Please ... Mr officer!

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Buckle up your seatbelts for this bumpy ride... what are chynna and lewis getting up to on the highway??

Submitted: August 21, 2014

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Submitted: August 21, 2014



I hung up the phone in frustration, as usual he didn’t have any fucking money! What the fuck? I really just had to be the one that went and fell in love with a broke fella named Trevor, like I loved him really I did I guess, but you know he’s average… I know I settled. At times I struggle with the everyday reality of life with Trevor, Trevor and his small dick. OK so I said it, this guy I’m with really has the dick of a motherfucking pre-teen. Not that bad looking with that imcomfortablewithmygirlfriend beer belly, but by far the hottest man on that block… four years ago.


Really this was not turning out to be my day. Already I had had a huge bust-up with ‘dickhead of the year’  Trevor, and obviously with it being over a week since a gyal had a grind from Mr small dick, I was feeling, why quite, you know, sexually frustrated. So understand this predicament I’m currently confined in. I fucking get pulled overrrrr!!!!!! Obviously I’m driving without insurance on the car, but like it was only because I had to pay the rent on our flat myself AND get all the household goods this month, I simply could not afford it. Weren’t prepared to give up my car though. Of course I explained all of this to the extremelyjesuswhyme sexy police officer.

He stood in front of me, yes all unbelievably fine and just the opposite of Trevor, standing at 6’ I had to look up at him. His skin colour, ugh just golden, sun kissed glistening brown, I could see under all the uniform man had body… his body had my mind spinning and mine had him with a boner. One word. Massive. Omg, was this really happening?? I’m sure I had work today-wait why is he so close- yes, work I’d pull a sickie. I wasn’t exactly at this point too sure of what was taking place, it was surreal, I was sweating…like seriously he was asking me questions-about the car of course- but I wasn’t even sure my responses were audible. He was standing really close now, I mean do police officers usually stand so close? I was questioning myself just to ignore the obvious, I was so incredibly wet downstairs… I wasn’t sure, was I dripping? The officer, so close I could feel his manhood, glided his gland up the inside of thigh, inserted two and answered, “Yes.”

I was feeling under pressure right now, I think it was supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year today. Thank god I was dressed appropriately in my Levi denim skirt and my “BadBitch” crop top, it clearly got me this far and know I had these curves in the right motherfucking places! I know what I was about to engage in, never have I in my life been so excited and agitated at the same dame time. I was definitely going to cheat on Trevor, if that’s what it comes down to then yes I deserve- finally four years of being sexually active- the dick down of my life. And if on this A40 with this fine ass fed then so fucking be it. What they say? Y.O.L.O!

We were in my car now… he sucked intensely on my right nipple as he massaged my left with his hand. It really seemed like we had been in the car for ages, it was all of this kissing and groping moaning and roaming of each other’s body. My skirt was around my waist, no words were exchanged, and his mouth so wet on mine, he nibble on my bottom lip-had one hand in my hair- he took control. He had tattoos all over him I was fascinated by the intricate designs inked on him. They were like puzzles my fingers tracing the lines, his laced around my waist as he placed me into position. My heart was racing, he pulled it out and stroked it…he placed my hand on it, I felt his thickness…his veins. I began moving my hand in a swift upwards motion and a soft groan escaped his lips. All I was thinking as wow what am I about to feel, it must’ve been fully erected now and standing upright at around 13in! My eyes caught his gaze… if I wasn’t so aroused and filled with adrenaline id be scared, he looked like a killer, and he pressed his left palm hard on my pussy. He gently, really fucking slowly moved my La Senza lace frenchies to the side. He positioned the tip of his penis right at my entrance and pushed ever so gently, I let out a quiet moan, without taking his eyes off mine he told me, “I’m going to murder this pussy.” Very calm.

Tears escaped as he rammed all of 9inches of pure guiltless black dick into my tighterthanithought pussy. I felt tighter than the virgin girl I was four years ago, this was the shit. He picked up pace, taking his eyes off of me not once not for one second, sweating bucking now as he worked his remaining 4inches deep into my pulsating walls…



Tap! Tap! Tap! Shit! Someone was knocking the backseat window!


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