Departure From Life

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A poem about a abused dog who wants to be loved, and rescued but can she hold on to her rapidly vanishing life. Or will it be too late.

Submitted: April 08, 2014

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Submitted: April 08, 2014



Departure From Life


Her burdens are heavy


They show on her face


Her eyes they are sunken


By so much disgrace


Her wounds they are ugly


They leave awful scars


Yet she has hope


That burns bright like a star.


She clings to that hope


Wishing she'd stay


Down here on earth


To live another day.


Her heart may be cold


It may be as cold as ice


But she only wants love


That would be nice.


So she wishes


She wonders


She waits


And she prays


That someone would come and take her away.


Years she has waited


Yet no one has come


She knows it is time


To return to her home.


She doesn’t want to leave


But she can’t decide


On her fate


For it’s the path that lies


Just beyond the river


Of destiny


And the mountain of hope


Its after those wonderful things


That it’s time to go.


Go where?


Why home of course


Up in the sky


In a beautiful place


Where love never ends


And you live out your days


So with a shudder


She takes her last breath.


Now she can rest


Now she can sing


Now she laugh


As loud as she wants


Now she is free


At long, long last


She departed

Just like that.

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