Honouring Vows

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The most devastating situation always has a connection to a person's heart. No matter how great the impact of failures and frustrations on us we must always find a way to stand up again and fulfill every dream and every vow for as long as someone believes us primarily ourselves.

Submitted: July 04, 2015

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Submitted: July 04, 2015



The day I fear the most has come

Perhaps the hardest part for some

And how could I ever let go

Of the one that caused my heart to grow?

I am reminded every single time

That her last words were of no rhyme

With the spark in the eyes, It made me a stranger

Has love gone by, that only pain could linger?

Faster than a blink of an eye

My head was left with just “Why”

Why must hearts break each other?

Why must lovers leave one another?

And for days, emotion was left hanging

To forget or not made a difficult thinking

To become selfish or stay unconditional

No easy way to get back to normal

Sometimes I wish to not have tried

Now that I believed to someone who lied

I stood firm for the one, I thought, who trusted me

Knowing it to be her, I just cannot agree

And the more I remember, the more I swell

The further I am from getting well

The risk of falling in love so much

Emotions of altering natures are so attached

That it either turns you to the right path

Or begets you a heart full of wrath

And it hurts me even more to know

That before I held on I was trained to let go

So naive of what love really is

As time goes by the emotions increase

Sometimes the first and the only one we choose

May be the one we are entitled to lose

But what, I wonder, is best to do now

Will I honor myself by fulfilling my vow?

Or make amends and start to move on,

To fix myself and not end up alone?

The lessons never cease from being taught

To someone so stubborn to accept the truth

That in the real world there’s a certain joy

That is gone forever once we destroy

Whichever path we choose to take

There are rules we can’t avoid to break

And the cost can be more than we could pay

Until we run out of the words to say

But if we listen to our heartfelt wishes

There indeed is something-our hearing misses

The eternal desire for dreams to come true

Dreams that are achieved by only a few

Dreams that fuel our faith and patience

That teach us to believe without evidence

If we set our goals to something of value

No boundaries can set limits to what we can do

That we start to believe someone is above us all

Someone who will catch as for as long as we fall

To think that this world is perfectly created

How could we ignore or forget the exalted

The answer lies within what we desire to have

For we can’t stop hearts from sheltering love

Even a frozen heart could still melt away

Even a heart of stone could still turn to clay

I choose to follow this ray of light

And whatever breaks my will can have a fight

For there is no God that leads us to despair

Only a God that moulds us to become better

I will never give up for as long as it takes

Wherever it leads me, there is no regret

For we find humility when we seek for mistakes

In fulfilling one’s promise, can honor be met

The first and the last thing that we do

Is wake up in the morning and sleep at night

In these simple things we find clue

That our questions will be answered right

Every day I live, every day I die

There's no reason for me to bade goodbye

Trust is what our maker will require

If we choose to follow our own desire

I swear I will give it another trial

And even if I fail, I still ought to smile

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