No One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Every wonder what was hiding under your bed? What feeds off your fear? What kills without a trace? Or maybe you know the answer. Mythics rule this world, vampires, fairies, gods, and of course
Mixed Godlings, meet Peyton a 16 year old Mixed Godling. She throw through hell and back just so that she can live a peaceful life with her little brother and her friends. Like this? Then read so
of my other stories: Endless, Run, The Bully, and In a Heartbeat!

Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



 No one

By: Janelle Mandis

Stupid wings, they just had to give away the fact that me and Casper aren't normal. My wings are big golden wings with specks of black and purple and shadings of bronze and silver. My little brother Casper, has silver wings with specks of bronze and gold and shadings of black and purple. I set Casper down on the ground.

“Mommy” Casper cries.

“No mommy, only sissy.” I look down at him.

I look around the area, we were in a clearing, a beach close by with a river nearby, a big tree stood in the middle of it all.  I use some magic to make a home to stay in the tree for the time being.

“Ok Casper, time for bed.” I say picking him up and flying into the tree house. Over the next four years me and Casper stay there safe and happy.

“Peyton! You need anything?” yells Casper from the north end of the clearing, close to the river.

“Yeah, could you get some water for cooking tonight?” I call from the garden closer to the tree house. I continue gardening while Casper gets water. I hear his scream from the other side and I fly as fast as I could to my five-year old brother.

“What happened?!” I question to nothing.

“Where are you? Are you hiding on me again? Please come out.” I call looking around for him.

Well aren't we lucky men? This brat lead us to someone even more valuable!” says a man from behind me. I whip around to see a group of hunters on horseback. The one who did the talking was holding Casper by the wings.

“Let him go and leave! Now!” I growl.

“What did you say? Eh it doesn't matter. You will make us money. So if you care about this boy’s life then I suggest you do as we say.” he said again.

“Fine do what you want but let me hold my brother.” I say deadly calm.

“Fine here but first men tie her up.” he says as a few of the hunters dismount with rope in their hands tie me up and then the leader guy throws Casper at me, I catch him.

“It’s okay we will be free soon. Don’t cry Casper.” I whisper to him. He looks up at me crying.

“I’m sorry, I lead you into a trap. I sorry Peyton.” he cries.

“I am not mad at you. I am happy that you are safe and with me.” I whisper to him.

“Okay great family reunion  and all but we need to move.” the leader calls down to me and Casper. We walk for hours, days and weeks, not eating, or getting any rest. We finally come to a city, Athens Greece. While I was sitting on the ground a boy most likely a year or two older than me comes up to me.

“This is pathetic, I wonder what you did to get sold into slavery.” he notes.

“Mind your own business!” I yell at him.

“Oh well I can see now. Your father didn't want to deal with your attitude.” he notes.

“You have no idea who my father or mother are! So you have no business assuming things!” I yell again. He walks off. The hunter guy comes back and slowly unties me and my brother, putting chains in the of rope.

“I’ve had enough of this crap!” I yell using my wings to break the chains and rope. I get up still holding my brother.

“Crap she’s lose! Get her under control!” he yells.

“This will be easy.” mutters a few men in the crowd that  come forward to challenge me. I shoot a few of my feathers pinning them down on the ground.

“This is useless! Just let me and my brother go and we will be on our way!” I yelled. I heard a grunt or a laugh from behind me and before I could turn to see, something hard and heavy hit me in the back of my head making me unconscious. I hear laughing and yelling but I couldn't get up, the pin was to much. Instead I curled up into a ball with my brother and folded my wings over us. A few hours later I wake up in pain with a bag over my head. I hear talking nearby, but I can’t make out the words or who. A few minutes later I get picked up and carried to a ship on water. I get set back down and someone takes off the bag.

“Well looky here. Aren't you a beauty.” he says looking down at me.

I start to heat up the metal chains on my hands and feet. I locate my brother who has a big gash on his head and is unconscious. Finally the chains break I keep them together just until the guy turns his back, then I let them melt completely. I pin the guy to the wall and grab my brother breaking his chains. I run to the top deck of the ship shooting people with my feathers. I get to the top deck and look around, I hear yelling from behind me. I try to fly but it hurts to much so I land in the crows nest and start crying. I hear someone getting in the crows nest next to me. I glare at him, he looks scared at first, then surprised, then back to his normal poker face.

“Umm.” he says unsure of the situation.

“Well what do you want?! To drag me back down there and retain me?!” I yell.

“No no no. I wouldn't do that in a million years, but the guy selling you said that either I get pinned to the ground or wall or you are chained and uncomfortable. I am sorry.” he says as calmly as possible.

“Well what are you going to do then?!” I cry.

“Hey hey. I’m not going to hurt you or your brother. Please let me help. I am also curious to know your name, would you mind telling me?” he asks calmly.

“My name is Peyton, this is my brother Casper.” I say still eyes full of tears.

“Well my name is-” he begins but is interrupted by a knife hitting right above my head. I grab it now really angry and throw it a a guy who just walked out asking what was going on. The whole crew goes silent I see the look on the guy sitting next to me. It was pure shock and terror.

“Can we talk down on the deck maybe, also you look like you and your brother need help.” he says cautiously.  We climb down to rope ladder, once I get there I call.

“I want to speak with the captain of this ship not some scumbag!” I yell.

The guy who I threw the knife at comes up with anger and bewilderment on his face.

“How old are you and your brother?” he asks is a harsh tone.

“And why should I answer that?!” I say sarcastically.

“Just answer the question, and maybe I won’t have you killed.” he says harshly again.

“Fine, but you need to learn your manners, I am 16 and my brother is 5.” I say bored.

“Well then you should know the punishment of attempt of murder, right?” he asks.

“You show show me some respect, and I didn't try to murder you. I was warning  them to not throw knives at me when I am talking with someone.” I say back.

“Do you even know where you are?” he asks.

“Nope but I don’t care. Do you know who I am?” I say now really bored and tired.

“You are on the Siren’s sword, the one and only. And you are speaking to the captain.” he whispers into my ear. Fear and dread rush into me, my vision gets blurry and I start to wobble while crying to myself, still clutching my brother. Before I hit the ground I am picked up and carried to the place I saw the guy come out from. He walks in and sets me down  and closes and locks the door.

“So what should it be?” he asks.

“How would you like to be punished slave?” he questions in a harsh voice.

“Hahaha hehehehe hahahah heheheheh hahaha.” I start to crack up. I look up to his bewilder face.

“Do you think I care about dying, for gods sake I’m immortal.” I says laughing at him. I calm myself down and sit looking at him.

“Your immortal?” he asks sounding very confused.

“Yes I am.” I agree.

“What is your name?” he asks.

“My name is Peyton and this is my younger brother Casper.” I say wiping tears from my eyes.

“Then why were you crying?” he asks slowly moving away from me.

“I was crying because I lost my home my family and then I got sold into slavery by a hunter who I could have killed.” I said still crying a little.

“Oh. I lost my parents too when I was young.” he says dejected.

“My parents aren't dead. We just got separated when I was twelve.” I continue.

“Where did you live?” he asks.

“The Underworld.” I say calmly. I look at him and he has moved halfway across the room. He has a look of pure terror on his face.

“Are you scared of me Ceaser? I thought you were the captain of the Serin’s sword the fearless and merciless captain of the Mediterranean.” I say sarcastically.

“I have the right to fear an immortal who almost killed me once.” he says sheepishly.

“You’re scared of me and my power.” I say reading his thoughts and emotions.

“How did you even get here if you lived in the Underworld?” he says shyly.

“My father has temples that I would hang out near and I brought Casper this one time and ended up getting chased out of Argos.” I said tearing up again. I wince in pain and start to blackout after that, Ceaser runs over to me and sees my wounds and my brother’s. I blackout from blood loss.

I wake up to be wrapped in bandages and in a bed. I sit up and start looking around. I see that Casper is on the bed as well. I look down and see my clothes arent on me. I hear the door open and I pull up the covers as Ceaser walks in. He see that I am up and walks over to me and sits down at the end of the bed.

“How are you feeling?” he asks.

“Fine. But where are my clothes?” I demand.

“I had to take them off to bandage your wounds.” he said bluntly.

“I could have done without.” I say bluntly.

“Well you passed out because you loss to much blood. And your wounds weren't healing at that time. So I did what I thought was needed.” he said bluntly.

“Well now can I have some clothes?” I ask.

“Sure here.” Ceaser says throwing some folded clothes at me. I use my magic to resize them and I shoo Ceaser out and get dress. I come out leaving Casper in the bed. I summon an apple to my hand and eat it.

“Captain! Enemy ship to port!” yells someone from the crows nest. I look to where he yelled and I see a ship coming straight to us. I try flying, it doesn’t hurt anymore, I fly to the ship scouting the ship. I hear yelling on the ship. I fly back and explain that they are prepared for war.

“Crap! This isn't good. The cannons aren't even loaded. What are we going to do?” Ceaser mutters.

“Done.” I say loading the cannons infinitely.

“Cannons are loaded just continually fire them.” I say.

“Well then let’s go to war!” yells Ceaser happily. The enemy ship parks right at our side and starts to fire. I fly to the other ship. I mutter a protection spell on the ship and the crew (not the enemy). I summon some daggers and start fighting, until all the crew-members on the ship are dead or almost dead. I look around and see a bulky pirate carrying something roughly the size of a five year old. I realize that is my brother, I speed over to the pirate. I grab Casper and I summon some dead warriors to fight the guy. He shrieks and pulls his sword. He didn't last long. The warriors walk around the ship looking for more enemies. I fly to our crow’s nest and set Casper down. He was still sound asleep even thru all the explosions. I fly down and find Ceaser fighting a group of pirates.

“You need help Ceaser?” I call down.

“Wait Ceaser? Like the captain of the Serin’s Sword?” one of them asks.

“Yeah help would be nice Peyton!” he yells to me. I fly down and shoot the remaining guys with some feathers.

“Efficient.” Ceaser notes.

“Well why don’t we take what we need and leave this ship to burn.” I say walking to the stairs to go downstairs.

“Okay. Hey wait for me!” he yells running after me.

“Geez lady you are fast! Maybe next time you should slow down!” he complains.

“Maybe you should have started walking when I did.” I say sarcastically.

“Whatever. Do you hear that?” he says as a muffled moan echoes across the boat. I walk over to a closed door. I wait for Ceaser to come over.

“Should we open the door?” he asks.

I open the door. Inside was a little boy who was bonded in iron chains. He was cut and brushed everywhere. I walk in, he looks at me and starts crying pleading to be freed and helped. Ceaser walks in and we take the chains off him.

“What is your name?” I ask softly.

“Mateo” he said quietly.

It was obviously he was a native.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Ceaser asks with surprising gentleness.

“Yes I do. I will do as you want as long as I can be free.” he said carefully.

“Well come on then. We will help you.” I say handing him my hand. He grabs it with surprising strength. I pick him up because, it was really obvious that it hurt him to walk and stand. He holds onto my shirt, he starts to cry. I comfort him. I fly him and Ceaser back to our ship. Casper comes over with a huge smile on his face.

“All the enemies have been tied up and dealt with. Now what do you want me to do?” he says casually. I walk to the infirmary to deal with Mateo’s wounds. I look into his soul, his past, some of his future, and who he is. I found that he is a demigod. He was a son of Neptune, though why he was a american native is kinda confusing, but whatever we are talking about Roman gods here, so not to surprising. I bandage his wounds, I have him eat and drink water. I then carry him to a bed in the room. I put him down and use a tiny sleep spell to calm him down enough to sleep. I walk out of the room and I find Casper and Ceaser talking.

“What are you guys talking about? I hope wonderful things about your dear old sister, right Casper?” I ask guilt tripping him.

“Yeah, yeah. But what about that little boy?” he asks, he is still 5 yet he is so mature for his age.

“Mateo will be fine. He is a son of Neptune, and a native to North America.” I say.

“Cool. When do you think he will get up?” Casper asks.

“A few days, also he speaks Ancient Greece, his inherited language (Latin) and his birthplace language. So you should not have any trouble communicating with him. He is around 5-7 years old. So Casper you can play with him, and teach him his power over water and to be able to cause earthquakes.” I continue.

“Okay, good to know. Do you know why he was all the way here in the Mediterranean?” Casper ask.

“He was tied up on a pirate ship. He could of been kidnaped or bought.” I say bluntly.

“Yeah that is true.” Casper said like I had told him the kid appeared there out of nowhere.

“You two will be at each others neck, well at least Peyton, if I let you two go on for any longer.” Ceaser intervenes.

“Well at least he noticed that before we destroyed the ship and surrounding area.” I say walking to the people who were tied up.

“Alright this is how we are going to do this! You are going to answer our question and we will decide to either kill you or make you a slave!” I yell over them talking.

“Free the women and children they can be helpful.” Ceaser says coming up behind me.

“Okay who know why there was a demigod on your ship?” I yell.

“Um, our captain bought him in auction. He was worth a lot because the locals said he could control water. That’s all I know.” one of the pirates said.

“Where did your captain buy him?”

“In the land the locals call Cusco.” he said.

“Okay, that makes sense.” I murmured to myself.

“So why did your ship attack our’s?” I yell.

“Ha! Why is a girl like yo-” a pirates said but was interrupted with one of my metallic feathers sticking out of his dead throat.

“Anymore complaints about me running the shots here?!” I hissed.

“I think you scared them enough.” Ceaser whispers into my ear.

I turn round to him and pull him out of the tied up pirates hearing range.

“Then what do you want me to do then?” I hiss.

“Go help your brother and my crew with the women and children.” he said.

“Fine” I grumble as I walk off to the area where the women and children were. I unchain one girl, she was about 10 years old, she had green eyes and golden hair, she also spoke in a different language. I listened to her speaking then I figured out that she was speaking English. I talked to her in her language and learned that she had been kidnaped by people when she was coming home from school, then she was taken prisoner by them and make work. Then the pirates bought her and didn't treat her any better. She at least made a friends with some of the others that can speak her language. She gets up and grabs a boy who was bigger than her but he had wounds running up and down his body, his clothes were tathers. He saw where Liz (the English girl) was taking him, he saw me and my wings. He froze dead in his tracks, Liz and the boy exchanged words. He looked at me with fear, he moved closer, one step at a time slowly coming to me. He sat down near me and Liz sat down next to me.

“Jacob is hurt, the pirates beat him and use a whip on him for not listening.” Liz said.

“Jacob also says he heard stories of a girl with wings of gold killing him, it was a prophecy.” she said.

“I will not kill him. Boy what is your name? Mine is Peyton, I am here to help you, just come over here and I will heal your wounds.” I say pointing to a spot on the ship in front of me. He scoots to me, I press my hand on his back, he stifles a scream. I heal his wounds, he stopped crying and touched his back.

“Th-thank you.” he said looking at me.

“Your welcome Jacob.” I say getting up and walking over to one of the moms whose head was bleeding. She was young about my age, yet she had a baby, who was small yet health. She was also from Cusco she spoke the same language as Mateo, her name was Bianca she was 18. I heal her head and give her food and water. We chat for a while.

“So how did you get on that pirate ship?”

“I was walking home with my brother and we see the ship in our harbor. My brother was curious to see if our father was home and that was his ship. We investigated the harbor and when they saw us we ran. I saved my little brother’s life when one of the pirates tried to grab him I punched him in the gut and gave my brother a head start. They took me on their ship and after a while they left. I haven’t seem home in a year or two, the days get mixed up the longer I am at sea.” she said a tear coming down the side of her face.

“My gods, I can’t believe you went through all that for your little brother. I would’ve just let Casper beat the living crap out of them. You are a true hero, to your brother and to me. I promise with all my power that you will see your family again.”

“Thank you so very much Peyton!” she cried hugging me.

“Yeah it’s no problem.” I say patting her back. After everyone was healed up. I walked back to find Casper who was cleaning his favorite knife. He saw me coming and scooted over for me to sit.

“So what kind of drama did you deal with?” he asked.

“Cleaning out and healing wounds, you?”

“Throwing my knife at people, and shooting my feathers.” he said a big grin on his face.

“Why are you so happy about killing people?” I question him.

“Ah there you are! I was looking all over for you!” Ceaser calls from across the deck. He walks over to us with some food. He gives us the food, I turn it into an apple. Ceaser sits down next to me, he leans back against the side of the ship. He looks at us. We look at him. He closes his eyes and promptly falls asleep. He starts moving around in his sleep, his heal then falls into my lap, and I swear on my life that he was smirking.


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