Shadows in the Hall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A holy man hears of an abandoned hospital in need of healing. He goes there, and bites off more than he can chew..

He walked into the abandoned building, boldly challenging the dust and decay. He surveyed the empty, broken down reception room, and ran his hand over the counter, feeling the dirt and grime that had built up in the absence of humankind. He jumped at the sound of claws on the cement floor, but passed it off as a rat scurrying from one dark home to another. He gathered his senses, straightened his coat with only slightly shaking fingers, and continued, committed to the task at hand. He traversed the dark halls, long devoid of light, and he would have been lost if not for his flashlight, which was his only source of light. A cold breeze assaulted him, making him shiver at the unexpected cold.
“Calm down,” he muttered to himself, “it’s just a bit of wind. Wind never hurt anyone.”
After waiting a moment to calm down, he continued, light sweeping the floor and walls. Everywhere were the remains of human presence: a bit of trash here, an old briefcase there, a few papers strewn about on the floor. As he went on, taking dark hall after dark hall, the signs became more noticeable. He started seeing hats and shirts on tables and stretchers, medical scrubs on the ground, and, most disturbingly, the reddish brown stains that hinted at human blood. He shrugged it off, sure in his faith, and holding that he could protect himself. He very slowly continued his march, his flashlight shaking in his hand. Every now and then, he would hear something. It could be as innocent as the scuttle of clawed feet on the ground like in the lobby, to something as sinister as whispers, laughter, and crying. He heard a voice very close behind him whisper his name, and when he jumped and turned, the voice was replaced by a cruel laugh. Terrified, he ran, light jumping about franticly. The laughter followed him, joined by more voices, all of them cruel, all of them angered at his brazen charge into their home. He covered his ears, trying to block out the sound. He was almost overwhelmed when he saw a door with a light on behind it. Overjoyed, he shoved the door open and slammed it shut behind him. The voices quieted, seemingly wary of the lighted room. He sighed, almost sobbing in relief, when he noticed he was not alone. A small girl wearing a ragged white dress sat silently in one corner, her body facing him. He was instantly cautious, but his curiosity got the best of him. It could be possible that the girl was just a body left over from whatever had forced the residents of the hospital leave in such a hurry. He walked over to her, knelt down in front of her, and tried to look at her face. Her hair blocked his view, so he reached out to feel her skin. Just as his fingers touched her cold, dead skin, her hand shot up, grabbing him by the wrist. Shouting, he tried to jerk back, but the girl held him fast. Slowly, she lifted her head, until she stared into his eyes. Her eyes, just empty black holes in her head, regarded him curiously.
“Why did you come here?” She asked, her voice childish and soft, but with an audibly distorted tone.
“I came here to heal this place.” He managed to reply, unable to look anywhere but the girl’s empty eyes.
“You should know better,” the girl said, the distortion in her voice growing more noticeable. “You cannot remove us from this place; better men than you have tried, and all of them have joined us.”
He shook his head, his free hand dropping the flashlight to reach for his holy water. The girl, seemingly unaware, didn’t even flinch when he pulled out the vial and splashed her. Instead, she laughed. It was a horrible sound; the dying screams of children and the howl of wind combined with grating .
“Fool.” The girl growled. She sounded as if thousands spoke from her frame, the voices rattling his bones and chilling his blood. The girl stood, jerking his arm roughly with her. “You will die like all the others.”
Adamant to at least try, he grabbed his holy book and started reading, desperate to have some affect on this unholy creature holding him in place. The girl smiled, revealing jagged, dirty, almost black teeth.
“Your god can’t help you now.” she teased, twisting his arm painfully to the side until it cracked. He screamed at the pain, and was thrown down. Holding his shattered arm to his side, he looked up at the girl and wished he hadn’t The light in the room dimmed, and every shadow in the room grew darker. The girl was gone, replaced by a hulking monstrosity that had only a vaguely human form. It smiled at him, it’s teeth the same as the girls, and took one step forward. He crawled backwards, trying to get to the door, to try to escape, but he didn’t move fast enough. The creature opened it’s mouth in a scream that ruptured his eardrums. Trying to stem the blood flow in his ears, he looked back at the monster and saw shadows pouring out of it’s mouth like water, all of them making their way towards him. He screamed again, but didn’t hear it. The monster laughed as he twisted and squirmed in an effort to get the demons off of him, but he didn’t hear it. The shadows spread over his entire body, slicing skin and burning him. He screamed one more time before he was completely taken in, and when the shadows left, all that was there was his clothing, his book, and a few bloodstains to mark his passage into the darkness.

Submitted: November 27, 2007

© Copyright 2020 Lord Shadowsong. All rights reserved.

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good story, but you still have a little ways to go. try not to use the same words too often so close together. try to find synonyms, they really help the reader flow through the story. also, paragraphs would be welcome. but other than that i found it very enjoyable to read. feel free to check out one of my stories, preferably "A Folded Flag". good luck and happy writing.

Thu, November 29th, 2007 4:20pm

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