Tymugi in Hell

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Tymugi finds himself if the fiery depths of Hell; But why? Will he come out ever again? Will he save Kyushi from the Dead?

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



Tymugi in Hell

Tymugi had found himself awake in some strange places before, but he was sure this had topped it. He peered around the large, cave-looking lands and saw nothing but flames and bones, scattered around the place. "Welcome to HELL!" he heard a large, booming voice shout. He could not believe it; he was here.

They say on land that Hell is the place for the evil and corrupt, but Tymugi was none of these. He was a noble warrior of the Hentaigi clan, a clan that practiced ancient rituals of the elves. The elves had lived long before anything human had came, but the humans are too stuck up about themselves to notice. They gave us life, but we abused it. So they went, never to be seen by any human, but Zegashi. He was the faithful servant of Telgaron, a lord among the elves. Zegashi watched in despair as Telgaron and his peers left earth, in search of a new home. This new home was to be called Dygaron, the planet of hope. Zegashi had made on oath that day to continue the great things the elves had practiced upon earth, and teach them to all who was willing to do good in the world. Tymugi's father, Sareska, had been good friends with Zegashi, despite the age difference of twelve years. One day, Zegashi shared his magic with Sareska, of whom he trusted with his own life. From then on, they founded the Hentaigi clan, and taught to anyone within the families of the two, or that of anyone who they thought worthy of joining.

Now that story has been explained, back to Tymugi. He took several deep breathes to relieve himself of the smoke that consumed the place. As he did, he saw several figures were looming in the distance; they looked like they had no flesh remaining. Looking for some way to conceal himself, he spun and saw a small opening in the rocky ground beneath his feet, which he crawled into. He peered above. The figures seemed to halt for a moment, then continue forward. He took a deep breathe. These were no normal beings...

Mana was what he needed, but he seemed drained of it. If he could just find a Well of the Sun, maybe he could get some Mana. But there seemed to be nothing here of Interest to him. "You will find no Well of the Sun here! Hahaha!" the voice once again belowed. What trickery is this, he had thought. How was this creature able to read Tymugi's mind! No time to think, he had to move. The beings who loomed in the distance were pressing on towards him still. He had to move. He craned his head behind to look for anything of interest. Much to his surprise, he found nothing. But then he saw something bright in the corner of his eye...It was an orb of some sort. Purple in colour and shaped of perfect sphere, it stood atop an old, crumbled pillar of what seemed like marble. That looked like his only source of hope, he thought. Jumping up from the small hole in the ground, he ran towards the orb as he felt the flaming rock beneath his feet burn through his sandals. Getting closer and closer, nearer and nearer, the orb almost mesmerising him, the colours become a blur in his eyes. He stopped and observed deep within the orb. He could not believe it. It was Kyushi.

Kyushi was an elf that was renown for her beauty and also her deep care for all living things. She has since been named "The Mother of Life". Kyushi was told in many legends on earth of her compassion for others and not for herself, and how she slayed the corrupt in their thousands to save what she cared for.

He had to save Kyushi - from what seemed like a prison to Tymugi - and fast. He touched the orb, which sent some kind of charge into his body. He felt...different. Whispers loomed in his head; the voice of a young lady. "Help- Help!" they seemed to cry "..Please!" they continued, with a helpless tone. "What do you think you are doing, Mortal! I will kill you and mount your skull on my Throne!" the dark and booming voice called out. What could Tymugi do?

"Tymugi...that feeling inside of you...is my Mana..." she said. "Use it wisely...Please, save me!" the voice once again whispered. Tymugi pulled out the scroll his father had once given him at the age of 16. At the age of 16, you are accepted as a warrior; that is if you are deemed worthy in skill. "This scroll contains the spells you will need in the field of battle" he heard Sareska's voice repeat. "You must think like a warrior...use these spells wisely...I trust your judgement will be the right one, my boy."


Thanks for reading my First story. I will be making this into a Novel if people seem to enjoy the Short Story. Please leave feedback and email me at Vulkara@live.co.uk


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