Birthday suprise

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join mercedesmorr and her bestie on this crazy amazing birthday surprise what is tyrese doing there and i mean did he lick the icing off that cake!?

Submitted: August 20, 2014

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Submitted: August 20, 2014



I could feel it. My drink was heavy in my cup, I could feel the stares from both sexes-if looks could kill, I’d be dead for sure- I looked good, I guess. This was not me on a regular day no, no, no, I was a total neek, control freak and like so not a freak in the sheets… if you know what I mean, yes I was a virgin. Tonight, however was my birthday, my twenty fifth and with the persistence, persuasion and a slow yet dismissible defeat in pick 6 blackjack-saying no to my best friend of two decades was a task that had proved impossible.  She had made me commit to letting her do to my appearance whatever she had wished, and in all honesty I was not an unattractive female, I just took more pride In the person I was behind my looks, it mattered more to me what the world thought of who I was and what I had to say as opposed to my ‘pretty face.’

Standing at an average 5’6 I was elevated to an alarming 6’ in my newly purchased YSL Maryjane black peep-toe platforms-how I managed to walk, I don’t know, the alcohol helped on major levels though- three glasses of champs’, swaying slightly, feeling this fucking beat and quickly gaining confidence I was soon going to be ready to get turnt on these bitches. My legs looked endless as the all leather Sorella Boutique red backless body-con mini was practically sitting under my butt, I didn’t require the assistance of a bra apparently, according to the BF my 32D’s were perky enough and my hips- yes they did the words BodyCon justice. Blessed with Trinidadian parents I was granted that gorgeous hair, jet black and around 24in wavy down my back naturally but tonight, dead straight with a middle part that suited my diamond cut face, high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes. My inner self was flipping and shit buzzing off the bubbly and quickly transforming into D-I-V-A mode. Two snaps. Yesssss, Miss Cocoa Brown.

Ok! On my fourth Mojito! Damn, these are nice, I’m way way feeling myself right now, the DJ’s been playing all the music I got on my IPod, the music that allows me to mentally shut the world out- as was I now. I didn’t give two fucks who was looking and didn’t give any fucks about who was hating, let’s clarify that! I felt like a new woman, checking myself out in the mirror my 4.0 vision was somewhat hazy but I was having fun so it was cool! We were in the overly crowded ladies room as you know there was that lil’ African lady in the corner just trying to sell you everything- but the BF had to use the bathroom- you know when she really just rolling that piff though. She came out looking all gassed and ready to make this a night to remember, she explained through very hard to understand slurs that we had to turn it up a notch- that I was Twenty Five and needed to live- I thought I was fully 100% alive but I listened anyway, I mean really, at this point-inner self head banging away- I thought fuck it. Let’s go…

The first one I had eye contact with was the deal, I had to grab him and ask him to dance-oh so turnt- I strode over, shoulders back hips forward, oh yeah this was me baby…he had his eyes on me! I mean shit, I had my eyes on him and only him, he wasn’t too tall probably the same height as me now but oooh so dark the skin like Swiss finesse and the low cut fade, nice chiney eyes and a cute smile teeth white like cocaine. He was dressed well too, not one of these imashelfstackerbutireallythinkimfiftycent guys, hands down he just looked good.

I didn’t really ask… I just pulled him away from his friends and led him onto the dance floor- which was packed- the people in the rave were going mad because the DJ just decided to switch up the up tempo flex for some smooth R&B bangers. Booming through the speakers was Future & Rihanna ‘Love Song’-my favourite song right now- immediately my hips began to make motion, like magic his body joined in sync, his firmness pushed hard up against my ass cheeks. It was on… but was this just a dance…

His hands were on my thighs, mine were on his hands, he was holding me so close, so tight, we were deep up inna da embrace, like we could not in that moment be separated for nothing, nobody. I was winding up my waist, I bent over and let him see it… I let that ass shake right there…dropped it slow, brought it back up and practically grinded the fuck outta the next five or six songs! We were going in, people were watching but my eyes were blind to the envy…fuck them all them girls wanted to be me right now, so what-I might as well live my life to the most for their preeing eyes to enjoy.

 Anyway, my man all now has not spoken a word to me nor have I to him… but did we need to? It somehow didn’t feel necessary, I felt like electric bolts were racing though my bloodstream making me extra sensitive. My underwear was soaked! And we were just standing there, he was making no attempt to go anywhere fast, and although numb anyway my feet where glued in their current position. He ran his hands up and down my body, as if to just examine, grabbed my ass and pulled my hair sharply yet gently but oh god I nearly came when he did that! Clearly, tonight was to be one full of many surprises and with my intoxicated inner self leading with full reign I had ended up letting loose and surprising myself. So I pushed myself up on him… as if we could get any closer, and sucked hard on his ear lobe, biting it slightly and spoke loud enough for him to hear, I said, “Listen, I don’t want to know your name, age or profession, it’s my birthday and you baby are going to fuck my brains out…” not brave enough to have to actually act on my words, I added a low, “…any objections?” My answer? No words just a smug look that almost looked like a taunt… somehow the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ came to mind… I blurted them out…but no regrets! 

He seemed to know his way around the building really easy, he led me down a hallway through a large metal door and up some stairs, the fact that he could just dash me to one side one time and do anything to me with my permission had me so hot and ignited, I would let him do anything to me in that moment I just wanted whatever it was now! For fucks sake! We finally reached what looked like a really nice recording studio actually, however the settings weren’t my concern right now… I had my mind on one thing… I could see it bulging in his suit trousers, I guess he followed my gaze because without hesitation he just unbuckled his belt, let em’ drop and stepped out of his clothing and kicked them to one side. W-O-W!! All of his beautiful glory was displayed temptingly right in front of me, I too thought not only was it expected but that I should follow in his actions. So I removed all of my clothing in my most seductive manner… you know smizing eyes and puffed out lips… I left my shoes on.

He came up right in front of me-I didn’t know what to expect but my heart was pumping- my inner self jumping screaming, “I want it, I want it, I want it!” waving her hands in a frantic motion, yea she was on this ting with all that excitement and jazz, I think I was ready, I mean if I wasn’t it was about to happen anyway. He laced his finger through my hair and pulled so tight my eyes welled up, he slammed me face front up against the wall, my skin tensing instantly as a reaction to the cold glass, I could feel his breath, he could probably feel my heart beating through my back, as it was going so hard!

Without any further ado I felt him inside of me, I screamed out as he took no time and with no awareness of my virginal state- he pumped HARD- my head was spinning, he reached up and with one hand pinched my right nipple really fucking hard man, but it felt good! With the other he was massaging my clit with two fingers in a circular motion, to say I was wet was an understatement, all at the same time, steadily hard at it, giving me them deep strokes, rapidly switching up the pace between fast and slow. This man had me going crazy! Ugggh omg!! Ahhhhh shhhhiiitt! Fuccccccckkkkkaaaarrrggggh! Orgasm no. 1 I guess… oh no we were far from the finish line this race had just begun, I had to sustain myself, we kissed I ate his face, he sucked my neck he flipped me so I was spread-eagled across the large wooden desk…he teased my pussy with his big juicy black cock, glistening in my own juices he made me erupt. Slower this time, he gently almost as if to watch me squirm, glided his dick in inch by inch minute by minute so that was like 9 minutes of pure mind blowing torture tinged with a sickly satisfying pleasure. It had my pulse racing like a hamster on a wheel, I could feel it as he was pounding deep into my pussy with this crazy intensity and momentum and I knew I knew it was coming, omg he kept up the pace… ah fuck he placed his hands around my throat, acing the multitasking skills like a pro, I tried to catch my breath as he squeezed! Oh Good God! The feeling was one words could not convey, I let out a loud, demonical, deranged and almost deadly high-pitch scream/groan. My body absolutely bust, I mean my legs were shaking as if I was having a fit I felt like I was having a bloody seizure! A high, a release I could compare to no other, seconds after myself he too enjoyed the peak and intensely overwhelming reward of his efforts he buss that fat nut right in this tight cooch, so much it was dripping combined with my own fluids onto the floor. We both took a couple moments…still no words…just heavy breathing.

We got up, I cleaned up as did he, and he guided me back out to the party that really hadn’t missed us, he squeezed my hand as he winked at me he turned to walk away but hesitated, he returned and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “happy birthday baby!”



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