Interview with a Gorgon

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A fan fiction about a Gorgon set in the world of Interview with Monster Girls.

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



"Crap. Now I'm lost." I said to myself out loud. I was still unfamiliar with the area since I just recently moved here to Japan a few days ago. Looking around didn't help one bit as I tried to spot any land marks I knew. "It's no use." I sighed in defeat. I'd just have to ask for directions from some one. Luckily, there was a woman in front of a house sweeping some lose leaves. As I started to approach her, the woman who looked like a typical house wife, finally noticed me. "I hope this goes well." I thought to myself. The look on her face instantly turned grim. One would think asking for directions would be an easy task on itself. Well, to most people at least. The fact that I am slightly socially awkward didn't help as much. "Umm... E-excuse me ma'am, b-but I seem to to be lost and..." I couldn't even finish what I was saying before the lady started to walk back away from me and eventually back into her home. "Well that's to be expected..." I tried to laugh this feeling away. No, the fact that being socially awkward is something most people, if not all, can relate to. But the fact that I'm a Gorgon, is something that only a handful of people can understand.

After governments around the world started to treat demi-humans with respect and made laws to help with demi-humans in general was great. I could only imagine what horrors past demi-humans had to endure all those years back. And now people are more understanding. At least to most demi-humans other than me. I straight out look scary. I mean, I try not to, but it's just the nature of Gorgons. I took out my phone from my pocket and checked the time. It read 7:32am so I was still safe from being late at my first day at work. I've been doing freelance IT jobs for the most part. Jumping from company to company some times only lasting as little as two week per contract. And with some luck I managed to land a full time position for a small, but growing, software company here in Japan. I've always been interested in computers and such, and it helped that there was very little human interaction in this line of work so I've manage to survive so far. The problem of being lost wasn't still being solved. I wasn't paying attention but for some reason I ended up on the ground. I could feel pain coming from my back while trying to get my bearings one what just happened. "Ah! Onee-chan I told you running backwards was dangerous!" I could hear the voice of a young woman. If I'd guess maybe she was in highschool. I managed to turn myself over and sit up. There was a high school girl with long blond hair. It wasn't really blond as it was... shiny? She was opposite towards me and also sitting up. "I-I'm so sorry mister!" Another girl with brown hair started to appologize as she helped up the other student. "N-no it's okay, I wasn't paying attention as well." I tried to explain. "Onee-chan you too!" Both of the girls were already standing upright as the brown haird girl bowed down to apologize. "I'm really sorry, mister but..." the blond haired girl wasn't bowing and was apologizing as well, but then she stopped mid way. "Hikari! Are you alright?!" "Here comes another one I'd though." I looked over the two girls in front of me. I fell backwards on my butt once again. This time affixed my eyes on the third girl. "Y-your head!" I let out a short scream.

By this time somewhat realized what was going on. A lot of the passerbys were looking at me, and I in turn was pointing at something very unusual. It was another highschool girl. She was wearing the same school uniform as the other two. Aside from the fact that she had no neck, she a greenish colored flame was coming out of her, and she was holding her head in her arms. The girl looked back at me, and just smiled. "Oh! That's because I'm a dullahan!" She explained. My mouth was open while my brain was trying to think of a reply. All three of the girls looked at me with slight confusion. I stood up again and managed to compose myself. "I-I'm really sorry miss, but I've never actually seen a dullahan before. Only heard stories about them. So I didn't know how to react." I knew what she was. A demi-human just like me. "It's fine, there's only three of us in the world." She replied. There was silence among the four of us as I just stared at the dullahan girl. She was the tallest among the group, and almost as tall as myself. But with her head being held onto it still felt pretty weird even for me. "Dude, you know it's rude to stare at pretty high school girls?" The blonde girl broke the silnce. "Dude?" "Ah my bad, just curious." I looked away. "You sure you okay? You seem really out of it." She continued. "Onee-chan! You were the one who bumped into him on the first place." The brown haired girl retored. The blonde girl just gave off a silly laugh. "I mean his face looks really pale and his hair is all messed up. It looks like he didn't get enough sleep as well." She continued. "Onee-chan!" The brown haired girl tried to stop the blonde one from talking. It was like she was looking out for her. "Oh no, she's quite right. I barely got any sleep last night." I replied in a sad manner. I stayed up late watching Anime. I never really got into it back then, but watching it in Japan seemed like something I should do. But these girls don't need to know that. "As far as my pale skin and messey hair..." I pointed to myself. "...that's because I'm a Gorgon."

"Eh?!" All three of them screamed in unison. "Woah! I've never met a Gorgon before! This is aweome!" The blonde girl was excited once again and she walked up closer to me. It looked like she wanted to inspect me more. But she stopped and covered her eyes with her hands. "Does she think I can turn her into stone?" I thought. It seemed that way. "Himari, Machi! Cover your eyes!" She screamed. But she was the only one who was covering her eyes. "Don't worry, miss. I couldn't turn you into stone even if I wanted to." I explained. "Oh... what a shame." "Why do I feel like she's disappointed?" I thought. She started to stare at me once again, trying to examine me. "U-umm isn't it rude to stare at people?" I said feeling very uncomfortable being looked at. The girl suddenly grinned at me. "Come on mister! There's someone who's gonna be super happy to meet you!" She grabbed my right arm and started to walk. Of course I was pulled along and I had to match her walking speed. "O-onee-chan! Stop it!" The brown haird girl tried to plead with her. "But sensei would like to meet another demi! And since I'm the one who's gonna bring him one, I'm sure he'll praise me a lot!" I could barely react to what was already happening. I was just dragged along by some highschool girl as a dullahan followed close by as. This has got to be one of the weirdest days of my life.

"You idiot." A large man who I assumed was a teacher at this school I was now in front of, hit the blond girl on the head with a small book. "I told you he was gonna scold you Hikari-chan." The dullahan gave a pitty smile at her. I looked at the gate of the school. "Shibasaki High School." I quitely said out loud. I was looking around and I met the eyes of the teacher. He was wearing a lab coat but was pretty tall and buff. I thought It was a weird combiation. "I'm really sorry about my student here. She's very hyper and doesn't really seem to know about boundaries." He apologized on behalf of the girl. Before I could respond the school bell rang. The teacher turned his attention to the three girls who brought me here. "Go on to your classes, you'll be late." All three girls replied with "Yes, sir." simultaneously and started to walk away. "Hikari, you're not off the hook just yet, I'll expect you to come by later to talk about what happened." The blonde girl, who I assumed was named Hikari, looked frightened at first, but then grinned back at him. "Not if you don't catch me!" She stuck out her tongue mocking the teacher, and started to run away. I looked at the teacher expecting him to be angry. But to my surprise, he was smiling. He quickly turned back to me. "Ah, it may seem like she's a troublemaker, but she's really nice. All of them are in fact." I simply nodded. "Oh, right! My name is Takahashi, Tetsuo! I'm a Biology teacher here at Shinbasaki!" He held out his hand. I took the offer and shook his had. "Damn! What a strong grip!" "P-pleasure! I'm Edward Mason! Nice to meet you!" I replied back. "Edward? Are you from America?" "Yeah, I recently moved here a few days ago." I explained. "I can assume why Hikari dragged you here then. Are you also by any chance a demi as well?" "D-demi?" I asked. "Ah, excuse me! I meant demi-human. Hikari, that blonde girl a while ago, said that demi-human didn't sound cute. So she uses the slang demi, and it just stuck with me as well." "Ah... Yeah I am. I'm a Gorgon." "Woah a Gorgon!" Takahashi-sensei looked really interested for some reason. "Well you see, if you don't mind, I've been writing my thesis on demi-humans." "No wonder he's interested in me." "Would it be okay if I interviewed you about your Gorgon traits?"

After logging in as a visitor at the front desk, I follwed Takahashi-sensei as we made our way to the Biology Prep Room. "So in this school we have four demis. You've already met two of them Edward." He said. "Wait two? I only saw the dullahan girl." "Yeah, that was Kyouko, Machi. The blonde energetic girl, Takanashi, Hikari, is a vampire." "No wonder she was wearing a long sleeve uniform." "Yeah, apparently vampires get sunburns easily." "You would expect a vamipre to be broody or more dark. But that girl is really bright and cheerful." Takahashi let out a laugh. "Funny, I thought the same thing before meeting her." We reached the Biology Prep Room and Takahashi slid the door open. I followed in and felt the relief of cool air. Summer was about over, but it was still hot. "Just sit anywhere you like." Offered Takahashi. Without looking back he made his way towards a desk and opened a laptop and sat on the chair in front of him. I walked over to the desk as well, and sat on the chair opposite to him. "Now then." Takahashi said suddenly. "Just for the record again, can you introduce yourself once more?" "Ah sure! My name is Edward Mason, born in Salem Oregon, U.S.A. Currently 26 years old and works in IT." I said. "W-was that good enough sensei?" He smiled back and nodded. "I appreciate this very much." Takahashi started to type on his laptop. It was obvious he was recording this converstation. "So about the other two demi-humans in this school?" I asked. Takahashi didn't look away from his typing and replied anyway."There's a third student, Kusakabe, Yuki, who is a Snow Woman. And the other one is a math teacher, Satou, Sakie, who is a succubus." I didn't really know much about Snow Women since they barely appear in on the news or in internet articles but... "Isn't it dangerous to have a succubus around males? I mean with so many students and teachers here..." "It's true that succubi have an aphrodisiac pheromone, but they can also controll it as well. As for Satou-sensei, she usually wears a  track suit, ties her hair up and walks carefully to avoid lustful thoughts from males." "Huh, I never knew that." "But having direct skin contact with a succubus will have an impactful effect. But enough about them, I'd like to learn more about you Edward."

"A-ask away sensei!" "Gorgons first appeared in ancient Greek mythology, and they're often depicted as half woman, half snake, with hair made of snakes, and pale skin. But most importantly it's said that they have the ability to turn people into stone just by looking at them directly." Takahashi smiled at me as he continued. "And since I'm not yet a statue, it's safe to say that Gorgons can't turn people into stone!" I smiled back at him and laughed a little. "But where did that claim come from?" Takahashi started to ponder. "M-maybe..." I grabbed his attention. "... it's because of how scary I look?" I guessed. "Ah, sorry. I didn't want to say anything about that... but..." I could sense Takahashi because more cautious now. "Don't worry sensei! I've come to peace with how I look, it's just a trait from being a Gorgon." I reassued him. He seemed to lighten up a bit. "I think it's because of how slanted my eyes are, even though I have western ancestors. I tend give off a scary gaze and make people scared and a bit paralyzed. Maybe that's where the myth comes from? I mean, even at times, especially late at night, when I see myself in the the mirror, I tend to get shocked from my own reflection from just how scary I am!" I thought that Takahashi would laugh at the story I just told, but instead he laided back at this chair and looked up at the ceiling. I looked up as well to see what was he was trying to look at but there was nothing there. He was simply thinking really hard. Then he turned his chair towards his laptop and started typing again. "Moving on." Takahashi said. "What about your pale skin?" he continued. "I think because I don't go out as often." "Can you elaborate?" "Well, my line of work, IT, requires me to be in front of a pc most of the time. And, though I'm not that proud of it, my hobbies are video games and internet culture in general." "I see. But what about other Gorgons? Are their skin as pale as your's?" Sensei asked. "To be honest, I'm not too sure." Takahashi looked at me confused. "Aside from today, I've never met demi-humans before in my life. The town I grew up in was pretty small. And I was the only demi-human there. A lot of researchers, reporters and other people wanted to study or talk to me, but my uncle usually turned them away when they visited out house." "Your uncle? What about your parents?" Takahashi asked. "My parents died when I was really young so I don't really remember them much. My uncle and aunt, who I treat as my parents, adopted me and raised me like I was their son." "I'm sorry I pried." Sensei apologized. "It's no problem at all." Honestly it was fine. Though I wondered what my life would have been if my parents didn't die, I still had a great childhood. I think dad and mom raised me well enough.

"So you've never met any other demis in person?" Takahashi quikly changed the subject. "Yeah, though it would have been great to talk to other demi-humans, I had friends and family who didn't mind me being a gorgon." "That's good to hear." Sensei smiled. "Oh! I did see an African-American gorgon lady on the news once. She tried to rob a gas station only to get arrested a few hours later." Takahashi gave off a pitty laugh. "So I think it's safe to assume that skin tone doesn't really matter much when it comes to gorgons." I just shruged in agreement. "Now about the snake hair!" Takahashi seemed really excited about this topic. "In myth gorgons had hair made out of snakes and it seemed like those snakes had their own will and thought. Almost as if they... were... alive?!" Without knowing it, my long curly hair was moving around. "Oh! S-sorry to startle you sensei!" And like that I stopped moving my hair. At this point Takahashi was stading due to shock. "Y-you can move them?!" He asked. "Apparently yes. According to a doctor I met back at America, my hair has nerves. The same type you would find in most parts of the human body. And after a bit of practice I learned how to controll moving it." Takahashi sat down again. At this point I was showing off my strange ability, it was if my hair was floating as if it was underwater. Over the years, I learned to controll my hair as to not freak people out. But this is the first time some one wasn't creeped out by it. "May I touch it?" Takahashi asked. "G-go ahead." I felt his right hand as he felt my hair. "It does feel like normal hair to me." He let go of mine and started to touch his own hair, comparing it. "So how do you controll it?" He asked. "Hmm... If I could explain it... Maybe... Like how you'd move your arms? It's second nature to me by now though." "Interesting..." Takahashi went back to his laptop. Soon after typing a bit he opened a drower in his desk and took out a pen. "Have you ever tried grabbing onto some thing with your hair?" I honestly never thought about that. I remember controlling my hair back in my college days as a party trick once, but that was about it. "Never, no." "Care to see if you can?" Takahashi placed the pen onto the desk near me. I started to move my hair and sure enough some strands curled itself around the pen and I managed to lift it up. "Amazing!" Takahashi softly clapped his hands.

After a few other items I tried to pick up, like erasers, my phone and even text books, it turns out that I had a hard time lifting heavier objects with my hair. But then again, I could always just use my hands to grab onto stuff. "So you said your hair has nerves right? Wouldn't hair cuts be a problem?" Takahashi asked. "Ah the same doctor I told you about said that my hair stopped growing after a certain length. So cutting it won't be needed. I did remember back when I was 10 or something my dad, er, uncle, wanted me to cut my hair since it was a bother to buy a lot of shampoo and he did feel weird about being a boy but having long hair. He was friends with a local barber so he didn't have to explain much about me being a gorgon. But after the first trim I felt intense pain, and instantly cried so loud. My dad apologized to the barber and we both decided not to mess with my hair anymore." "I guess it would feel like cutting off a finger then?" Takahashi contemplated. "Oh, and the barber said after we left, the cut off hair was moving around. He was seriosuly creeped out when he had to throw it away. He said it was like how when a lizard cuts off it's tail to escape predators." Takahashi looked up at the ceiling again for a good 15 seconds before typing on his laptop once again.


"And lastly I'd like to ask about..." "About?" "All depictions of gorgons have been female. There's only one recorded male gorgon in myths which was Medusa's father..." I wasn't sure where sensei was going with this. "... so why are you male then Edward?" "I did some research and it does turn out that I am the only male gorgon to ever exist." "Now that's interesting!" Takahashi could barely sit still. "Other than myths, like you said sensei, as far as I know, I'm the only registered male gorgon." "Maybe that's why all those reporters and researchers wanted to visit you when you were a kid." "Yeah, as long as I could rememeber I always wanted a peaceful life with my family. There were only three of us back then. My uncle, my aunt and me. I had some friends and all of them were nice enough to not be bothered by my gorgon traits." Takahashi just looked at me in silence. "I never met any other demi-humans before. Sure it was nice to not be bothered by people. But now that I think about it, this has been my first time being able to talk to anyone openly about my gorgon side." Takahashi just smiled at me. "So t-..." All of a sudden the door slid open. "Sensei! We're coming in!" It was the vampire girl, Takanashi. She just barged in and dove onto the sofa near the door. I peered over and saw the dullahan, Kyouko, the snow woman, Kusakabe, and the succubus Satou in the hallway. I stood up and bowed to all of them. All of them except for Takanashi bowed back. "Oh guys! Perfect timing, we were just finishing up with out talk." Takahashi-sensei said. "My name is Edward Mason, it's a pleasure to meet other demi-humans!" I figured I'd introduce myself. Takanashi looked up at both of us. "Sensei, it is okay if the three of us eat here?" She asked. "Eat?" Takahashi sensei was confused. "Yeah! I mean it's sooo hot outside and eating lunch would be a drag..." "Lunch?" I suddenly realized what was going on. "Yeah lunch... Sensei, are the both of you not hungry yet?" I looked up at the wall clock and dread suddenly filled me. It was five passed 12 already. I've been late for more that four hours on my first day of work. "I'm so dead..." I sighed out loud.

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