A Soldiers Nightmares

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A poem from a Veteran

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Nightmares come atleat three to four times a week...

I'm guzzeling down "Fourties of OLE' E", just so I can sleep...

Flashbacks of how my Soldier died in Iraq, Hommie, Rest in Peace...

I try to move on with my life, but I don't feel at ease...

Sudden loud noises makes my heart speed,

I find myself on the highway, drinking and driving, while dipping and dodging invisible IED's.

Because I can't get passed that lifeless body and those cold, cold eyes that seemed to be starring up at me.

They said I need to go to Church and pray to get the "Demons" up out of me,

but I got problems listening to everyone who's anyone, that was never there with me.

Everyday I'm at War with myself, because the enemy, still resides within me.

And I can't even cry no more, because I'm all cried out... I'm empty.

I can't eat... barely sleep,

I lost 16lbs. and that was just last week

I thought that the nightmares were over, yet I find myself being haunted again when I sleep.

I rush over to the fallen Soldier, but this time when I turn him over... It was... It was me.

Devil's on my back, so the crows follow me

Women dressed in black at my funeral... their cries turn to a loud shreak

I'm being burried alive and I can't see...

Gasping for air till I can no longer breath...


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