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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

a boy meets his crush at a job a relationship ensues

Zachary lifted the box struggleing as he carried it to the shelf. He stumbled and nearly fell but a hand caught him at the small of his back well another caught the box.
 "Carefull there"
They helped Zachary put the box on the shelf. Zachary turned with a groan and froze as he noticed who had helped him. It was Alexander Graves! His father was Gustov Graves the third richest man in the world. Alex went to the same school as Zachary but they never talked. Alex was in the cool crowd. And he was only the hottest guy in school he was dateing sasha benachet. A beutiful girl who had allready gotten a modeling contract.
 Zach tried to ask what Alex was doing in the back room of a crappy hardware store but he found his lips wouldn't move. Zach had had a huge crush on Alex scince he started going to his school when his father bought the local power plant. His legs grew weak as he remembered every time he had thought about Alex while he had...
 "Are you okay?" he asked with a caring smile reaching to touch zachs shoulder. Zachs legs nearly gave out when Alex's hand touched the bare skin of his shoulder.
 "Im fine" he almost gasped.
 "Alright." He said droping his hand.
Zach finaly got his mind clear and winceing as his voice cracked asked Alex why he was there.
 "Well beleive it or not I work here"
 "Doesnt your dad have like 30 million dollars?"
 "Well 36.4 million actualy" he laughed scratching his head a little akward "but he kinda cut me off... I have to earn my own way now"
 "And Sasha dosent mind?" Zach asked hopfully
 "She dumped me" He sighed
 "Wow she is stupid..Who'd dump you?" he started stutering when he noticed Alex watching him an eyebrow raised "I... Uh... I mean you are still the most popular guy in school and every girl thinks your hot" he exhaled deeply in releif as Alex turned around. But inside he was jumping up and down. 'He was going to spend the whole summer with ALEXANDER GRAVES in a tiny little tool store! He followed Alex out into the store. Where he leaned onto the counter. Zach quickly positioned him self where he could see Alexes butt. He sighed as alex's pants tightened against him while he examined the cash register.
 "Do you know how to work this?" he asked trying to pry open the register.
 "Oh you have to press in the combination" he walked over to Alex "here"
He pressed in the combination and the cash register opened an inch but caught on one of the wheels... "Dammit it's stuck!" he growled
 "Here I'll help."
A hand griped the cash tray from either side of zach and he had to grab the cooter as his legs turned to jelly he could feel Alex's musscled chest against his back as they pulled on the tray. Suddenly it cracked and pulled right out of the register they fell back and Zach landed on Alex whose breath shot out of him in a "whooof"
Zach could feel Alex with every part of his back includeing his butt and he felt himself hardening.
 "Um... Zach?" Alex grunted "Do you think you could maybe get up?"
Zach rolled of and started scrambleing to get up and apologise.
 "Zach it's okay don't worry about it I'm fi..." he stopped and Zach realised he was looking down.
Zach followed Alex's line of sight to his groin where his erection had made a very noticeable bump in his pants.
 "Zach are you having an erec...."
 "WHAT THE HELL!" Robert the owner entered imediatly seeing the broken register. Zach took the opertunity to step behind the counter where he tried to cover the massive bulge in his pants. He realised he was blushing profusly and he ran to the bathroom saying he would get the toolbox. When he entered the bathroom he begain undoing his belt locking the door he pulled his tight work pants down moaning as his the pressure on his manhood nearly made him explode into his pants. He pulled them the rest of the way off and leaning against thebdoor his hands blissfully releived the pressure as he thought of the feel of Alex underneath him.
After several weeks Zach still hadn't said a single word to Alex too embaresd to even look at him. He saw Alex comeing out of the side room and quickly went into the storage room to avoid him. He went streight to the back kneeling to tie his shoe.
 "Youve been avoiding me" Zach stiffened as Alex walked up behind him. "We need to talk"
Zach slowly got up turning ready to beg forgivness but he stopped unable to comprehend what was going on. Alex had his shirt off and his chiseld chest was wakeing zachs man hood agian he moved trying to hide his quickly growing erection from alex. Embaresed he tried to push past alex "excuse me" me mumbled suddenly he was grabed by his collar and was thrown back into the work counter. Zach looked to see alex standing infront of him and almost whimpered worked that he was about to be beaten up. But then he was shocked when he noticed that Alex's body was tensed almost as he was shy.
 "Zach" Alex said barely more then a whisper "do you like me?"
 "Ye...yea...yes" he stammerd
 "I...I kinda like you too" Alex said equaly shy.
 "You like me?!" zach almost squeked
Alex gigled. And zach moaned embareased.
 "So what are..." zach started but Alex ran towards him grabing his face and pushing his lips towards Zachs. Zach had never kissed a guy before. He had never kissed anyone before so his mind froze and he didn't know what to do. Alex's hands serched Zachs body and Zach moaned. Alex took the opertunity to push his tounge into Zachs mouth. Alex's kisses grew more insistent and they found the bulge that marked Zach's insistent erection he pressed down on it and zach almost came imediatly his legs gave out and he colapsed against alex's chest. He leaned against alex's chest panting and alex also breathing heavily. Helped him to his feet.
 "You've never had a boyfriend before have you?"
 "No"zach said still out of breath.
 "Do you want to be mine?" Alex asked almost gigleing.
Zach looked into his eyes and said "Ohpleaseyes"
 "What?" Alex laughed.
Zach grined. "Yes please" Alex kissed Zach rubbing his nose with his own.
Zach gigled as Alex tickled him first with his nose then his fingers finding every vulnerable part on zachs body. Zach tried to push him away but stopped when his hands came upon Alex's chest. His heart rate sped up slightly and he begain to move his hands across Alex's chest he looked into his eyes and Alex looked back a smile on his face.
Zach and Alex spent the next cuple of days sneaking kisses in the backroom. Finaly they both had the night off and They decided to go to the drive in. When the movie started Zach eyed alex across the car shyly wishing they could cuddle, alex noticed zachs forlorn face and slid towards him and put his arm around him. Zach snuggled up to alex nuzzleing his chest. He sighed contently as Alexs hand went up and down his back sending a tingleing feeling across his spine. They sat like that for the rest of the moviewhen it was over Zach reluctantly got up and put on his seat belt. Alex noticed and as he started the engine he casualy reached over and held zachs hand. Zach looked at alex beaming. They held hands as Alex drove through the town to an empty feald where alex parked and imediatly pulled zach to him draping his srms across him. Zach sighed wrapping his arms aroun Alex and though they had parked in the feild to watch the stars Zach clossed his eyes as he squessed Alex. They stayed their cuddleing. And Soon Zach fell asleep and Alex slowly stroked his back watching the night sky feeling like a sentry gaurding Zachs adorable sleeping form. Alex's eyes grew tired and he slowly drifted to sleep. As his eyes closed he heard Zach whimper in his sleep and He pulled Zach tighter to him. Sighing as he drifted off to sleep.
The next day Zach entered the store where Alex was allready at the till. Zach grabed Alex's hand and kissed him quickly on the cheek and Alex smiled as zach blushed.
Zach was locking up the store when two hands clasped his  'sides he yelped jumping up banging his head off of the door. Alex's laughed as he kissed zachs head. "Oh I'm sorry" he cooed.
 "It still hurts" zach said quickly
Alex grinned and kissed zachs head again.
Zach gigled. "it still hurts"
 Alex laughed as he took zachs hands and pulled him to his car.
Zach whistled as they pulled into Alex's drive way. "Holy shit your house is huge!"
The seconed Zach entered the living room Alex grabed him spining him around kissing him deeply. Zach fell back on the couch and Alex straddled him. Zach's eyes were glowing as he looked up to Alex in the dim moonlight streaming through the blinds. Alex leaned in and kissed him gently but zach bit his lower lip hungerily. Alex felt zach growing against his inner thigh and he slowly slid his hands down zachs torso while he pushed his tounge into zachs mouth. Zach's body undulated under neath Alex driveing him insane his hands found Zach's manhood and begain rubbing pressing down. Zachs breath became heavy and his eyes glazed over. "Alex..." zach gasped as Alex slowly lifted zachs shirt moved down his chest kissing him zach arched his back to let alex. Pull off his shirt and he leaned forwards to help Alex to take his own shirt off. Zach wrapped his arms around Alex and began kissing his chest nipping him several times. Alex pushed zach back down onto the couch and lifted his legs pulling off his pants bringing his boxers and socks with them. Alex looked down at Zach, naked and breathing heavily a nervous look on his face.
 "If you don't want to it's okay" Alex said quietly.
In response zach slid off the couch onto his knees and begain kissing Alex's stomach as he fiddled with his belt he pulled alex's pants down. He took hold of Alex's boxxers he started to pull them down as well but stoped.
 "Here" Alex said takeing Zachs hands and lifting him up. "Its ok I can wait"
 "Are you sure?" Zach asked worriedly "I'll... I'll do it if you want"
 Alex kissed him gently on the cheek. "Its okay zach" he said gently "let's pit our cloths on and just watch a movie."
 Zach smiled as he pulled on his pants and shirt. He watched alex put his own pants on but when He reached for his shirt Zach put his hand on Alex's arm. "Could you maybe keep that off?" he asked shyly.
 Alex grined and droped his shirt kissing Zach Deeply. They begain to kiss quickly their hands moving insistently Zach moved his hands over Alex's chest breathing hard as they fell onto the couch and he begain to kiss Alex up and down his chest. Zachs hands begain to grab at Alex's belt again but alex held him back.
 "How about I go get the movie?" Alex said Zach groaned disapointedly and alex noticed how tight zachs pants were around his groin. "um... There is a bathroom down the hall if you need it"
 Zach struggled to get up and went down the hall as Alex went into the den to pick a movie. When Zach came back he looked much better and the bulge in his pants was gone but Alex didn't say anything knowing how embarresing it would be for zach that he had had to go to the bathroom for that well he was makeing out with his boyfriend. Alex put the horror movie in and sat next to zach picking up his shirt as he passed it and putting it on.
He sat next to zach snuggleing close to him and they watched the movie. Withen twenty minutes zach had allready coward against Alex's chest twice and alex was now holding Zach reasuringly. A particularily gruseum scene took place and zach dug his face in to Alex's chest. Alex wrapped his arms around Zach covering his head as if to protect him from the violent insanity within the movie it wasn't till after the movie that alex realised Zach had fallen asleep curled into a ball his head on alex's lap. Alex tried to move and Zach groaned. Alex stoped moving and with a blissful sigh closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

Submitted: March 29, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Lord Ravenshadow. All rights reserved.

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*gasp* there no girl on disappointed haha but its awesome nevertheless now all ya gotta do is finish it haha

Wed, March 30th, 2011 12:27am


Aw! Thats cute! I love this, finish it please =)

Sun, April 3rd, 2011 11:49am

xx emo babe xx

aww i really like this finish it and keep me posted please

Thu, April 14th, 2011 12:34am



Sun, May 22nd, 2011 8:41am


Its nice and sweet.

Thu, June 16th, 2011 3:53am

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