Lily and the Pinhole (Chapter 2)

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Lily is a little girl with a wild imagination. When she discovers a teeny hole into another world she finds that the littlest person can make a big difference when they take a moment to look at things clearly.

This is a poem/book and very much an experiment :P

Submitted: May 03, 2009

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Submitted: May 03, 2009



Chapter 2

The Blue speckled eye

The voice came like a delicate breeze
wavering softly as it passed on by
such a gentle glimmer of a voice
so pure and calm like a fresh new spring

It washed over Lily with a subtle indifference
…..not wanting trouble
…..but pleading for help

from a person with no name

to a person with no name

the news traveled on

and on
Lily received these words gladly
like a drop of rain in a summer drought
she drank them in and scooped them down
like a warm cup of cocoa in the icy cold snow

“Please” they said “listen”
and she did and she would
to the swishing of grass
to the thought that….. she could

and she wavered so close to the voice that she heard
but….nothing was seen
and the sounds became words

she could smell in the wind
just a faint touch of honey
she could see in the breeze
 a small glimmer right there

so the focus now shifted as she grasped her attention
to a small little hole
on the face of the world

“what is it?”  She thought as she poked at its surface
but all that she felt was the wooshing of air

“oh dear, little voice” she muttered, now lonely
“why….where have you gone?  And what have you shown me?”

The little voice flickered and twinged and it whined
“If you wont pay attention you’re wasting my time”

“Why….who is it speaking?” Asked Lily right there
and she nervously fingered her hands through her hair

“Now listen…
and wait….
And then pause
and debate…
for my words you are hearing
might be heard too late.”

Lily listened so calmly as the voice carried on
she listened as certain as though it was song

“Now look through the pinhole
you see it right there?
It’s that glimmer
that shimmer
that’s intwined in the air”

Lily poked forward and the wind brushed her nose
and down came a shiver from her head to her toes

“Oh dear what’s this feeling?”  She shivered again
and then she looked forward so her eye could see in

In the speck
in the glimmer
In the shimmer’s small world
she saw just one eye
peeking right back at her

Blue flecked and lovely
the….most perfect eye
it stared and blinked
and it mirrored the sky

and Lily she wondered
as she looked at that eye
if maybe….there was more than just air and just sky

she thought about villages, cities and worlds
built in numerous places unseen to her
and she pondered
she thought
and she thought just some more

and the blue eye just kept staring
right back at her

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