The Great Savior

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Thomas is a young adult who falls in love with a girl who's dating a mob leader, he gets told life changing news and has to make sure his love is set for life.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



One day Thomas a twenty five year old man was waiting at an ATM to draw out money for some food, when it was his turn to use the ATM he drew out a hundred dollars, as he was placing it in his wallet he heard a girl scream, he stood there for a brief second and looked around but saw nothing, as he finished up at the ATM he heard her again but this time from the nearby alleyway, Thomas ran to the ally and saw a twenty year old woman being robbed by a black man in a hoodie. “Hey!” Thomas yelled.

Thomas ran to the man and threw him away from her placing himself between the girl and the mugger, the mugger pulled out a 38 revolver and placed it in Thomas’s face. “Don’t do this man, just leave.” Thomas said making the mugger even angrier. “Give me your money now or I’ll shoot you!” he demanded. “No.”

The mugger got closer to Thomas and placed the barrel of the gun on his forehead. “I said now!” replied the mugger. “I’m not scared of your little gun.” Thomas replied.

The mugger pulled the hammer back on the gun and Thomas grinned, the mugger pulled the trigger and Thomas moved so fast it seemed like he slowed time, Thomas grabbed the gun and placed his left index finger in front of the hammer stopping it from firing, he then twisted his arm and slammed his right hands palm into the muggers jaw knocking him over, Thomas then put the revolver behind his shirt. “Go, before I hurt you again.” Thomas said.

The mugger stood up and ran away, Thomas turned to the girl to make sure she was okay. “You okay miss?” he asked.

She rushed and hugged him catching him off guard. “Thank you so much.” She said. “It’s okay miss you don’t have to be worried anymore.” Thomas said as he patted her on the back.

“My names Megan.” She said. “Well, are you going to be okay Megan?” Thomas asked. “No, that wasn’t a mugger he was a part of the mob.” “You mean the mafia?” “Yes and his boss is my boyfriend’s brother.” “Want me to walk you home?” “Please.”

Thomas grabbed her hand and walked her home to her two story house.

One hour later they arrived outside her house. “Wow, this is your place? Thomas said in awe. “Yeah, nick bought it for me.” Megan replied, leading Thomas into her house. “Well I’ll be going now.” “No, please don’t leave, I don’t feel safe here alone.” “Okay.” Thomas said as he closed the front door.

“You hungry?” Megan asked. “I could eat.” He replied. “Allen!”

Allen walked out of the kitchen and stood in front of Megan. “Yes mam?” Allen said. “Would you make dinner for us please?” she asked him nicely. “Of course mam.” Allen said, he started to turn but Megan stopped him. “Allen?” “Yes mam?” “How many times do I have to tell you to call me Megan?” “Sorry Miss Blackwood.” Allen said then left the room to go cook.

“You said you were alone?” Thomas said. “Well Allen can’t fight, but he is a good cook.” Megan replied making Thomas smile.

Two hours later Thomas and Megan were sitting at the table eating. “So where do you live?” Megan asked. “Just outside of the city in a cabin I built when I was seventeen.” He replied. “Really, why not live in the city?” “I didn’t like the city life, you can’t own guns and shoot them when you want.” “You must like guns then.” “Yes I do.” “So, where did you learn to fight like that?” “I was a marine.” “No, I’ve dated marines before and none of them could fight like that.” “Well, I spent my teen years teaching myself moves I saw in movies.” “Really, so how did you move that fast, teach yourself that to or what?” “The marines taught me.”

Megan just looked at Thomas like he was lying. “Okay, I was in a special squad trained to kill with speed and silence with our hands, just in case we lost our weapons.” Thomas said. “Now that I can believe.” Megan replied. “So, if that guys with the mafia, why was he telling you to give him your cash?” “He only said that because you showed up.” “Then what was really happening?” “I wanted to leave Nick and the mob but, his goons found out and came to bring me back.” “You think that he’ll show up here?” “Not really he…” Megan said before the doorbell went off.

“Allen can you get that!” Megan shouted. “Yes Miss Blackwood!” he shouted back.

Allen opened the door and it was Nick and the “mugger” Dwayne. “Move!” Nick shouted as he shoved Allen out of his way.

Nick rushed to the dining room and looked right at Megan and didn’t see Thomas sitting at the other end of the table. “What the fuck is your problem!?” Nick yelled.

He looked to his right and saw Thomas sitting there with a grin on his face. “Who the fuck are you?” Nick asked. “That’s the guy who stole my gun and hit me in the face.” Dwayne said. “Is that true, did you hit my friend?”

“Yes I did.” Thomas said. “Nick go home!” Megan shouted. “Yeah nick, go home.”

 “You shut up.” Nick said to Megan. “Don’t speak to her like that.” “Or what, you going to hit me?” “There is no or what, it’s something called respect for women.” Thomas said with slight anger in his voice.

“Let’s waste his ass.” Dwayne said. “Shut up Dwayne.” Nick said.

“Yeah listen to your girlfriend.” Thomas said. “The fuck you just say?” said nick as he aggressively approached Thomas.

“Thomas stop, please.” Megan pleaded.

“Just leave man, no need for violence.” Thomas said with a calmed voice. “You know what, fuck you, I’m not going anywhere, you leave.” Nick responded.

“Just do what he says Thomas.” Megan said with a shaky voice. “Okay fine, I’ll go.”

Thomas stood up and walked to the door stopping to talk to Allen on the way out. “If anything happens.” Thomas whispered as he handed his phone number to Allen.

Allen nodded and Thomas walked out of the house still hearing them yell as he walked home.

The next morning Thomas got out of bed an went to his kitchen to make coffee in his old percolator, as he drank his coffee he heard a knock on his front door, he walked over and opened it revealing his paper boy standing there with his daily newspaper.

“Here’s your paper Thomas.”

Thomas grabbed the paper and handed him ten dollars.

“Thanks Joey tell your mom I said hi.”

Joey turned and left as Thomas shut his door, he walked back to his table and sits, he started to read the paper when his cellphone went off. “Hello?”

“Sir you told me to call if anything happens.” “What’s wrong Allen?” “Miss Blackwood never came home last night, after you left nick dragged her to his car.” “I’m on my way.” Thomas said then quickly hung up his phone.

Thomas ran to his room and got dressed in his white tee and blue jeans, on his way out his door he grabbed his denim jacket.

One and a half hours later Thomas pulled up to Megan’s house in his dark red 1970’s dodge challenger, he got out of his car and ran inside. “Allen!” Thomas yelled

Allen walked in the room and Thomas rushed up to him. “I told you sir, she’s not here.” Allen said. “Do you know where he took her?” Thomas asked. “If I had to guess, they would have gone to Nick’s club the rage hour.”

Thomas turned and rushed out the door but not before he stopped and grabbed a framed picture of Megan, he rushed to his car and drove to the club.

Thomas pulled up to the front of the club and got out and rushed in, he walked up to the Bartender and showed him the picture. “Have you seen this person?” Thomas asked.

“Sorry no.” he replied.

The guy sitting at the bar next to Thomas peeked at the photo and spoke. “Yeah she was here late last night with that guy nick and his goon.” “Did she leave with him, do you know where they went?” Thomas asked. “I head one say something about a bridge.” “Shit, what’s the closest bridge?” “The Mississippi.”

Thomas ran to his car, got in and drove to the bridge, when he arrived he parked his car on the side of the road and ran to the side of the bridge and started to run along it until he saw a body sitting halfway in the water and half on land. “Shit.” Thomas said to himself.

He ran to the body and flipped it over revealing it was Megan, he checked for a pulse and found one so he picked her up and carried her to his car.

Two hours later Thomas was sitting next to Megan in the hospital as she was still unconscious, after a few minutes of sitting there she opened her eyes. “Thomas?” she said

“Yeah it’s me.” He replied. “Where am I?” “You’re at the hospital.” “How did you find me?” “Allen called me.” “Nick he tried to kill me.” “I know, but you’re safe now.” “No I’m not, when he finds out I’m alive he’ll kill us both.” “I won’t let that happen.” “I can’t go home.” “Don’t worry I have my friend taking your clothes to my house, you’re going to stay with me.”

Megan smiled real big. “Thank you.” She said.

Megan fell back asleep so Thomas walked out of the room and stopped to talk to his two friends guarding the door. “She okay?” Asked Zach.

“Yeah, did Bryce get her stuff to my house?” Thomas asked. “Yeah he called, said she had a lot of clothes.” Said Logan. “Okay, thanks for doing this for me.” “No problem man.” Zach replied. “Remember no one but the doctors get in that room, call me if anything happens.”

Thomas left the hospital and drove home to find Bryce stepping out his front door. “Oh your back.” Bryce said.

Thomas walked in his house and saw ten bags sitting in his kitchen/living room. “Oh my god, this is all hers?” Thomas said.

“I told yawl she had lots of clothes.” Said Bryce. “Yeah, thanks for helping me out.” “Anything for a friend.”

Bryce got in his car and drove off as Thomas went to his room to lay down.

A week later Megan was finally better and Thomas brought her to his house, he helped her through the front door. “So this is where you live?” Megan said. “Yeah, the rooms right back there.” Thomas said as he pointed at his room.

Megan walked into the bedroom and closed the door as Thomas went to his kitchen table and sat down, as he sat there he placed his hands over his face. “What have you gotten yourself into Thomas?” he whispered to himself.

“Thomas can you come here for a minute!” Megan shouted through the wall.

Thomas stood up and walked into his room, he saw Megan lying in his bed under the covers waiting for him, Thomas smiled and closed the door.

The next day Thomas and Megan where lying in bed spooning, Megan got out of bed, put Thomas’s shirt on and walked to the kitchen, she grabbed the phone dialed.

Thomas got out of bed and stood in the doorway and just listened. “Sis I think this is the guy.” Megan said.

“You said that about Nick.” Said her sister Sarah. “Yeah but this guy threats me right, he’s so gentle with me and he doesn’t yell at me.” “Maybe I should meet this guy, make sure he’s right for my little sister.” “He saved my life twice and never asked for anything in return.” “How’d you meet?” “Dwayne showed up at the bank, he tried to take me back to nick but I yelled for help, Thomas ran to the alley and stopped him, he stepped in front of Dwayne’s gun to stop him from shooting me.” “Sounds like a hunk.” “Dwayne tried to shoot but Thomas moved so quickly he took his gun and knocked Dwayne out with one hit.” “I’m so coming over.”

Thomas turned and went to lay down, Thomas sat there smiling until he heard a knock on the front door. “I got it!” Shouted Megan.

Thomas stood up and ran to the door to stop her. “Don’t open that door, you don’t know who could be there.” He said.

Thomas grabbed his 38 from the shelf next to the door and opened the door pointing the gun. “Hey Thomas, I got your paper.” Joey said.

Thomas quickly hid the gun behind him and Megan grabbed it. “Thanks joey, how’s your mom?” Thomas asked as he handed him ten dollars.

“She’s good, she’s still working at the diner, you should stop by some time.” “I’d love to, now go before your mom starts to worry.”

Thomas shut the door and turned to Megan. “Who was that kid?” she asked.

“Joey’s my sister’s son, I hired him to deliver my newspaper every day.” “We should go to the diner, I want to meet her.” “Okay, we can go for dinner.” “Oh and my sisters coming over to meet you.” “You shouldn’t let people know where we are, it puts them in danger and us.” “That’s why she’s going to meet us at a coffee shop in town.” “Which one?” “The wakening brew.” “Okay, so we need to find something to do until dinner.” “I can think of something.”

They both smiled as Megan grabbed Thomas’s hand and dragged him back to his room.

A few hours later Thomas and Megan where driving down the road holding hands, Thomas pulled up beside the coffee shop and Megan got out so her sister could get in the backseat.

After Megan got in the car, Thomas drove them all to the diner, when they walked in Thomas saw joey playing in the diner as his mom worked. “Thomas you came!” Joey yelled.

Thomas’s sister Samantha turned from the kitchen when she heard his name. “Hey little brother.” Samantha said.

“Hey sis, this is Megan and her sister Sarah.” Thomas replied.

“Hi, I’m Samantha his sister as he said, you guys can call me Sam.” She said as she shook their hands. “Hi Sam.” Megan said. “

“Joey invited us down.” Thomas said. “Well take a seat and I’ll get you guy’s some food.” Sam said.

Everyone took their seats at the booth, Thomas sat next to Megan at the booth as Sarah sat on the other side. “So Thomas Megan tells me you’re the one.” Sarah said. “Did she now?” Thomas replied. “Yeah she did, you feel the same?”

Thomas grabbed Megan’s hand and looked at her. “Yes I do.” “Good, you treat her good okay?” “I will.”

Samantha walked up with three plates and sat them down at the table. “Thank you.” Said Megan “No problem you eat up and I’ll bring you desert.” Sam said

As they started to eat Thomas’s phone rang. “Hello?” he said into the phone.

Thomas got a concerned look on his face and let the diner, he walked out front and stood there still on the phone. “What’s wrong, okay I’ll be there in an hour.”

Thomas hung up and called Zach. “Hey Zach, I need you to come to the diner.” Thomas said. “Sure thing man, be there in thirty minutes.” Zach replied.

Thirty minutes later Zach showed up and Thomas walked back out to him. “I need you to stay with Megan, I’ve got something to do.” Thomas said. “Sure thing go.” “Thanks.”

Thomas hopped in his car and drove off as Zach walked inside and sat down next to Megan. “Where’s Thomas going?” Megan asked.

“He had something to take care of.” Zach replied. “And why are you here?” Sarah asked.

“He’s Thomas’s best friend, he’s here to protect me.” “Why do you need protected?” Sarah asked. “Nick is looking for me and wants me dead.” “Oh wow, he really must like you to hire people to keep you safe when he cant.” “I told you he was the right guy.”

“Thomas will do anything to keep her safe.” Zach said. “That’s good.” Sarah said.

“So how did you and Thomas meet?” Megan asked Zach. “We were in third grade and I was being bullied, he walked by and stopped them.”

Across town Thomas was putting his shirt back on in the doctor’s office when the doctor walked back in the room. “So am I okay?” Thomas asked.

“We won’t know for at least two weeks, so stick to your diet and we’ll call you when your test are done.” Said the doctor. “Thanks doc.” Thomas said as he shook the doctor’s hand.

Thomas left the hospital and started to drive home, he stopped at his favorite liquor store and walked in. “Hey Thomas, how are you?” asked the cashier Jason.

“I’m good, just came to get a drink.” Thomas replied.

Thomas walked up to the whisky section and grabbed two bottles of Jack Daniels then turned and went to Jason.

“I thought you were quitting?” Jason asked. “I was but something just made me start again.”

Thomas paid for his thing and went back to his car and drove home, Thomas walked into his house and put the whisky in the fridge, he then walked to his room and got in bed with Megan and cuddled with her.

The next day Thomas was sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee when his phone rang and he answered. “Hello?”

“If you ever want to see your sister and nephew alive again, you’ll bring Megan to the roof of the old office on forty Fourth Street.” Dwayne said.

Dwayne hung up without another word. “Shit.” Thomas said.

Thomas quickly got out of his chair, grabbed his jacket and left.

Thomas was walking up to the building he was supposed to meet Dwayne at, as he walked up the stairs to the roof he pulled out his 40mm and cocked it, when he got to the roof he saw Dwayne and put the gun behind his shirt as he approached him. “Stop or I’ll kill him.” Dwayne said as he held a gun to Joey’s head.

“Let him go now.” Thomas demanded. “Where’s Megan?” “She’s downstairs in my blue mustang, now let my sister and her son go.” “No I’ll just kill them.”

Thomas pulled out his 40mm and pointed it at Dwayne. “You do that and I’ll kill you.” Thomas said.

“Okay, okay.” Dwayne said. “How did Nick find out Megan was alive?” “He doesn’t know, I was suspicious of the whole thing so I watched her body and saw you get her.”

Dwayne untied Samantha and she ran to Thomas. “What about him?” Thomas asked.

“I need insurance to make sure you won’t kill me before I get to Megan.”

Dwayne motioned Thomas to get out of his way then walked past him keeping his back away from him, he started to walk backwards down the stairs as Thomas watched, Thomas eventually ran to the side of the building and saw a fire escape, he backed up and took a running jump to them and landed, Thomas started to jump down all the stairs to reach the ground faster, when he reached the ground he ran to the front of the building and waited for Dwayne, when he showed up walking backwards out the door Thomas shot him.

Thomas rushed up to Joey and untied him and took the gag out of his mouth. “You’re okay now, don’t worry.” Thomas said.

“I wasn’t worried, I knew you would kill him.” Joey replied.

Samantha ran outside and hugged Joey. “Thank you so much.” She said.

“Family protects each other.” Thomas replied.

Thomas drove them home then drove himself home.

Two weeks later Thomas was at an ATM drawing out all of his money which was forty thousand dollars then his phone rang. “Hello… Okay thank you… yeah I know… thanks.” Thomas said over the phone.

He then called his sister Samantha. “Hey sis the test just came in.” Thomas said. “How long?” she asked. “Ten years at this rate.” “Well it’s longer than what I thought they would give you, are you okay?” “Yeah I knew this was coming, I’ll stop by sometime later okay.” “Okay.”

Thomas hung up and drove to a jewelry store, he walked in and spoke to the Clerk. “How may I help you today sir?” asked the Clerk. “I’m looking for an engagement ring.” Thomas replied. “There right over here sir, let me know if you see anything you like.” “Thanks.”

Thomas bought a ring and returned to his car and put the ring in the glove box then picked up his phone. “Yeah, Gary, ready for one last score?” Thomas asked. “Yeah, what do you have in mind?” Gary asked. “Gold.” “I’ll call the crew and see if I can find our score.”

Thomas hung up the phone and drove home, when he got home he grabbed the ring and walked in and up to Megan who was cooking dinner. “Where have you been all day?” she asked. “Running a few errands.” Thomas replied. “Well dinner is almost done.”

Thomas walked up behind her and turned her around. “Something wrong?” she asked. “You know the day we met, I didn’t plan on falling in love with you, but when I did it was one of the happiest days of my life.” Thomas said as he slowly got on one knee.

“What?” Megan asked as she cried. “I want to spend the time I have left with you, will you make this the happiest of all my days?” Thomas asked.

Megan shook her head yes and Thomas stood up and put the ring on her hand and they hugged. “I love you.” Thomas said. “I love you too.” She replied.

They both kissed and went to the bedroom.

Six months later, Thomas and Megan where standing at the court house with Zach signing the marriage papers, after they were done Thomas drove Megan back to their house as Zach went to his, when they got home Thomas carried Megan inside and threw her in bed and shut the door.

Four weeks later Thomas was making coffee in his kitchen when he got a call on his phone.

As Thomas was on the phone Sarah was walking down the street with a black Rolls Royce following her. “I knew she was alive after Dwayne’s death, you should have stayed out of our business, now I have to prove to my brother that I don’t just let people get away with anything, this is because of you and there’s more to come, enjoy your honeymoon.” Nick said.

Thomas tried to call his sister after he hung up but she didn’t answer, so he grabbed his keys and Megan and they both leave, they arrived on the street the diner is on and there was cops and ambulances everywhere, Sarah was sitting in the back of an ambulance as they walked up.

Thomas ran under the tape to the diner as Megan went to Sarah. “Thomas don’t go in there!” Yelled one of the waitresses.

Thomas ignored her and walked in the diner, he saw bodies everywhere.

Sarah noticed Thomas walk in the diner and turned to Megan. “He’s going to need you.” She said.

Megan ran to Thomas as he walked further in and saw Joey and Samantha both dead on the floor, Thomas hit his knees and started to cry. “NO!” Thomas shouted as Megan walked up behind him.

She wrapped her arms around him as he held his head down crying. “I’m sorry Thomas.”

A few days later Thomas was standing at their graves putting flowers down. “This was my fault, I never should have brought her to you.” Thomas whispered as Nick pulled up behind him.

“So should we end this now?” Nick asked as he walked up. “Now’s not the time.” Thomas replied. “Come on you know you want to, I killed your sister.”

Thomas turned and wrapped his hand around nicks throat and squeezed. “I want to be alone to mourn my sister, why can’t you understand that, I’m not in the mood to deal with you.” Thomas said as he choked Nick.

He let go and Nick fell to the ground gasping for air. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done, your whole family will pay.” Thomas said. “Fuck you.” Nick replied still struggling to breathe.

“So go prepare, do whatever you want, just leave me be for today.” Thomas said as nick walked to his car.

One month later Thomas was sitting in a coffee shop on the phone. “Yeah, so did you get the crew together?” Thomas asked. “Yeah, Zach, Bryce, Logan, Jack, Adam and I are all ready.” Gary replied.

“Adam actually agreed to do this?” “He was very happy to hear about this job.” “Okay, well I’ve got the plans made up so we’ll have to wait for a year to do it.” “Why so long?” “Once every year the bank of America gets more gold transferred to them.” “Okay, I’ll let the crew know.” “Okay I need you to find automatic weapons and some explosives like grenades and we need silencers for the guns and muscle cars able to carry the weight.” “Okay ill look out for them, do you have a specific car you want?” “I got my own.” “Okay see you in a year.”

Thomas hung up, grabbed his coffee and went to his car, he sat in it with his head tilted back and his hand on his stomach with a pained look on his face.

The next day Thomas was home cooking himself some gluten free nuggets, Megan walked into the kitchen and placed her hands on Thomas’s shoulders. “Something wrong baby?” she asked. “Just thinking about our future.” He replied.

“And what do you see in our future?” “Money, a child and a better life for you.” “We have everything we need, we don’t need money or a better life, the one I’m living is great the way it is.” “I know, I just want you to be happy.”

The oven beeped and Thomas grabbed his food, sat down with them and started to eat.

“Why do you eat gluten free food?” Megan asked.

“I’ve had Celiac disease since I was ten.” Thomas replied. “What’s that?” “It makes it where I can’t eat wheat, if I do it rips my insides apart.” “Oh well, you enjoy your food, I called Zach and he said he would take me to go shopping for more food.” “Okay be safe and remember, if anything happens call me.” “Okay I will.”

They heard a knock on the door and they both looked at the door. “I think that’s him.” She said.

Megan walked up to the door and looked through the peephole Thomas put in the door an saw Zach, she opened the door and left with Zach.

After Thomas finished his food he stood up and started to walk to his room but stopped and bent over, after a minute he started to cry and slowly fall down the wall until he laid in the floor in the fetal position.

Meanwhile Megan and Zach were at the store shopping.

“So how’s it been between you and Thomas?” Zach asked. “It’s been good, he’s been more opening about himself lately.” She replied. “Well at least you got him to open up, he still doesn’t tell me about himself.”

Megan started to look through the Gluten free food as Zach talked. “I see he told you about his condition.” He said.

“Yeah it sounds bad and he looks like he’s getting paler every day.”

 They took the cart and payed for their food and went to the car, Megan started to put the food up as Zach noticed a black car slowly driving towards them, he pulled out his 9mm and got ready to shoot, he saw it was just a family and he quickly put the gun away, he started to help Megan as the people in the parked black SUV watched them, Megan and Zach left the store and drove home as the men in the SUV stayed. “They’re confirmed armed and dangerous.” Said the FBI agent Paul into his walkie-talkie.

A while later Zach and Megan reached the house. “I’ll go get Thomas to help.” Zach said.

“Okay.” She replied as he got out.

Zach rushed inside and saw Thomas lying on the floor passed out, he rushed over to him and rolled him over off his stomach, he touched his head and he was burning up. “Shit man, your burning up.” Zach said. “Help me to my bed, I can’t let Megan see me like this.”

Zach helped Thomas to his bed and he just laid there on his back. “What happened to you?” Zach asked.

“The celiac it’s getting worse.” Thomas replied. “Shit man, all those years of eating gluten must be catching up to you.” “They are, that’s why I can’t let Megan know what’s wrong with me.” “What am I supposed to tell her?” “Tell her I have the flue.” “Okay.”

Zach left the bedroom right as Megan walked in the house with two bags of groceries. “Where’s Thomas?” she asked.

“In bed, he said he has the flue.” Zach replied. “Oh, he seemed fine this morning.” “He gets sick very easy.” Oh okay, we’ll let’s get the rest of these in here.”

They both brought the groceries in as Thomas slept.

The next morning Thomas got out of bed and walked into his bathroom, he looked into the mirror and saw he was pale, he then started to get flashes of when his sister and nephew died, he fell back on the wall. “You okay in there?” Megan shouted.

Thomas got up and walked back into the bedroom. “I’m fine.” He replied. “Okay you feel better?” “Yeah, hey I’m going to head out for a few hours to take care of something.” “Okay, just be back for dinner.” “I will.”

As Thomas walked out of the room Megan laid back down, as he exited the front door he pushed the doorbell then got in his car.

A few hours later Thomas was sitting outside Megan’s old house watching Nick and five of his goons walking in; he reached over and lifted the passenger seat forward revealing a loaded Barrett rec7 with the stock off and next to it, he then attached the stock and tossed the gun in the back seat.

Thomas got out of his car and walked to the trunk, opened it and clicked a hidden button behind the tail light, a secret hatch opened up and revealed body armor and more guns and ammo.

He put on the body armor and filled six of the ammo pouches with Barrett clips, he then opened a decorative box and pulled out a custom 45mm handgun with gold trim and a pearl grip, he holstered it to his vest and grabbed four spare clips.

Thomas closed his trunk and grabbed the Barrett from the backseat and cocked it, he closed his door and walked up to the house.

Nick was in the kitchen when the front door flew open and hit one of the goons. “Kill him!” Nick yelled as he pointed at Thomas.

Five goons came from upstairs and another ten came from the back room, Thomas started to shoot everyone and everything, he killed five of the guards then got shot in the left thigh by Nick, he ran to a nearby self and slid behind it. “Fuck.” Thomas said as his leg bled.

He stood up and shot another guy, he then reloaded and shot another four men.

Outside the house the Fbi was sitting there watching. “Sir, we need backup, now we have shots fired, we’re at 1501 downtown avenue hurry.” Paul said into his radio.

Back at Zach’s house he was watching the news. “There is currently a gun fight happening downtown and as you can tell, the Fbi are here trying to control the situation and the bullets are still flying.” Said the newsmen.

The newsmen walked up to the Fbi agent and spoke to him. “Sir, Can you tell us what’s happening here?” he asked. “An adult male in his twenties broke into the house and started shooting, we don’t know who he’s shooting but we can say, he came strapped and ready for war.” Replied the Fbi agent.

The camera man glanced at Thomas’s car and Zach recognized it. “Shit Thomas.” He said

Back to the fight Thomas was walking into the kitchen and was surrounded by twenty dead goons, he walked in the kitchen an saw nick in the corner, he raised his gun and tried to shoot but it just clicked, he then tossed the Barrett behind his back and tried to grab his pistol but Nick shot him in the right shoulder knocking him back on his ass.

Nick walked up to Thomas as he got up on his knees. “You should have minded your own business.” Nick said as he placed his gun on Thomas’s head.

“Any last words?” Nick asked. “I’m going to rip your throat out.” Thomas replied. “Was that a threat? “It was a promise.”

As Nick began to pull the trigger he was surprised by the swat and Fbi barging in the front door. “Get down.” They yelled.

Thomas quickly stood up and grabbed Nick around his throat and squeezed, he ripped his throat out with his bare hands then dove behind the kitchen counter as the swat started to shoot, Thomas loaded his Barrett with his last mag then ran to the master bedroom and shut the door. “Fuck, I need an exit.” He said to himself.

Thomas looked around and rushed to the window and tried to open it, as he opened it the Fbi busted in and he turned in surprise to get shot four times in the chest.

“It’s all clear!” Paul shouted as he walked up to Thomas.

He noticed he was wearing a bullet proof vest so he quickly rolled him over and cuffed him.

Back at Zach’s house he was rushing to get dressed and he heard the news in the background. “The perp has been caught, oh here they come now.”

Zach rushed to the Tv and saw Thomas being led out wearing hand and ankle cuffs being led by Paul and another Fbi agent, Zach picked up his phone and called Gary. “Hey, we have a problem.”

At the same time Thomas was being put into the back of an armored transport with Paul. “Why did you do it Thomas?” Paul asked.

“He killed my family, I had no choice.” Thomas replied as he tilted his head down. “You should have come to me, I could have helped, instead you mowed them down and broke the law.” “You’re a cop, I couldn’t come to you.” “Well our boss wants to talk to you when we arrive.” “Why. I thought I was going to prison?” “I don’t know, he just told me to escort you to him when we get there.” “I’m dying Paul.” “What?” “My celiac is killing me, I only have 10 years before it kills me.” “Oh shit, I didn’t know, I’m sorry.” “Just thought my oldest friend should know.”

Thomas leaned back and relaxed as the Truck drove them to the Fbi headquarters, Thomas was escorted to the interrogation room and Paul left him in the room alone.

A few moments later the director walked in and sat in front of Thomas. “Hello Thomas.” He said.

“What do you want?” Thomas asked. “Your help.” “Why do you want my help?” “We need your skills for a very special mission.” “What’s in it for me?” “You won’t go to prison.” “What’s the job?” “We need you to break into the Cia and Steal a piece of tech.” “What, No.” “Why?” “If I get caught the punishment will be worse than prison, they’ll send me to Gitmo.” “Well im sure Megan didn’t want to live anyway.” “You wouldn’t.” “Try me.” “Fuck you.” Thomas shouted as he pulled a pin out of his hand and broke and dropped it.

“Have fun I prison.” Said the director.

Back at Thomas’s house the Fbi rolled up and got out of their cars, as they approached the house Megan, Bryce and four US marines escaped out the back.

A few hours later Thomas was being escorted to his prison cell as the other inmates shouted at him. “Hey there pretty boy, I’ll see you tonight!” Yelled Prisoner5409

All the prisoners where making noise and shouting as Thomas got in his cell. “Can’t wait to meet you handsome!” Shouted Prisoner1141.

Thomas turned to the inside of his cell and saw his cellmate. “You want top bunk or bottom?” Asked Thomas’s old friend Hunter.

“I don’t plan on staying.” Thomas replied.

Hunter turned from his bible and looked at Thomas. “”Thomas, holy shit man, it’s been years.” Hunter said.

“Hunter why are you in here?” “I was caught robbing a bank.” “Really, I might have a job for you.” “What do you mean, we’re in prison?” “Me and some friends plan on robbing a gold delivery going to the bank of America.” “How you’re in prison?” “Give it a day or two, we’ll be out.”

Prisoners 1141 and 5409 walked up to Thomas’s cell. “Just do what they want, don’t fight.” Hunter said. “What, you aren’t no bitch are you?” Thomas replied.

Hunter just looked down in shame. “No, was it them?” Thomas asked. “Yeah.” He replied as the prisoners walked into the cell.

“Hey there Hunter, you ready to please me?” Asked 5409. “No.” replied Thomas.

“What the fuck you say?” asked 1141. “I’m sorry is there to much dick in your ears, I said no.” “Thomas don’t.” Said Hunter.

“You’re going to regret saying that little man.” Said 5409. “I already am, you won’t shut up.” He replied.

“You need to learn who’s in charge here.” Said 1141. “Me.” replied Thomas.

The prisoners rushed them and Thomas quickly punched 1141 in the throat and dodged 5409’s punch while grabbing his wrist and elbow pulling down on the wrist and pushing up on the elbow breaking his arm, he then punched 5409 in the face then turned and round house kicked 1141 in the face, he then laid down in his bed as they both laid in pain on the ground. “What the fuck are you?” asked 1141. “Your worst nightmare.” Thomas replied.

The prisoners got up and ran out of the room as the doors shut and locked, the lights went out and the warden spoke over the intercom. “Lights out.” He shouted.

Thomas started to close his eyes but woke up when his door opened and he heard Gary’s voice. “Hurry, you don’t have much time.”

Thomas and Hunter snuck out of their cell and down the cell block to the main exit. “Go down the hall then take a right, left then continue straight.”

The main gate opened and they followed his directions but they stopped when a guard saw them, Thomas quickly knocked him out and they continued to the exit. “Zach is outside waiting for you.”

They last gate opened and they ran to Zach outside as the alarms went off and the guards started shooting at them, as they exited the prison a Humvee pulled up and started to shoot the guards as Thomas and hunter got in Zach’s car, Zach sped off as the Humvee followed them, they drove and pulled off into the woods as the cops sped by. “What the fuck man, why?” Zach said.

“What?” Thomas replied. “Why the fuck did you go on a killing spree and get caught?” “It wasn’t a killing spree, I went to kill Nick but the Fbi was watching me, they caught me off guard and shot me, but I was wearing a vest.” “Nice to see you again Zach.” Hunter said. “Yeah, yeah let’s go.” Zach replied.

Zach and the group went back to his place, when they go there they ran in and Thomas Walked into his bathroom as him and Hunter sat on the couch. “So?” Hunter said.

“What?” “Got any clothes I can borrow?” “Yeah, just give me a sec.”

Zach stood up and grabbed some clothes for Hunter as Thomas walked out of the bathroom. “I need to get my stuff from the cops.” Thomas said.

“Don’t worry, we got that covered.” Zach replied. “What do you mean?” “Follow me.”

Zach led Thomas to his garage and he saw his car and a duffle bag full of his stuff. “How?” Thomas asked. “Paul delivered it here.” Zach replied.

“Paul broke the law, yeah right.” “I had to help a friend.” Paul said

Thomas turned and saw Paul standing behind him. “You risked your job for me?” Thomas asked.

“I couldn’t let my friend sit in prison.” “So you told them where I was.”

“Yeah after you sent the beacon at the Fbi Headquarters we got a call from Paul saying what prison you were going to.” Zach said.

Thomas walked up and quickly hugged Paul then turned to Zach. “So you invite him to the thing?” Thomas asked.

“Yeah I know about the score and I want in.” Paul replied. “How do I know you’re not going to rat on us?” “I put in my resignation this morning.” “You quit?” “Yeah.”

“Damn.” Zach said as Hunter walked in.

“Hey Thomas there’s a call for you.” Hunter said. “Who is it?” “Some guy named Bryce, it sounded important.”

Thomas rushed to the phone and picked it up. “Bryce?” he said. “Shit, Thomas the Mafia found us, they brought a hundred guys to get her this time, and Thomas they shot Steve.” Bryce said as Thomas heard gunshot in the background. “Fuck, okay where are you guys?” “We’re held up in the old baking factory on 31st street.”

Thomas hung up and went back to Zach and Paul. “We need to go now, Megan’s in trouble!” Thomas said. “Who?” Asked hunter. “My wife, now hurry get your gear, we need to go.”

Thomas ran to his car and started to back up as Hunter hopped in. “You don’t have to do this, you don’t owe me anything.” Thomas said. “I want to, we’re friends, it’s what we do.” Hunter replied.

Thomas started to drive to the baker and his phone buzzed, it was a text from Bryce and it read. “Fbi showed up and started shooting at everyone.”

“Fuck, okay Hunter, hop in the backseat and flip the seat towards me.” Thomas said as he drove.

Hunter hopped in the back and flipped the seat revealing four m16’s, two stoner 63’s and ten clips for both. “Holy shit dude!” Hunter said in shock of what he saw.

“Pick and load a gun to use and toss me my duffle bag up here.” Thomas said.

Hunter tossed the bag up to Thomas, he opened it and pulled out his Barrett and placed it in the seat, he then grabbed his armor and pulled out the damaged plates and replaced them with spares he had in his center console, he put the armor on and placed a 44 magnum in its holster. “I need you to reload my clips for my rifle and 40mm.” Thomas said.

Thomas got a block from the factory and stopped, he got out with his Barrett in hand and his 40 on his leg, Hunter got out in a plain vest, a stoner 63 and a ammo belt. “Okay we need to hurry.” Thomas said.

As Thomas started to walk we saw Zach and Logan driving down the road. “Good they made it.” He said.

They pulled up next to Thomas’s car and got out, Adam rode with Logan and Paul rode with Zach. “You guys have weapons?” Thomas asked. “Yeah.” Zach replied.

They got in their trunks and pulled out Steyr Aug’s, Adam pulled out an AA12 instead. “Ready.” Zach said. “Let’s go.” Thomas replied.

They ran to the factory and shot the Mafia and Fbi outside, Megan and the others were hiding behind a machine as Thomas and Hunter barged in shooting, she peeked around and saw him. “Thomas is here!” She said to Bryce.

Good we need to get Steve out of here.” Bryce replied.

Megan’s the mission, not me, worry about her.” Steve said as he bled against the wall. “Thomas will get her out of here, I’ll get you.”

Thomas and the others shot their way through the Fbi and Mafia as the three marines with Bryce shot from their spot.

“We need to get them out of here!” Thomas shouted. “I’ll cover you, go get to them.” Zach replied.

Zach and provided cover fire for Thomas as he ran to Megan. “You all okay?” he asked.

“We al are but Steve, he was shot in the stomach.” Megan said. “Okay, is there another exit?”

“The only other way out is the roof on the fire escape.” Bryce replied. “Fuck, okay hold on.”

Thomas stood up and looked at the stairs and saw twenty Mafia goons fighting ten Fbi agents.

“Fuck, Okay it’s going to be hard but we can do it.” Thomas said as he took his vest off.

He started to put the vest on Megan. “What are you doing?” she asked. “My only concern is getting you out of here alive and safe.” Thomas replied.

Zach and Adam popped around the corner still shooting. “So what’s the plan?” Zach asked. “We need to get to the roof, there’s a fire escape we can use.” Thomas replied.

“Doesn’t sound too hard.” Adam said.

He looked at the stairs and turned back to them. “Scratch that, we may die.” “No we’re all going to make it, okay on the count of three, Zach and hunter you take point, Adam and I will be behind you, Megan will be in the middle with Bryce, Paul and Logan you will follow behind and you three get him out of here!” Thomas said. “Okay got it, let’s go!” Zach said.

They got into formation and rushed the stairs, on the way Logan was shot and killed, they reached the roof and Thomas and Zach looked at the side of the building then turned back to the group. “Okay we have to jump.” Thomas said.

“What?” Megan replied. “The fire escape on this building is broken.” Zach said.

“So we have to jump to the one next door.” Thomas said. “Go I’ll cover you guys.” Adam said as the Fbi busted through to the roof.

Adam started to shoot them as the group prepared to jump. “Okay I’ll go first.” Thomas said.

Thomas ran and jumped to the fire escape and landed it, he turned around and looked up at the others. “Okay, Megan jump, I’ll catch you.” Thomas shouted.

Megan jumped and landed right in Thomas’s arms. “Okay guys let’s go!” Thomas shouted.

Thomas and Megan started to run down the stairs as the others jumped, as Thomas and Megan walked through the alleyway a man on a roof was watching them through a scope, As the scope went over Megan, Thomas turned and looked behind him at the scope.

A few seconds later one of them where on the ground bleeding as Zach kneeled next to them, Adam and Hunter were shooting. “Shit, stay with us.” Zach said as they closed their eyes.

A few minutes later they opened their eyes again and they were in Thomas’s back seat.

Another three minutes later they were being carried down the hospital hall on a gurney, later that day they opened their eyes again and where in bed in the hospital, they looked around and saw no one, a few seconds later Megan walked in the room and looked at Thomas lying in bed with a bandage around his chest.

“What happened?” Thomas asked in a weak tone. “You got shot by a sniper when we escaped.” She replied. “I remember turning around and seeing someone on the roof then that’s it.” “It was big John, the leader of the mafia and Nick’s big brother.” “Hmmm.” Thomas said as he leaned his head back and relaxed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Megan asked. “What?” he replied. “You’re dying.” “How’d you find out?” “The doctor informed me.” “Like I told you I have celiac and can’t eat wheat.” “Yeah so.” “Hold on let me finish, I’ve had it since I was ten and when I was young my family was poor, we couldn’t afford gluten free food for me to eat, the government wouldn’t help us so I got stuck eating gluten, I was in pain most of my childhood, all the gluten has been tearing my stomach open over the years.” “Oh my god.” She replied.

“The day you came home and I said I was sick, Zach found me on the ground because the pain crippled me and I couldn’t move.” “So why didn’t you tell me?” “I didn’t want to worry you or leave me because of it.” “I wouldn’t leave you for anything in the world, you don’t have to worry about that.” “I just wanted you to be happy.” “Being with you makes me happy.” Megan said.

She leaned in and kissed Thomas then leaned back in the chair next to him, Ten months later Thomas was in his car waiting alongside the road. “Okay you ready.” Thomas said as he looked to his right.

“Yeah.” Hunter replied. “There it is boys.” Gary said over the radio. “Okay let’s go.” Thomas said.

Thomas put on a skull airsoft mask and Hunter put on a hockey mask, they cocked their guns then Thomas started the car, they followed the trucks to a bridge, once the trucks where underneath the bridge Zach pulled up in front of them stopping them as Thomas stopped behind them, Adam got out of Zach’s car and Hunter got out of Thomas’s and they both rushed the trucks and shot the guards, they got in and moved the bodies to the floor, the trucks followed Thomas and Zach to a warehouse where four 2015 dodge challengers awaited them, They all pulled in and got out of their cars as Bryce and a heavy set guy who was Gary got out of one of the dodge’s. “Okay guys let’s take a look.” Bryce said as he grabbed two c4 blocks.

He placed the explosives on the truck and took cover. “Take cover.” Gary shouted.

They all took cover as the doors blew off, they walked up in awe of all the gold bars. “Load it up!” Thomas shouted.

They popped the trunks to all six of the cars and started to load the gold, a few minutes later they got in their cars and drove off down the road as the cops showed up at the warehouse. “Guys get ready.” Thomas said into the walkie-talkie.

The cops turned their sirens on a sped down the road after the group. “HIT IT!” Thomas yelled into the walkie-talkie.

They all stated to speed away down the road to the Mississippi river, as they drove Thomas swerved on the road for a brief second and Zach saw. “Thomas! What’s going on?” he said into his walkie-talkie.

Thomas was sitting in his car holding his stomach bent over in pain as he got paler. “I’m okay, don’t slow down keep moving, we need to reach the boat.” Thomas replied.

Thomas corrected his car and sat up in his seat as he saw a strange bearded Caucasian male standing on the side of the road with a M1-Garand rifle.

They continued to drive as the cops chased them, they reached the Mississippi bridge and saw the barge waiting for them. “You know what to do!” Thomas said.

Thomas sped pass everyone as he activated his ram on his car, he got in front and busted through the railings and drove off the bridge, he landed on the barge and pulled the car below deck as everyone else landed on the barge.

The cops stopped and didn’t follow them off, Thomas and the others walked out on the deck as they drifted off.

Paul came from the bridge of the barge and met with them all on deck. “We did it guys, we fucking did it!” Paul shouted in excitement.

“Not yet, everyone prepare for stage three!” Thomas shouted as helicopters flew to them.

Thomas ran to his car and pulled out a fifty Cal machinegun and mounted it to the roof of his car, he pulled the car back on deck then opened a hatch and crawled in and manned the gun as the others grabbed their rifles. “Fire!” Thomas yelled.

They all started to shoot at the choppers as they flew closer, the choppers started to shoot back at them, Thomas shot one down with the 50Cal but ran out of ammo and couldn’t shoot the other three down, Thomas ran to the lowed deck and grabbed the RPG and ran back to the upper deck. “Duck!” he shouted.

Thomas shot the RPG but it wasn’t normal, it shot six projectiles at the same time, the choppers where blown out of the sky and they all got away, a few hours later they arrived at a seaside warehouse, Paul pulled the boat in and they all got out. “I’ll get this processed, I’ll send the money to your bank accounts.” Gary said.

They dumped the gold out of their cars and left, they all went to different paint shops and got their cars repainted, Thomas turned his car candy orange then went home to Megan.

That Night Thomas walked into his house and saw Megan lying on a couch watching TV. “Where did that come from?” he asked. “I bought it, you needed a couch and a TV.” Megan replied as she got up.

“Why do you look extra happy today?” “Well I’ve been getting nauseous and I decided to do a little research and, I’m pregnant.” “What, we’re going to have a baby?!” Thomas said with joy.

“Yep.” She replied.

Thomas hugged and kissed her.

Two months later Thomas got a text from Gary. “Hey your share will arrive at your house in two days, I know you don’t trust banks so I had it transferred into cash.”

Thomas put his phone up and just smiled, he knew his family would be set for life. “Honey what’s this!” Mega shouted from the living room/Kitchen.

Thomas walked in the room and Megan was sitting on the couch waiting for him. “What’s what?” he asked.

She turned on the TV and played the news from the day of the robbery. “This, I recorded this a few months back.”

The news choppers where their flying over them as they left the ware house. “The cops seriously don’t recognize the six cars driving away, wait they realized it was them, oh the chase is on, WOE, he almost crashed, I wonder what’s happening in that car, holy shit what is he growing out of the front of his car, it looks like a ram, no, he’s not, holy shit he did, he just drove off the side of the bridge, he seems to have landed on a barge, the others are following him off, we have information that the cops have called in four attack choppers to stop them, oh here they are, wait, wait is that a, he has a 50Cal machinegun mounted to the top of his car, oh shit he has opened fire on the choppers, sorry guys but do to the violence of what’s happening we can no longer air the fight.” Said the news.

Magen paused it on his car. “That is your car isn’t it?” she said. “Um.” “That’s what I thought, you robbed a bank truck!” she yelled at Thomas.

Thomas tried to speak. “No, don’t try to make up any excuses, you robbed a bank and killed people, you’re not who I thought you were.” Megan said. “Baby please, let me explain.” Thomas pleaded.  “Okay, what can you possibly say to make this right?” “We’re broke, I spent all our money on that ring, I’ve been supplying us with money by resorting to my old job, I didn’t want to but I had to, we robbed that truck so I could make sure you would be supplied for life after I died, I did it for you.” Thomas explained. “Your old job, you said you were a marine, or was that a lie?” Megan asked.

“I told you the truth originally but you didn’t believe me, I trained myself to do the things I can do, I used to be a mercenary for hire, I killed lots of good people, that’s why I left that line of work, I only lied because you didn’t believe me.” “And your friend?” “Apart of my old squad, all except Zach and Paul, baby I’m sorry for everything, can you forgive me?” “Yes, I still love you.” Megan replied.

“Sit down and I’ll tell you everything about me.” Thomas said as he sat on the couch.

Megan sat down next to him. “I served two years in the military but got wounded and sent home, after that I became a mercenary for hire, I killed so many good people I just had to leave that live, but my other option wasn’t legal either, I started to rob small country banks and stores, have you heard of the robbery of the Apollo bank?” Thomas said. “Yes, no one was killed but the robbers got away with everything.” Megan replied.

“The robbers were me, Zach, Paul, Gary and Logan, That was the last place we ever robbed until now, The Fbi put me into Witness protection here in Columbia, they forced me to do missions for them or they would lock me up for life, the day we met I was preparing to leave and disappear.”

Megan looked at Thomas then hugged him. “You’re still the good guy.” She said. “What do you mean?” “All those robberies, you never killed an innocent person, and you threw your old life behind you.”

Two weeks later the money arrived on Thomas’s doorstep and Megan grabbed the two duffle bags and brought them in. “Honey!” she shouted.

Thomas came from the bedroom and saw the bags. “That’s the money, all forty million.” Thomas said. “Forty million, Thomas we can leave, put the Mafia behind us and the rest of the world.” Megan said as Thomas’s phone rang.

“Hello, what, but you, okay, thank you.” Thomas said into his phone. “We could fund a research group to cure your celiac.” She said as she looked up at Thomas.

Thomas had a face of sadness and sorrow. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “That was the doctor, he said I only have five years, not ten.” “No that’s not true, you’re going to be okay.” “Don’t worry about it baby, right now we have to worry about our child.” Thomas said as he got teary eyed.

Four years later they were living in Missouri out in the country side with their now four year old son, Thomas was farming cattle and wheat, his son Shaun came out to the field to help him. “Hey daddy, can I help.” Shaun asked.

“Yeah, go milk the cows, and down tease them anymore.” Thomas said.

Shaun walked to the barn and started to mil the cows as Thomas walked up to the house, he walked in a saw Megan making lemonade in the kitchen. “Hey baby, you done?” she asked. “No just came to get a drink.” He replied.

As he grabbed a cup off the lemonade he looked out the kitchen window and saw a black car creep up into the yard, as the windows lowered Thomas turned and grabbed Megan, hey both laid on the ground as the men in the car shot up the house.

Shaun ran out of the barn. “Mommy, Daddy!” he yelled.

The goons grabbed Shaun and took him as Thomas stood up and ran outside with his Barrett. “Fuck.” He yelled.

Megan walked outside as Thomas turned. “Where’s Shaun?” she asked. “They took him, don’t worry I’ll get him back.” Thomas said.

Thomas grabbed his vest and all his weapons and hopped in his car, he sped off after them.

And hour later he arrived at the Mafia mansion, Thomas rammed the front gate and drifted into two goons as they tried to run.

Thomas got out of his car looking like a one man army, he started to shoot all the guards outside the house as he walked to the front door, he kicked the door open and threw a Grenade in killing ten men.

Thomas slid on his knees through the door as more guards ran in shooting at him, he stood up and shot them as her progressed to the lower rooms, Thomas was killing everything in his path as he got to the basement, he saw Shaun get locked up in a room, he shot the Two goons that locked him in then kicked the door in, Shaun ran up and hugged him. “I knew you would come.” He said. “Shaun listen, you need to stay behind me no matter what.” Thomas said.

Thomas led his son to the front door. “Go wait for me in the car, lock the doors.” Thomas said.

Shaun ran to the car, got in and locked the doors, Thomas ran upstairs and busted into Big Johns office, when the door flew open Thomas got hit in the chest with a bullet, as he stumbled back he shot and killed Big John, he stood there for a moment catching his breath as a man walked up behind him, he raised a shotgun and shot Thomas in the back, some of the bb’s went through the vest into because of the close range, Thomas fell to the ground as the man got over him, he aimed the gun at Thomas’s head but before he could shoot a sword went through his chest.

The mysterious figure picked up Thomas and carried him to his car and placed him in the back seat. He got in the driver seat and started the car. “Who are you?” asked Shaun.

The man stayed quite as he drove Thomas and Shaun home, when he got there he got out and walked off, Megan ran out and helped Thomas inside to the couch, she laid him on the couch as the Tv switched to the emergency signal. “We have confirmed reports of nuclear detonation in New York, Michigan and Texas, we urge you all to go to your nearest Bunker and take cover.”

Megan looked at Thomas. “Go take Shaun to the shelter, I won’t make it, go without me.” Thomas said as the sirens went off.

Megan kissed Thomas and ran to the shelter under their house, the bombs went off and the earth shook, two years later Megan and Shaun came out of the shelter to a new world.

Some say that was the end of their story but others say it was just the beginning of something greater, some say the stranger was from a different world come to save those worthy, I say he was from the future and he knew how important they were. THE END

© Copyright 2019 LordGrovac . All rights reserved.

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