River Sage

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I was stupid and tried to enter a contest that ended a year ago. I still wrote the story, and I hope whoever reads it likes it.

River Sage applies for a job, but the job he gets may end up going wrong, on the first day.

Submitted: June 25, 2013

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Submitted: June 25, 2013



I entered the building. I looked around; the walls were black and white. I walked to the secretary's desk, "I'm here for a job interview."

"Name please." She looked at me, eyebrows raised.

"Uh, River Sage." I looked around nervously. I was twenty one years old. I had just finished college.

This was a large company. It was big in medicine. I was very surprised to hear that they wanted to interview me for a job, not the one I applied for, but, I needed a job.

"Right," She said. She pushed a button then said, "You can wait over there." She pointed to a black couch.

I walked over to the couch and sat down. My finger was tapping on my thigh. I tried to calm down, but something about the aura of the building was just, wrong. I shook my head, it was nothing, I was just nervous for the job interview.

About a minute later a man came in. The secretary pointed at me. The man walked over towards me as I stood up.

"You must be River Sage.” The man said, holding out his hand. I shook it, still feeling uneasy. “I am Mr. Zaden, I called you for the job interview.” I nodded.

“What is job am I being interviewed for?” I asked.

“Well the one you asked for, of course.” Mr. Zaden looked confused.

It was my turn to look confused. “I was informed that I would not be interviewed for the job I applied for.”

Mr. Zaden looked at me, and then said, “Ah, yes, I remember. That job.” Mr. Zaden motioned me to follow him. “That job has a much higher pay than the job you applied for, and there is no need for an interview.” He pushed the elevator button.

The doors opened and he nodded for me to go in first. Mr. Zaden took a key from around his neck. He turned it in the slot, and then pressed the button that had a B on it.

Mr. Zaden started to speak again when the elevator moved. “This job will not be as interesting as the other, and you will have to keep this job a secret.”

I looked at Mr. Zaden. Was he joking? His face showed no emotions. The doors opened to reveal a desk. There was no body at this desk. The desk was made out of wood, but had a marble counter.

“This is where you work. You’ll make sure anybody that comes down here has an ID card, and that it is cleared.” He walked behind the desk and pulled out his ID card. He inserted it into the thin slot. The computer screen showed his picture and a green light.

“All you have to do ask for the card, and then do what I just did. Then you can give them the all clear.” Mr. Zaden gave me a slip of paper. “That is the pay.”

I opened the folded slip; 2,000 dollars a day. “I’ll take the job.”

“Great, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow.” He gave me a key, and an ID card.

“Wait, you made an ID card already?” I was suspicious.

“It was made when you were waiting.”

“How did you know I would accept the job?”

“Who wouldn’t?” Mr. Zaden looked at me like I was an idiot.

I stayed silent the whole way out of the building. It was night when I had gone, and the sky was dark. I made my way to my car, thankful to be out of the building. Once I left, the rest of the night was a blur.


I woke up the next morning to my alarm.  I got up and got ready for work. I didn’t understand why, but I really felt like I shouldn’t go, like I should call and say I changed my mind. I grabbed my car keys, ignoring the feeling. I drove to work, stopping for coffee along the way.

When I got to work, I was wondering if I should go in. I shook off the thought and walked into the building.

“Right on time Mr. Sage.” The secretary smiled at me.


I pressed the elevator button. The doors opened a second later. I placed my key in the slot, and then turned it just as Mr. Zaden had done. I pressed the B button, then the elevator doors opened again. I took my key then walked behind the desk. I set my coffee down and took off my coat. I sat down and waited. Was this all I was supposed to do; sit and wait for someone to come down here?

I was not waiting for someone to come down here, it could take hours and I had nothing to do. I looked up at the elevator, then to my right. I got up. I started to walk down the hall when the bad feeling got worse. I kept walking, what could possibly be so bad about down here?

I reached the door at the end of the hall, where the feeling was the worst. I reached for the handle, and then turned it. The door swung open, and what I saw was terrible.

There was an..... Angel crouching in front of me. His wings had many feathers missing from them. His shirt was nowhere to be seen. He had cuts everywhere. His head snapped up at me. He hissed. I could only stare. The Angel was in what looked like a pentagram. He thrashed and spat. “I will kill you if you come near me.”

This was the darkness of light.

I felt a sharp pain, and then my vision blurred. “People just don’t know how to mind their own business and just do their job.” Mr. Zaden’s voice was as clear as a bell. “Oh well, I’ll just have to look for somebody else to do the job.”

I fell to my knees. I could smell the blood. Mr. Zaden left the room, closing the door. He had stabbed me. I fell on my face; I knew I was bleeding out. My vision cleared up just enough that I could see that I had fallen into the pentagram. I felt someone touch my head, the realized it had to be the Angel. I couldn’t think as fast, I felt, slow.

“Human, you meant me no harm, I see that now.” The voice was calm.

And then everything went black.


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