This Time We'll Get It Right

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Katie is the kind of girl who starts preparing for college in Junior high... maybe even before that. She's sensible, quiet and to be honest, she lets herself get pushed around too much. Then when the two most important people in her world turn out to be the one's doing the pushing she doesn't know what to do. Until a handsome man brandishing a guitar comes to her resuce.

Authors note: I wrote this at 3:00am, when I couldn't get any sleep. So please be honest and feel free to criticize.

I was walking across the field of the high school when I saw him. Tyler Armstrong. Up until last night we were a couple who I thought would last forever. But then I went over to his place to find him doing his neighbors daughter. I had asked him why he did it later that night, when he was more dressed and the skank had gone home.

“You’re just not my type of girl anymore. I mean you’re a sweet kid and I want to be mates again. I don’t want to offend you honey but you’re kinda boring and you’re never gonna change.” He stated as my heart broke into tiny pieces with each word.

I fled to my house in tears. I rang my best friend, Holly, and blurted out everything that had happened. She made sympathetic noises but I got the feeling she agreed with him. So I hung up the phone with an even heavier heart and went over to look into the mirror.

I was average height and weight, I had shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes that had the tendency to change color depending on the light. I was a straight A student and I worked two waitressing jobs just so I would be able to pay for college. I mean, I think about the future, what is so wrong with that? I was interrupted in my thoughts by the memory of what I had seen not two hours ago. I can’t believe he slept with her when we haven’t even done it. Although that was my fault, I wanted to wait until I was ready.

Memories and the feelings that accompanied them swam through my mind as I bowed my head and ignored the whispers.

“I heard she walked in on them, and then she hit the girl.” One of my fellow students whispered when they thought I was out of earshot.

“What Katie “nice girl” Sydney? No way!”

I wondered how word had gotten around so quickly but I found my answer when I saw Holly surrounded by a group of people.

“So, she rang me and was like “am I boring?” and of course I think “hell yeah!” but I make with the sympathy because y’know I wanna find out what’s going on and then it all comes out: she found Tyler in bed with Christie Somers!”

Ouch. I thought to myself. Holly saw me then and looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I shook my head and walked off. We never talked again after that.

I dumped my bag on the floor of the IT suite and started to surf the internet because my class had been canceled and I had two hours to kill. I came across my favorite band’s website. Black Roses started out as a small town band but then they got signed and the past two years had been a rollercoaster, according to their blog. Then I noticed something that made me feel happy again: they were coming back here, to Oregon!

I clicked on where and when and found that the concert was tomorrow. Apparently it was all very last minute, which explains why I was only finding out now, since I was always up to date with their shows even though I hadn’t been to one of their shows since they became famous. I had always thought that listening to them on CD’s was enough. I mean I couldn’t fork out so much money just for one night, it would have to come out of my savings and that would just be irresponsible. I mean, I supported them in other ways by buying their merchandise and every CD that came out. But I still felt a little bad since I kind of knew the band. I went with them to Junior High and half of high school with them. I doubted any of them remembered me though. I mean they were almost two years older than me so we didn’t run with the same crowds, the most they probably saw of me was at their concerts and it wold be hard to pick out one person in the crowd they attracted.

I looked at how many tickets were left and I thought “screw it.” I walked out of college bumping into Tyler on my way out.

“Hey, where are you going?” He asked, holding me steady.

“Not now.” I snapped, squirming out of his grip and running out of the gate.

I got to the club where they were playing and paid for my ticket, without thinking. Then I went out and bought myself an awesome outfit… and a few more. And then I went to the hairdressers. I got my hair dyed blonde and cut so it was shoulder length with choppy layers and had a fringe that hung just over my eyes. It looked really cool.

I went back to school and everyone stared at the suddenly transformed Katie.

“Damn, you should have broken up with Tyler ages ago if this was going to be the result.” Holly ran up to me, enveloping me in a gentle hug.

“Yeah? Well, there are a lot of things I should have done a long time ago. Like this:” I slapped her hard across the face. A collective gasp rang through the field. “If you try and spread around my stuff again, I’ll make you wish you were never born the bitch that you are.” I growled and walked away smiling. Damn, it felt good to stand up for myself.

The day crawled by but when I started to feel crap, I just looked at my blonde locks and reminded myself that it was just over twenty four hours until I saw Black Roses.

The night of the concert I showered and got dressed in my new black skinny jeans and super-tight red t-shirt with a sparkly black rose on it. I slipped into my converse all stars (not new) and ran downstairs to the car my dad had bought me for my sixteenth birthday.

I got there early so I was one of the first there. One of the benefits of that was that I got to see the Black Roses unload their van and go inside. Kyle - the lead singer – looked straight at me and frowned a little as if he was going to say something but forgot. Then he grinned his swoon-worthy grin and sauntered off into the club.

The concert started and I managed to get to the front row. The music was loud and I could feel the bass thrumming through me. They played all of my favorites and a few new ones. I was jumping up and down surrounded by an ocean of people.

A slow song started but then Kyle told the others to stop and he went to the edge of the stage. Wondering whispers filled the club.

“Sorry guys, but I was just wondering if this pretty young woman was Katie Sydney.” He knelt down right in front of me and I reached over I could have touched him. I thought I heard wrong, either that or I was day dreaming. I stared wide eyed and he grinned at me again when I nodded, taking my chances on the dream.

“Nice hair. Now, come on up here.” He said. He held out his hands and I took them dumbstruck and he hauled me up onto the stage.

I received warm nods and smiles of acknowledgement from the other band members. I couldn’t believe this, they remembered me? KYLE remembered me?

“You know, Katie here was with us since junior high. She came to all of our shows when we didn’t have a CD out and weren’t that well known. She’s an amazing girl and I want to invite her to sing “This time we’ll get it right.”” Kyle said to the crowd.

How’d he remember me from so long ago… and why? I was so busy thinking of this that it didn’t register what he said or even that he had just shoved a microphone into my hands.

“You know, Kyle I’m not surprised you want to sing that with her. He had a major crush on her all through junior and senior high. I bet he still does.” Jack, the bands bassist, informed the crowd. Both Kyle and I blushed furiously but I couldn’t help smiling.

The song started and I joined in a little late, due to my nerves making it hard to hold myself up, let alone sing. But when I started everyone screamed louder, cheering my name along with Black Roses. At the end of the song I was so hyped on adrenaline that I jumped into Kyle’s arms and kissed him on the mouth.

“I had a crush on you too.” I whispered in his ear.

He looked disbelievingly at me and then kissed me again. The crowd cheered but I swear I heard some girls sobbing as their slim chances of getting the boy everyone dreamed out became slimmer.

I stayed on the stage with them and finished the set. Then I went backstage and caught up with everyone. Kyle and I took a long walk afterwards.

“You know, after this I’m leaving for the UK tour.” He said, taking my hand.

“I know.” I said sadly.

“I want to make this night even more memorable.” He said in hushed tones.

I threw my arms around him and we kissed deeply and passionately. And that’s how I ended up in his hotel room, in his bed and doing something that wouldn’t have felt right if I was doing it with anyone else.

I woke up and I instantly remembered last night with a smile. Then I realized that I was late for school, so I took one last final look at the boy I had secretly loved for years and disappeared from his life as quickly as he appeared back in mine.

In school there were rumors that I had sung with and kissed Kyle from Black Roses. But no one believed them. I mean why should they? That was until Kyle came bursting into my English Literature class, the one I shared with both Holly and Tyler. Girls screamed his name but he ignored them and came straight to me. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me.

“Come away with me to England. You’re an amazing singer, and the others agreed that it would be great to have you on stage again so you wouldn’t be stuck in a hotel room.” He talked quickly and it as hard to keep up with what he was saying.

“But school… and my mom.” I protested weakly, slightly distracted by the fact that his hands were still cupping my face.

“Why do you need school? I’ll make you a star. And your mom… well, I’m sure I could talk her round.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice I stood up and was about to go out of the door with him when Tyler stood and took my arm.

“You’re not going anywhere with my girl.” He said.

I frowned and wondered what on earth he was talking about. Then I got it: he was jealous.

“You’re Chris right? Katie’s now ex?” Kyle asked, feigning interest.

“I’m Katie’s boyfriend, yes.”

I was about to correct him when Kyle’s fist came flying out of nowhere and hit Tyler straight in the mouth.

“I never liked you in Junior high and I like you even less after what you did to my girlfriend. So shut up.” Kyle grabbed my hand and squeezed it lightly.

3 years later

I was back in Oregon as a member of the Black Roses. I was playing a set with my fiancée and was singing a songI wrote and dedicated to Kylea few months ago called "Because of Love"when I recognized two certain people from my old school. I stepped up to the microphone and introduced the next song.

“This is about how sometimes people are just complete and utter wankers and you’re better off without them.”

I slammed on my guitar and watched the people who thought it was ok to bring me down, get put down themselves.

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 LoneWolf93. All rights reserved.

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Haha. That story was amazing! I loved it! It has to be one of myfvorite short stories on booksie. Love how you describe and write in your own style. Great job! :D

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 8:18am


Thank you so much! :) x

Sun, April 22nd, 2012 9:51am


Awah its sooo cute :3 I got all teary eyed. D: Cute things make me cry ahahah. :)

Mon, April 30th, 2012 2:35pm


Thank you :) x

Tue, May 1st, 2012 1:09am

Destiny Awaits

I loved the final line!(: That was really good! Its hard to find a good story about this type of school stuff. Most people don't get it or when they're writing it make it fake.. Nice job

Thu, July 19th, 2012 2:27am


Thanks :) x

Thu, July 19th, 2012 4:47am


Wow. Amazing. One of my top 3 short stories i read here. utterly beautiful. Great job. I'm in love with this

Sun, July 29th, 2012 7:30pm


Thank you so much! :) x

Sun, July 29th, 2012 12:33pm

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