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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic


Today, while standing with the other pens inside a pen stand I recollect my past days.who am I?

I am a pen.

I was manufactured in a factory in India. I belong to Flair family which one of the famous pen manufacturers in India.

Whenever anyone sees my scarlet shinny body, he or she falls in love with me.

 My steel nib is protected with a transparent cap and my stomach is filled with red colored gel ink.

After my birth I was compacted and sent to a shop in Kolkata  for sell.

There the shopkeeper displayed me in front of his display cabinet. I was lying side by side with my friends there.

One forenoon, a woman hurriedly came to the shop and when she caught me in the front  she  bought me.

She took me with her in a large building.

 There she unpacked me in a room where many children were sitting on the benches.

They were calling her ‘mam’ so  I came to recognize that she is a teacher.

Then onwards I am staying with her.


She uses me to check the copies of her students.

I facilitate her to rectify the faults of her pupils.

I feel happy when she checks the exams copies.

Sometimes she gives tick and some times cross.She also uses me while preparing report cards for her pupils.

Those who have obtained bad marks means those who receives failing marks she underlines the marks by me.

I am also borrowed by her friends to check the copies of their students.

Like this I move from one hand to another but I prefer to stay with my owner because she handles me very softly.After using me she keeps me either inside a pen bag or inside a pen stand.I am really thankful to God for getting such careful owner.


 I know one day when my ink will be finished,I will be old, she  will  replace me by another new pen.

When I think about my end I feel sad.Oh ! no I will not think any negative thing because now I am enjoying my life.




Submitted: November 10, 2014

© Copyright 2021 lopamudra. All rights reserved.

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