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This is a creepy horror short story. The story revolves around two main characters. Asher Greymark, a rebellious and disobedient friend of the second main character. Anna Glass, princess of Grimhawk. The story takes place as the two friends are wondering through the woods, the rest is for you to read.

Submitted: January 06, 2015

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Submitted: January 06, 2015



"Do we have to go? I mean we could just go back home and do something else..." Annabelle asked. 
"No it's fine, we're fine. Why do you have to be so boring Anna? It's just for fun, anyway what's so bad about it?" Asher said, with a slight sly smile on his face.
"I'm never out this late, and I mean never! Mother is surely going to kill me once I arrive home... Can we just be quick, please?" Anna nervously suggested, as she crossed her arms over her chest, warming herself a bit more.
Asher sighed. "Fine, we'll get you back soon. But we are going inside Anna, for at least ten minutes." he said, staring straight ahead of him. Anna fell silent for a few moments as she thought about what he'd just said.
"Fine ten minutes, and ten only. I will not be getting into any more trouble because of you. You know what happened last time, Asher..." She whispered. Asher stopped in his trail, and looked down at her. His smile wiped from bis face, and eyes as cold as stone.
"Yes, I remember. And you do not have to bring it up again, I said I will get you back soon, so there." Asher said, with no hint of any emotion anywhere on his body.
"I won't, just promise me-"
"I SAID I WILL! Please Anna you're just wasting time, if you'd like to go back so much then go now, but I will not be at your side," Asher exclaimed. He stared right at Anna, past her eyes. She could feel him reading her every emotion. Every feeling that ran in and out of her mind. She cleared her throat.
"No, I will stay. I will, and I promise. I apologise for bringing it up, but please don't be so defensive. I certainly wasn't trying to harm you feelings, Asher. I was only making my point-" Anna said, her voice cracking at different moments. She didn't know whether it was because of the cold, or the fear she felt inside.
"Yes, and the point was certainly valid. And I am only like this because I feel as if you blame me for what happened that  night," He replied. The feeling of guilt was written all over his body.
"I do not blame you for what happened to Claire. I do not blame anyone more than myself for not helping her." She paused to take a deep breath, and hold down the tears. "I shouldn't have let her go anyway, mother specifically told me not to, but I disobeyed. Which is why now I have become apparently 'boring' in the mind of some. I don't want anyone else getting hurt in my presence or that I am responsible of. This includes myself, and you Asher. I don't want you to get hurt like she did," Anna said, as she looked down at the ground, shivering slightly.
"I won't get hurt, and don't blame yourself, there was nothing anyone could do. We tried but nothing, Anna I mean please try to enjoy yourself. I will be fine, trust me," Asher reassured her, though knowing he couldn't be sure if he could keep his promise all night.
"OK, we should press on. I mean we have only what it seems a few minutes, we should at least get there with a few minutes to spare," Anna suggested, as she walked on ahead of Asher. He quickly caught up, and they spoke nothing the rest of the walk.
The sky was pitch black, and the stars were covered up but big grey clouds. Moonlight created a path at their feet. The winter air was cold and bitter, and gusts of the coldness hit you like a stone wall. Howls were heard from the distance, making Anna feel even more unsure about their visit to darkness. As they were walking, they heard the crackle of branches and crunch of leaves at the sides of them.
"Asher, what was that sound?" Anna gently asked. Before he could reply, a wolf sprung out from the left and jumped right onto Anna, knocking her to the floor. It bit into her stomache hard, making blood gush out and onto the floor. 
"ANNA!" Asher screamed, just as one flew from out of no-where but this time aimed at him. It jumped onto his back, and started to rip all flesh from his shoulders. He shrieked out for help, and for Anna, but no replies came back. He fell to the ground with a loud thump, landing on nothing but hard, dry ground. The wolf gnawed at his shoulders, making blood gush from each and every bite. Anna was squirming around on the floor, trying to resist the attack but to no avail. She wasn't the strongest of all people, so she stood no chance against a bloodthirsty wolf. The pain from the attack was excruciating. She shrieked and screamed and fought back all she could, but she could not get the wolf off of her. As Asher was dealing with his wolf, the one attacking Anna suddenly dragged her off the road and into the mist. She went silently. Asher managed to fight the wolf off, by kicking it hard in the face. He stood up and clambered across the floor to where Anna was, last time he had seen her.
"ANNA? Anna where are you? Why aren't you here? Anna?" Asher shouted out, as he franticly searched around on the road, trying to find Anna, dead or alive.
Tears started to gush from his blue eyes, as he started to belive that Anna had gone. Asher's mind finally gave up on his impossible search, and he stumbled over into the middle of the road and fell onto his back. Giving up. He lay there for a few moments staring up into the plain sky. Blood was pouring from his back, and creating his own pile of blood around him. After those moments were up, the last thing he saw was something impossible. Something unbelievable. Something that made him, for that last thirty seconds of life want to kill himself. There and then. The last thing he saw that night, was Anna, blood dripping from her face and onto his.
Asher lay there, Anna above him. She stood there, with a grim smile cast along her face. She crouched down next to him, and leaned in close. 
"You didn't get me home... Did you?" she whispered, and moved in close...
Many weeks later, a carter came running into the castle, eyes bulging and breathing heavy. When he calmed down, and they managed to get a coherent sentence out of him, he told them about the body he found in the woods. A body of a man, ripped to shreds. A man with blue eyes. A man who had often been seen in the company of the princess, who had also disappeared...

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