The last charge

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A story about freedom fighters making there last charge. and the picture is of the bone helmet.

Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Submitted: September 21, 2007



Swords sharpended to the tip

Gloves fastened so I wont lose grip

Helmet of bone is woven tight

The enemy is in sight

Only fifty of us left to wage war

Our fight for freedom has left us sore

The enemy out-numbers us forty to one

They know this is our last stand, that we are done

They form a line spears held straight

After Fifty years of fighting my sword begins to gain its weight

I tell my men its been an honor to fight at there side

And that nothing could have been done about the wars tide

For what seemed like an eternity I stared at the sky

Then gave the order " CHARGE!!! " and began the battle cry

As our horses rumbled across the field

Each enemy readied there shield

Though safe in numbers there was fear in their eyes

Because of our frenzied and bloody war cries

Our fifty aged and battered men smashed the shield wall

But six of our best men fall

The ensuing battle was quick but mean

our superiour skills were evidently seen

The enemys front line fell back

We thought we were routing them until we heard the " WHACK "

An arrow hit a shield

Bows were one thing we didn't wield

Twenty men were killed

Now it doesn't matter if we're skilled

Arrows find there mark without doubt

But we will not route

The nine that are left charge our foe

But this time not to kill in numbers but to deal a low blow

Straight for the king we ride

past the arrows we glide

They quickly realize our plan

Toward the king rushes every man

But they arrive to late and we fight to hard

Three of us slaughtered him and his gaurd

Screaming at the top of our lung

Our swords still being swung

In vengance for there king we are run through

But as promised years earlier killing the king was the last thing we did do

Our foes history books are long and large

But the most memorable tale is the short story of the last charge


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