...INsIde My HeAd

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this is just something that I came up with

Submitted: December 22, 2007

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Submitted: December 22, 2007



... Inside My Head

What is this I feel…inside my head
Can this be real… inside my head
Not a headache this pressure and pain
These thoughts I hold I do so in vain
Is this a tear I feel running down my now numb face
Why can I not ascend from this low and dark place
Is this now my passion, fear, and disgrace
Why do I hear this scream… inside my head
Sick and sweet …. Inside my head
Determined and resolved now I see
No more do I live I just simply be
Your mind is black and full of coal
Under the pressure I find my one goal
I desire to rob you of your soul
This vision I see… inside my head
Is it true or fantasy… inside my head
Only one question remains
As I look to my hand’s crimson stains
Did I see you die… Inside my head?

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