And darkness rained upon them II

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sceond book in ongoing series

jason is a normal fifteen year old boy, robbed of his parents. but things take an exciting turn when he is swept up into a world of magic and danger

Submitted: November 10, 2012

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Submitted: November 10, 2012



“And darkness rained upon them” II


Chapter I

The man in red took a bow. “My name is count Vladimir Dracula III” Jason stared wide eyes “y-your Dracula? The real Dracula?” Dracula chuckled. “No, that was my grandfather, but that is the name I go by so you’re are free to call me as such.” Dracula smiled, revealing a pair of sharp fangs. “So you’re like a real vampire then?” Jason said intrigued “indeed. I am also two hundred and one years old and a magician”  “a magician?” “Yes.” “and a vampire?” “Quite.” “Right then.” “Jason, I know this may be a lot to take in so suddenly but how else could you explain what happened here tonight, other than magic?” “Well, it would explain how that man, the one you…” “Shot?” “Yeah, he threw fire at you” “ah, yes, you see there are four types of magicians, elementals: who have control over fire, earth, water, air and lightning. Necromancers: who have control over shadow and death magic. Illuminati; who practice light magic and healing. Vampires, like moi’ who use a unique type of shadow magic but also blood magic. And finally sorcerers. Their powers vary but mainly revolve around curses and hexes. They aren’t usually looked upon very fondly in the magical community. The man that attacked you was an elemental, most likely specialising in fire magic.” “Wow” Jason said, clearly bewildered. “Can I do magic?” he asked “anyone can, with the proper training.  How start they start out all depends on their bloodline. For example, you would be quite a gifted magician because your father was one of the strongest sorcerers I ever met. Come now, we can talk the rest of this over in the car.” Jason reluctantly fell in behind Dracula. “oh” Dracula said turning and remembering the other man sprawled unconscious on the floor. He went over and emptied his last round into the man’s heart, cracking the floor and spraying more blood. “I’ll pay for the damages of course”

Chapter II

Jason and Dracula walked up the road a few blocks in the cold dawn. Jason had quickly gone back inside to fetch his black leather jacket and pull on some combat boots. Dracula had apologized for them having to walk so far, he said he had been driving when he decided “flying” would get to him quicker.

“Why were those men after me?” Jason asked quizzically “haven’t the foggiest. But it probably has something to do with your father, what did you call him? Josiah, right. I had forgotten his given name.” “What, you mean he had another one?” Jason asked, confused. “When magicians who were raised in normal families join our world, it’s a huge change, most take new names, some even new lives. I knew your father as Joseph Daemon.” “So is Dracula your real name then?” “Of course. I was born and raised in the world of magic; things were very different back then, mind you.

They walked the rest of the way until they came up to a red-1964 ford mustang parked awkwardly on the curb. Jason opened the door. The interior was all black leather. Dracula took of his hat and they both got in. “safety first” he said, reminding Jason to buckle his seatbelt. He did so. “You too” he said defensively. Dracula smirked and let out a small laugh “the fact that you think a car crash could kill me is hilarious” they spent the next few minutes driving in silence. “Listen Dracula, I know you saved my life, and I am grateful but I have one question that you have to answer.” “Of course” “why did my father die?” Dracula hesitated “your father and I were involved with some…less reputable members of society when we were younger. We left of course, but they had a grudge against us ever since. What’s curious is that they’ve chosen to strike now; I would have thought they’d have done it years ago. I let my guard down, and for that im sorry.” “But he died in a car accident?” “I can assure you, it was no accident.” Jason didn’t know what to say. His world had been turned upside down in the space of one night, he knew about magic and vampires and suddenly felt a bit dizzy thinking about it all “where are we going?” Jason asked to break the silence. “To get some answers”


Chapter III

Blackgate library was huge. It was the biggest library in Alaska (not that it was famous for libraries) it held a huge collection on all sorts of books about the occult. Jason was marvelled as he and Dracula walked through the entrance and into the large stone building, littered with book cases and enthused readers. Dracula went up to the help desk and asked to see a “miss Nightwish” the small old lady working the desk led them both into the waiting area of a small office and told them that miss Nightwish would be with them in a moment.  

They sat and waited for about then minutes before the office door opened and a young woman stepped out. She was beautiful, with long gold hair and a quite ample chest. She didn’t look any older than twenty eight and wore a white shirt with a very proper black jacket and skirt (which seemed for too short for a woman of her profession) black stockings and high heels. Jason couldn’t help but stare. “Drac” she said with a smile. She spoke in a southern drawl. “What brings you to my humble abode?” “Nice to see you to Chelsea” Dracula replied. The two of them shook hands and then all three entered the office and took seats around a large wooden desk. Chelsea put on a pair of black glasses. “Im here on business im afraid” Dracula said, taking of his hat and sunglasses. “Aww” Chelsea said sarcastically “Not just here to see little ol’ me?” “Hilarious as ever you were but im afraid the matter at hand is quite serious.” He gestured to Jason “this is Joseph Daemons son. He was attacked last night by two men in black suits. One was an elemental and the other I didn’t stop to ask questions about.” “Joseph’s son?” Chelsea said, intrigued. She looked to Jason and he had to fight back a blush. “How old are you?” “Fifteen” “mmhmm. And have you any experience with magic?” “No, but Dracula’s told me some things” “excellent. And have you any plans to join our world officially?” Jason didn’t know what to say to that. Luckily Dracula stepped in “I haven’t asked yet, best not to rush these things” Chelsea nodded to Dracula “now tell me more about these men, the elemental, what was his conduit?” “An obsidian ring on the right hand” “hmmm obsidian…” Chelsea tapped her fingers against the desk as she thought “I think I should be able to point you in the right direction as far as that goes. You should look for a man named Mephisto Swain. He’s an ex assassin and grotesque and also the leader of the slayers, a gang of magicians who tend to use obsidian for conduits. They were in support of the blood crusade. He’s a master swords man and will be well guarded. Be careful on this one” Dracula nodded, taking it all in. “will do, and where might I find Mister Swain?” “He has an underground headquarters on the northern outskirts.” “Lovely. We won’t move in for a few weeks, I have some business to attend to with Mr Cullen here. Until then I bid you good day.”

Jason and Dracula moved out of the office and exited the library. Jason head was full of raging questions. “Ok first off, what’s a conduit?” “Hmm ok, so you know a power plug?” “yes” “it’s nothing like that” “oh” “magicians cant channel magic through their bare hands like most would believe, we need to channel it through something, a good reliable but slightly cliché conduit is of course the wand, Chelsea uses one. I on the other hand, use my gun. I envelope the bullets in shadows, which gives them extra force. Rings are widely used and give the magician the ability to hold whatever they’re casting. Make sense?” they reached the car and started driving “perfect sense, secondly what is or was the blood crusade?” Dracula almost flinched at the mention of it “ok, first you must know how vampires are made and their history. There are two ways to become a vampire, and being bitten isn’t one of them. The first way is my way, which is to be born to vampire mother and father. The second way is much darker. It involves doing a ritual to malevolent and insidious creatures known as the blood gods. One must kill a virgin woman, no older than twenty one with a sacrificial dagger upon an altar to them and drink the blood.” Jason nearly vomited “in turn, the blood gods place a demon inside your body, turning you into a vampire. Now, the first vampire was a woman named Lilith. She lived in the twelfth century if im correct, which I always am. Her people were ruled by a tyrannical king whose soldiers made life hell. Lillith was very ill at the time and afraid of what would happen to her two daughters if she passed away, so she prayed to the blood gods. They told her that if she gave them the sacrifice they desired, they would make sure she could be there for her children forever. So she did the ritual, not knowing that the blood gods favour deceit over honour. When she saw her eyes, her teeth and her claws, she accidently let the demon take over her body. This is something vampires only ever do as a last resort, it takes years of training just to control. She went on a murderous rampage and incidentally killed her daughters anyway, but she wasn’t herself. She never subdued the demon; it went wild and caused destruction on a massive scale. She soon met a man who had performed the same ritual himself, after seeing Lillith’s supposed greatness. Together they bore a son named Dante. But the people had had enough, a group of powerful Illuminati called the knights-paladin formed. They found and killed Lillith. But not everyone agreed with their choice. A group of magicians called the grotesques had come into being. They worshipped the blood gods and saw Lillith as some kind of avatar, a blood god personified. It was they who started the blood crusade, a quest to bring Lillith life and let her finish the job.” Jason was silent “that would be killing everyone” Dracula said “I know” “oh. You didn’t say anything” “I was just taking in the fact that you and my father used to worship the blood gods.” “I never said that” “you said that you were involved with some “less reputable members of society” and you seem to know this stuff like it happened yesterday. It was an educated guess.” Dracula nodded in satisfaction “very attentive of you. Yes, we were grotesques but we left and that’s what’s important. It was…different back then. We were both so young.”  


Chapter IV

Dracula owned a large mansion in the woods. It was next to a large cemetery and very secluded. He had completely restored it himself, he said that the place had a very dark past and that the people, of Blackgate originally wanted to burn it down. It was still listed as abandoned. Jason crossed the threshold of the house and realised just how large it really was. I had a beautiful interior; everything was made of wood and looked like a haunted house with a makeover. Dracula went into the kitchen and began making tea, he explained that he didn’t often have visitors, but always had some tea kept handy just in case. Jason sat at the kitchen table drinking his hot tea. It felt comforting and relaxing, everything he needed right now. Dracula pulled a blood pack out of the fridge and poured it into a wine glass, like it didn’t even cross his mind that this might appear strange to Jason. He sat at the opposite end of the table and took a large sip from his glass. “So” Jason asked “what’s this business you have to attend to?” “Well to be honest im just going to ask you the big question.” Dracula said with a tinge of hope in his voice. “Do you want to join our world? I know it’s a lot to take on right now, but you were meant for this. I feel it. Just think it over” Jason took a minute to think. His father was dead, killed by maniacs with a vendetta against him. He had nowhere to go, and he was drinking tea with a two hundred and one year old vampire magician. He didn’t see much of an option there. How could I ever go back to my old life? He thought.  Could he ever life a normal knowing that there was a whole hidden world out there? He never could. “Yes” he said plainly. “Excellent” Dracula grinned ‘your training will begin at once.”

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