Life or Death

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At 3 years old Emma's life is turned upside down, eleven years later she seeks revenge by joining the MIJ. Please like and comment on what you think I should do to make my stories better. If you
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 Life or Death
Ever had your life turned upside down? I have, when I was three, a man came to my home and murdered all my family, and gave me to a new family. I’ve set my life on finding him and getting answers. There is a place for this, it is called the MIJ, they get all rights to murder people who they think are evil or broke the law. I want to join them so I can track down the killer of my past. Hi, my name is Emma Lect, I am 14 years-old and I am going to join the MIJ. 

Today is the day, I will finally join the MIJ, finally. I shoot a few more rounds before I head to the place where they put us into groups. I am the best and youngest to join the MIJ, probably also the only female too. I pack up my gun and head to the building. 
“Guess who?” says a pair of hands as they clasp around my eyes. 
“Jack I know it’s you,” I said pulling his hands off my face. Jack Markser, a boy with brown hair and blue eyes the one I would most likely marry when we were older. He had been my best friend for so many years now we had basically been siblings or twins for the matter. He was two years older than me but acted my age. We both had joined the MIJ’s training program. We walked and talked, we got to the building and inside I only saw boys and men waiting. I and Jack walk pass the check-in. The guy running it looked a little surprised that a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old were joining.
“Are you two lost?” he asked.
“This is the sign up for the MIJ, right?” I ask sarcastically.
“Yes, and you two are?”
Emma Lect and Jack Markser.” I answered.
“Oh okay well here are you name tags and some information.” says the guy as he hands me some paper and name tags. I heard whispering from the others but I ignored it. I gave Jack his stuff and we took a seat.
“Is the little girl lost or something?” asks a boy and his friends coming over.
“No, I am just waiting for the rest of you.”
“You shouldn't be here, this job is meant for men only.” he boasts.
“I signed up and passed the test so I am here fair and square,” I say reading the papers.
“We--” he was cut off by someone else who came in. He looked to be in his 20’s but I wasn't sure. He looked around the crowd and at his list that he held in his hands. His eyes passed me for a second and he furrowed his eyebrows, he looks at his paper then shrugged it off.
“So this is the group, the ones who passed the entry tests. Well, we will group you based on skill so follow me to the training grounds and shooting area,” he says walking toward a door. I get up and follow with Jack right next to me. We stop at a shooting range. I get in line and when my name is called up I happily get up and walk over.
“So you are Emma Lect, pick a gun and show me what you got.” the guy says.
I reach into my bag and pull out the flintlock that Jack gave to me for my birthday. The instructor looks surprised but motions for me to start shooting. I hit every target in the one-shot kill spot. I stop and look back at the guy. He was stunned looking at what I just did, which was extremely easy. 
“How?” he demands.
“Practice and patients,” I reply.
“Jack Markser!” he calls up next. I wait to the side and watch Jack shoot the targets, he hit them all a few times.  He finishes and goes up to me.
“Was I good?”
“Yes but I was better”
“Ugg so mean!” he says jokingly as we walk to the back. Soon the last event was taking place, it was a race, we lined up and the instructor shot a gun and we started. I ran as fast as I could, dodging and ducking under the others, I soon was in the lead with one other person. I passed him and finished first. 
“Good job!” I congratulate the guy I passed.
“Thanks, but I don’t need you rubbing my lose in my face girl,” he says walking off. Jack lifts his middle finger at the guy and walks over to me.
“Nice job beating everyone!” he says.
“Ha, thanks, Jack.”
“Alright line up everyone!” yells the guy who finally introduced himself as Captain Johnathan. I walked up and lined up with everyone else.
“Okay I am going to call up al the champions so listen up!” he yells.
“First place and only in all the placement events goes to Emma Lect! Please step up Emma,” he says looking at me with his intense gray eyes. I step forward and feel all the eyes on my back. 
“Good job you are in group Alpha. You teammate will be whoever you choose,”  he says with a respect that others heard too. I look at the crowd, finally, I ask, “Who was second place?”
“That would be Casper Feildhip,” he answers.
“I look at the name tags and finally spot Casper, he was the guy who had been rude to me at the end of the foot race. 
“My partner will be Casper Feildhip,” I say looking at him.
“Well okay, Casper come up.” 
Casper comes up and stands next to me shaking. The others get grouped and we get dismissed.
“I thought you would pick me!” complains Jack as he got Green team with three others.
“Sorry, but it was only right to pick my partner as him,” I replied picking up my bag. I pulled out two apples and handed on to Jack. We sat down and ate our food. I started working on my homework when someone came up to me.
“My god girl, you are special.” I looked up to see a new face, he was a man in his 30’s with blonde hair and amber/brown eyes.
“It was a compliment, I watched you and you have skill. I was impressed. How old are you?”
“First who are you?”
“Oh me I am the doctor for your group, you can call me Dr. Payne,” he answers.
“Okay, well my name is Emma Lect and I am 14 years-old.”
“Wow, that is very young, the youngest ever. You are very impressive, I’ve been talking to Captain Johnathan and we both agree you are perfect for the job,” he says smiling.
“Well I have to go do paperwork so good-bye for now,” he says moving on. I look at Jack who was holding a laugh back. 
“What?” I demand.
“Nothing,” he says regaining his composure. I shake my head in disbelief to who was sitting next to me. After lunch, we line up with our partners/groups. I stand next to Casper who had crumbs on his face. He had blonde hair and brown eyes with yellow and green flecks in them. 
“You have breadcrumbs on your face” I point out.
“I don’t care,” he says wiping them off.
“Why are you so cold to me?” I ask.
“You beat me in all the placement events, I was unhappy about it. Also, you were bragging it to my face.” 
“Was not, I was simply being a good sport, unlike some people”
“Why did you choose me? You could’ve chosen anyone, like your friend.”
“I chose you, one to annoy you and two because you earned this spot, you were second place in most of the events, right?” 
“Second place is the first loser.”
“Well let’s look at the positive side like you got on to team Alpha.”
“Okay, I guess that is good. But my father is going to beat my ass because I was beaten by a girl who is younger than me. How old are you?”
“14, you?”
“Well, you still got onto Alpha. Who is your father anyway and why did you tell him that you are joining the MIJ?”
“My dad is an agent for the MIJ and he expects me to live up to him and be greater.”
“That’s why you joined. I joined to find the murder of my family.”
“Aren't you a Lect, last I checked they were all alive.”
“They are my adoptive family.”
“What?! So who was your family?”
“I don’t really know, I know the names of my siblings and some of where I lived. I was 3 when my whole family was killed, it happened on the night of my birthday.”
“Do you even know who killed your family?”
“Not necessarily, but I remember his face. I remember it so vividly that I drew it on a piece of paper that I keep with me.” I say grabbing the rolled up drawing, I spread it out and show Casper. He looks at it and he looks scared at first, then regains his poker face.
“What is it?”
“That guy is infamous, he is known as the Hell’s Hunter. He is wanted all over the UK. The fact that you’ve seen his face is incredible. Tell me in detail what happened that night.” 
“Okay, well I heard someone knocking at the door, my mom hears it too and has my bigger sister Lilith take me to my room, everyone had a very worried look on their face. I heard screaming and gunshots, after a few hours I heard someone come up the stairs, it was him. He sees me peeking out of my door. He was covered in blood from the waist down, he smiled when he saw me. I saw the mask in his hands and remember my mother telling me if I ever see a person with this mask I should run the other way. I closed door praying that he didn't see me. I hid under my bed, the man came into my room and said, “Come on out sweety, I won’t hurt you, daddy is home. Come on out” he found me fast and I was screaming, crying, kicking, trying to escape. He hugged me, I quieted down, I was still crying. I ask him who he was, he smiles and says “Didn't you hear me? I am your daddy, those people were keeping you from me, I missed you.”  I told him I didn't know him, that my dad was downstairs. He smiles and walks to the stairs and goes down. To my horror, that man showed me the corpses of my former family. I stayed quiet fearing I was next. He walked calmly to the door. I asked him where he was taking me. He answers with “You need a new home while daddy works, I am taking you to your new home for now. We walk to a mansion, the Lect family’s mansion. He leaves me on the doorstep, I fall asleep and the next morning I wake to be in a room with someone sleeping in the corner. I get up and walk over to the new man. I wake him and he looks at me and says “Rough night huh? Well, welcome to your new home.” And that’s all that happened, that man gave me a gift, it was this very knife with my name engraved on it.” I say pulling a 20-inch knife from my bag.
“You carry way to many weapons for your go lucky attitude.”
“Okay so?”
“Also I think your real father is this guy, Hell’s Hunter. You need to not share this with anyone, including your friend.”
“Well okay, I haven’t told Jack yet, why did I tell you again?” 
“I don’t know, you trust too easily.”
“Eh I know I can trust you.”
“Why would that be?”
“Because you haven’t gone and said anything to others”
“Maybe I will,” he says meeting my gaze and I saw right through him, he wasn't going to tell he was mainly worried about me. 
“That’s why. I can read right through you.” I say packing my stuff up.
“Teams and groups please assemble! We have some things that we need to go over with!” yells Dr. Payne. He looks over at me and sees the knife, he as a moment of fear then goes back to his normal face. I line up next to Casper. He saw the fear from the doctor. 
“What was that?” Casper whispers.
“I don’t know,” I admit. 
“Okay so I need to give routine health checks to everyone, I will call your team or group. You come into my office for it, then go to the training grounds. First up is team Alpha.” he calls looking directly at me and Casper. I grab my bag and walk to the office. Once inside the doctor closes the door and walks over to his desk. He motions for us to sit down. We sit.
“Okay you two have everything vaccine done, I need to do a blood draw though so please one of you hand me your arm.”
I hand my arm and he takes the blood, a feeling of dread settles over me. I wait for Casper to be done and then we head out to the training grounds for practice. We each wrap our hands and I start gutting a dummy with my 20-inch knife. Casper stares in a daze.
“How the hell do you know how to do that?!” he demands.
“Training, I read a book on fighting styles, I made my own, it’s a mix of everything. Deadly and effective.” I reply.
“Interesting, a book taught you how to fight like a demon,” he says unbelievingly. I look away, in truth I had learned to fight by that man who claimed to be my dad, he taught me every day for two years. I picked up everything in a few hours and perfected it. What could take someone a few years to master, I could do in my sleep within a week. I looked back at Casper and I feel like he already guessed who taught me. 
“Well I don’t really care, it’s just you are very deadly,” he says walking over.
“And you are walking towards danger because?” I ask sarcastically. 
“Because I’m dangerous too. You may be better at shooting a gun, running, getting out of places fast, and other crap, but I will always prevail in hand to hand combat” he says.
“Are you sure?” I say walking to my bag putting my knife away. I look at Casper who was just standing there challenging me silently. 
“Fine but when you need to go to the hospital, I won’t be my fault,” I say getting up to meet him. He rushes at me I side step and push him down. He hits the ground with a thud. I walk over and put my foot on his back.
“I queen of this pathetic person-” I was cut short by Casper flipping around and pulling me down. I hit the ground and Casper gets me on my back, holding down with all his strength. I knee him in the crouch and push him onto his back and hold him down with most of my strength. He tries to roll me over but fails. I count to ten and get up.
“See I won, you lost.”
“Haha you are good, I’ll give you that. But you play dirty.”
“Yeah sometimes to get what you want you to need to play dirty and unfair. I didn't hit you that hard, or are you a baby and need a kiss to feel better, by the way, it would never happen.”
“I can see why your friend calls you a meanie.” 
“I look around there was no one anywhere, the room was silent. I look back at Casper who noticed as well.
“That’s weird, I thought we had to go to the training grounds after the health check. Anyway, I going to go home wanna tag along and go home too?”
“Yeah, I guess.” 
We walk to the door, it was locked from the other side. I look at the lock and grab a hairpin from my bag. I bend in it as it unlocks the different stages. Finally, I get the lock to unlock. I open the door and walk out with Casper muttering to himself that I am a big show off. We walk down the empty halls. I pull out my knife and Casper grabs a pot. We walk down the dark soulless hallways. I feel as someone or something was watching my every move, the thing moved as we did. Finally, I look at Casper and see a shadow moving behind him. I throw my knife and it hits its mark. I hear a surprised grunt.
“Come out now!” I yell, pulling out my flintlock. The boy comes out with my knife in his hands.
“It seems your aim has decreased or did dad lie about you, Emma?” the boy says, he was about 17, he had my black hair but his eyes were blue. I back up and point my gun at him. 
“Who are you?! Why were you following us?!” I yell.
“Oh sorry I didn't introduce myself, my name is James Hunt, some of the famous Hell’s Hunter. He told me to find you, my younger sister, named Emma Hunt. Well, the job is done, I found you.”
“What the hell?! You think I would believe that shit?!” I yell.
“Well you already do, so just come on, I’ll cover the tracts,” he said. I looked at Casper and we both knew what he meant, he was going to kill Casper and everyone in this building if he hadn't yet. I looked at James. I wanted answers, but I didn't know what to do if I wanted to have this guy kill Casper or my best friend Jack. 
“Leave them and come home, Emma they will not stand by you, so save the pain and let them die,” James says extending a hand. I take one look at all my memories and Casper. I walk over to James and point my flintlock at Casper. I close my eyes and tug the trigger, I hear a bang and I look to see Casper’s dead body lying in a pool of blood. James smiles and hugs me.
“Ah, I finally found my lost sister, it’s good to finally get to meet you,” he says as he hands me my knife. We walk out of the building. I follow James to a car, I get in and we drive off. 

“Hahahahahahaha!! They finally posted it!” I yell from across the room. My dad walks in and looks at the paper. He bursts out laughing. The MIJ “just” found the dead body of Casper Feildhip, my first murder. My brother and sister come into the room and see the news as well. We celebrate by going around as a family. I was happy to be home, to be in a place where I was normal. 

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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