The Legend of Black Wolf

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A wolf who is cased out from his tribe and then lives up to his legend

Black Wolf - story of a wolf transformed

the night was black area was dark there was two packs of wolves , one an all alpha pack that was strongest around, no could beat them, they were called Zamui Tribe, and then there was order of wolves that when all the way down to runts of the order and then there was one wolves called Höade who was weak who was completely black and was cast away from the order and offend attack by the tribe but the local adviser said to the leader of the tribe Zascx that he would grow up and lead the tribe

he would grow stronger thing the world we be able to be seen and that he would be a wolf that that could transform and contact there antsister and should be killed.

so the tribe tracked he down and sit about going to kill him and that what they did as two of the biggest in the pack which was of a shade of grey attack going for the neck each member of the pack had a go until they lefted him for dead.

then leader bite the neck and dragged his body to the nearest lake the Waavo River and threw his body down there and just as they was doing that there was a old women watching see was white like a ghost and she shouted for your sins on these blessed one you be cursed to be human forever and live a moral life and we never find love again

until the black wolf raises to claim his thrown he needs to find his white wolf and you are curse till he does .

so little weak black wolf struggling for life drifted to the shore made it to town called Sunset Village in america somewhere and he slowly transformed like was for told with a cut on his neck and bleed down Hus shoulder he struggles to the road where a man finds him

he said to him what you doing out here aren't you could and why you bleeding , not knowing the boy could not understand anything he was told

and the wolfboy started trying to howl all that came out was hello hello , and the men was confused and was struggling to understand him so he took him to a local shelter for Boys and looked after him as he grow, as he grow stronger and faster and sliwly appdt to to his surrounding and grow in to a 17 year old boy

he when to school was noal and was faster then anyone and stronger so took all trophy sets all records break the bounds humanly possible and then meet a girl same age but she had a birth mark on her hand and he slowly started to change he had slowly started to develop tattoos and having weird symbols of wolf paws and a big black wolf and having a name on his back Höade when everyone called him Chase through his life so he run back to the boys shelter and then covered them with bits of clothes

he looked like a hobo and he was bullyed behind his back and told hobo chase and he never knew but the girl did.

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Brennan Dwyer

Neat story!

Thu, February 13th, 2014 6:06pm

blue hunter

I realy liked it could uou read mine ot's called astay wolf

Thu, February 20th, 2014 3:00pm

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