do we have to pick these partners?” Danny asked.

“Today,” Harrison said.

All of the others but I, gasped.

“Today!” Some of them whispered.

“I’ll give you the day to figure it out.” And then Harrison left the room.

I shook my head. “Explore the castle if you’d all like. There are some places that are off limits, but those are blocked by doors. You are allowed to go outside.” And then I walked down a hall and out the door.

The door led to the gardens. There was one I liked the best. It had a big tree that, near the top, was flat. I entered the garden, passing the flowers and hedges. I came close to the tree when Klive’s arms came around my torso.

“You just gonna run off?” His breath was warm in my ear.

“Klive,” I turned to face him, “I just needed some time to think.”

“Well can I think with you?”

I shrugged. I turned towards the tree, grabbed Klives’ hand, and then jumped. That’s all it took for me to get us there.

Klive took my face in his hands. He kissed me, softly.

“You kissed me earlier. I can’t stop thinking about it.” Klive kissed me again.

“Klive, I don’t want you to choose to spend the rest of your life with me. “I’m nothing special.”

“I don’t care if that’s what you think, Erin. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know we’re young, but here we have to.

“I want you and only you, no one else. Erin, I love you.”

I looked at Klive. He couldn’t. He just couldn’t. I mean, I’m me. Why would anyone want me? “Klive, I think you’re con” Klive didn’t let me finish before kissing me. I couldn’t resist him, so I kissed back.

“I never want to let you go, Erin, and I won’t.”

“Klive you can’t do th” He kissed me.

“Klive you will no” He kissed me.

I finally stopped trying to argue. He had made up his mind, and I was happy about it. I kissed him back.

Klive looked in to my eyes and said, “You and only you.”

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