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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic


It was a cold wintry night.

Suddenly I saw a young guy entered into my premises.

He had his bag pack at the back and a torch in his hand.

Then I saw Michael going out and observing him closely. Now you are thinking who am I?

I am a Manson, inhabited by some evil spirits.

People call me haunted house.


I was not haunted from the beginning.

 Long long years ago, I was built on top of a hill near Kalimpong by a British named Michael.

He used to stay inside me with his wife, Rosy and two sons, Jack and John.

I have many rooms and a beautiful garden.

Michael, the richest man in the city, had decorated my garden with beautiful flower plants and a fountain.

Over all I was a beautiful Manson with lovely and happy inmates.

Then one day Jack went abroad for higher studies.

Rosy became very sad and unmindful.

One night due to the leakage of gas cylinder the whole family burnt inside me.

I have seen them dieing in front of my eyes.

I was helpless; I was unable to rescue them.

My whole body was also burnt.

Only jack survived who never came back to me.

So I remained abandoned for long period and became the residence of the ghosts and bats.

My beautiful garden is covered with over grown weeds and grass.

My window sills are occupied by creepers.

The stair case is half broken.

All the rooms are now full of dusts.

I have a secret chamber inside me where Michael used to preserve his treasures.

If anybody entered my premises to steal the treasures, the evil spirits of Michael’s family scared them.


Now let’s go back to that day’s incident.

The boy seemed very enthusiastic.

He was trying to find out my secret chamber.

Michael and his family started to scare him.

One of the evil spirits lifted his bag pack and threw outside.

Another one took away his torch.

But when Michael lifted him in the air he started to chant some prayer.

Michael left him at once.

The young boy was adamant.

He dug the ground and reached inside my secret chamber.

Now Michael was angry he wanted to kill him.

So he and his family came close to the young boy.

Oh!! What is it? A birth mark!! Just like Jack.

They realized that he was the someone from Jack’s family.

Then the boy took his mobile phone and called some people who came and chanted some prayer and made all the spirits to go out.

Now I am standing alone here.

Recently I heard that the boy is the only son of Jack who came back to his ancestral house to build a hospital for poor people inside me. If it happens I will be very happy.

Again I will be filled with many people.

 My name will be changed.From haunted house I will be called hospital.

Submitted: November 23, 2014

© Copyright 2021 lopamudra. All rights reserved.

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