The life of a Curtel- Tat

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A life of an animal, known as the Curtel- Tat. This animal is from my role play world, Nartail.

Submitted: February 09, 2013

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Submitted: February 09, 2013



First off, a Curtel- Tat is An animal that is half Turtle and half Cat. They have a shell, the are very common, but hard to catch. hey move fast, and are hard to see. They have the head of a cat, the legs of a cat, but every thing else is turtle. They make an odd sound: WoonaR.

I watch my hunter from my hiding spot, in the bushes. I curl up in my shell, knowing that i will look like a rock. But this hunter is different, a Bird. No, an Echo. But i smell Human too. This one is female. I have seen few, but they smell different than males. they look different too. What is she doing, sniffing the air like that? AH! there it is the smell of were wolf. I must move, now, or she will catch me. But i have to be silent. I step back, after coming out of my shell. i move out of the bushes, careful to keep my eyes on my hunter. I will escape, I have done it before. I step on a twig, and her head snaps towrds me. She finds me, with her cold sky blue eyes. she moves quickly, but i am quicker. I run Knowing if i stop, she will catch me. I slide under a fallen branch, but i hear my hunter jump over it. I take a sharp left turn, hopping it will throw her off so i can lose her. It doesn't. she is still behind me. i hear her laugh. I do not know why she does this, until i see the solid rock wall in front of me. i come to a halt, looking in all directions for a way out, but she grabs my shell. I am in the air, as i focus on on her face.

\"your going to get me some gold, or a meal.\" My hunter smiled at me. I squirmed, \"Hold still.\"I bit her finger as she reached to grab me. \"Ow! come here you little---!\" she spoke these words, but i didn't hear the rest of them. I was on my feet and running again. How grate is it to be small? if you ask me, it saved my life, and so did my teeth. Now, to find my den.........

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