An epic battle

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just an epic battle.

Submitted: July 10, 2007

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Submitted: July 10, 2007



The lines are formed

The oaths have been sworned

Our king has called us to battle

So we leave our families and cattle

We are now in a foreign land

Surrounded by the desert sand

Our enemy has gone behind their walls

And then the bugle calls

Our attack is now under way

Enemy knights run to join the epic fray

Archers behind the ramparts let fly

The rain of death leads many to die

After a long bloody melee

We're threw the gate now for the real delay

A salvo of arrows decimates the fron line

After we spill blood we will in honour spill wine

but now is not the time or place

So I swing my sword across a foe's face

His blood splashes across my chainmail

As he lets out his final wail

I quickly move my shield to block a sword

During this battle for survival I pray to the lord

The block gave my foe a temporary shock

So I slash threw him, they said glorious battle what a crock

This battle is straight from Hell

None who survive will ever be well

The few defenders that remain

Will die when the blade slashes through there main vein

The last one died during the aggresive debate

All the survivers elate

We've taken the city at last

Our victory is decisive and vast

But we lost many good men to defending swords and arrows

The dead bodys will be a good feast for the crows and sparrows

The cycle will go around again

The city will be lost

It will be taken again

Many will die but none will win


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