The Choice To Be Alone

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Doing our part as an individual is the primary contributor to the success of the entirety.Everyone of us has a function and we are entitled to do our best in order to make it happen. As long as we consider ourselves to exist we must consider others to be part of our existence.

Submitted: November 08, 2014

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Submitted: November 08, 2014



Our hearts should be like an open sky

It is not by how far we could test

Ourselves at exactly our best

The one we have grown up to believe

To us, sometimes could also deceive

For being alone may not be lonely at all

May it be the finish line of one’s soul

It remains the beginning of one’s wisdom

To be left alone can be called freedom

Just like the ocean ripples due to wind

And grasses that timely turn to green

To do a thing, we have to start alone

Along the rhythm, we find our own tone

Just like the oil that separates from water

Incompatible things cannot come together

Continuous boundary which lies in between

Means letting go if you cannot give in

Just like sugar mixed with salt

The excess of one is the other’s fault

But the taste is right at a certain proportion

To complement each other is everyone’s obligation

And just like the Moon that depends on the Sun

The Sun may be great to have made its own light

But when the world turns away it’s all gone

The Sun counts on the Moon to guard the night

So our hearts should be like the open sky

We walk individually when we die

But people will look up and always remember

What we have singly made, we have made together

To face our own solitude is the final quest

Once we are done, we let others do the rest

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