The Falling Leaves of Lost

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In my child years I explore the depths of the forest, and reveal the secrets laced within.

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012



I had always been deftly afraid, terrified even, of the forest. During the night, I swore that I had seen eyes peering out at me, and during the day, I heard moaning from supposed zombies roaming the depths of the dark. Of course, this was all hosh-posh! There was nothing really scary about the forest. Unless of course, you count a turtle as terrifying! Which you probably don't. Except that I was only seven then and, I had recently watched a horror movie. A movie that I had no idea why I was even allowed to watch. The importance being that the format of this story is when I was first exploring the forest. I had no idea what laid inside, what secrets were kept hidden. Plus, I was quite scared.

Trees of different kinds reached way up high into the sky like one of the skyscrapers that I had seen on T.V. The only difference being that they were not metal and shiny; they had no luster. They were all gracefully swaying, their bright orange leaves floating down from the barrage of buffeting gales. In truth, Florida really didn't get too cold during fall; not even during in the winter. But for some reason, I was feeling quite chilly. For today, I had mustered up the courage to enter the realm of the forest.

I was coated from head to toe in a horrid mixture of sunscreen and bug spray. The smell wafted up and floated along the breeze. I could imagine all the flowers around me crumpling and dying. "What am I doing?" I thought as I took a step under the colored trees. "What am I doing here?" Under my feet red, brown, and orange patterned leaves were crushed. Their crackling sounds reached my ears. To me in all of my caution, it sounded like billions of cannons going off. It was like me shouting into a megaphone, "Hello monsters, come and eat me."  Frozen, I stopped, me eyes darting around me. Trees, tall and swaying, seemed to lean towards me. Branch-like hands reaching out reaching out to grab my throat.

Piles of leaves, some six feet high, were scattered here and there around in the clearing. It seemed to be like a small ravine, as if a small creek had been here and eroded away a bit of the land. I took three curious, yet cautious steps forward. I could see something interesting; a pile of leaves, larger than the others was placed a ways in front of me. Curiosity beat down the fear welling up inside me and pushed it kicking and screaming, to the sad corner of my soul. What is that thing? I trudged forward sluggishly, eyes occasionally darting to the shadowy trees that enclosed me from either side. Now I was only five steps away, now four. I reached a quivering hand outward, toward the leaves. I put my five digits onto the leaves and pushed downwards. About three inches down I hit a metal.

I jumped back! The cold metal had stung my fingers, despite its blanket of warm leaves. Again, I stepped forward. Now my hand reluctantly brushed away some of the leaves. They fell away, the duty of clinging to the rusty metal finished. It... It looked like a car. If I had judged correctly, just below my hand would be the window! I swept my palm downward, to reveal the head pressed against the glass. I turned, and screamed! I ran, legs pumping, as far as I could, to the apartment, to my school, to Antarctica! If only to get away from the eyes! Those cold, dead, lifeless eyes. In fact, they looked familiar. They looked like the ones...the ones in the movie! I spun, squinted. What do you know? No face. I breathed a relieved sigh.

I went back again. Any normal kid would have just given up by now. But not me! I was determined; I would rip all the glorious bounty, all the secrets, from this dreadful forest. I felt wondrous. Is this how that Indiana Jones felt? No wonder, he kept risking his life! Now, look at this!  A beautiful clearing; see, I knew there was something nice about these woods. I looked towards the sky. A golden light bathed my face. Then, I heard it. The sound; like a growl, or maybe a moan. My first thought: ZOMBIE! Second thought : Impossible. Zombies don't exist. My Mom said so. Mom knows everyth-Oh no! The sound was real, smack dab in the middle of reality. What if everything people said was wrong! Dragons, basilisks, talking tomatoes! Maybe they are all really real. Then, I remembered where I was.

What should I do? Could I run? Could I possibly escape the clawing hands? Maybe the monster was behind me, just waiting for me to turn and pounce on my neck! Maybe I should act like a zombie, and then it won't eat me. I was debating whether start saying 'BRAINS!' when I saw the fearsome monster. The one who had me think about doubting the science show that I absolutely adored. It was a, what do you know? A turtle! A big brown shell weighed down its back as it trampled its way to its hole. I sighed a long, contemptuous sigh. Should I go home? Or should I forge on? Maybe I should just go home. Have some chocolate milk. I like chocolate milk. What am I thinking? I had come this far, I would not back down! This was my destiny. I was an explorer. Onwards!

So I turned to my left, and kept on turning. No point going in there. The path was blocked by thick trees, thorny flowers, and who knew what else. I was brave, but I wasn't about to go in there and die. Maybe, uhh I don't know, tomorrow. So, I chose the less dangerous path to my left. Over here purple wildflowers and glorious cattails grew in droves on the outskirts of the winding path. I strolled nonchalantly. I was without a care in the world, why should I be there was nothing to be afraid of. Laa-dee-dee-daa.  Aha, there we go! I could see an arch leading out to the field on the back of the forest. I continued in that direction. I was nearly out, just a few more steps to go.

I swatted at my leg; there had been something crawling on my leg. I glanced at my hand, the grotesque form of a wriggling ant. I shook my hand and it tumbled to the ground. Then I noticed them, creeping, crawling, going about there business. ANTS! They were every where! At least these weren't the kind on ant that would bite you and make it sting, these were black ants mostly focusing on gathering food. Never-the-less, I hated insects. My feet jabbed left and right, stomping mercilessly, smashing ten, hundreds, thousands of the creatures. They began to notice me, they crawled up my legs, inspecting my shoes. Time to to retreat! I leapt into flight, knees flying high, sending them flying. I was out, phew!

Today was quite a day. I had finally explored the wondrous place of the forest. I would definitely return here tomorrow. Maybe Jake could come. Jake was a funny guy. I could probably spook him in there. Now I was out, and there was nothing scary about the woods anyway. I looked up, and gazed on the hundred foot tall trees. I stuck my tongue out and blew a raspberry. There's nothing scary about you! Then a leaf landed on my forehead. I reach up and pulled it off. It fluttered in the wind. Three huge gaping slices tore through the leaf. It was as if something with huge claws had sliced though this leaf. I decided to run home.

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