Conspiracy in Deceit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Conspiracy in Deceit


Ring, ring.  "Better Life Hypnosis, how may I help you?"

"I'd like to make an appointment. I have a coupon for a free consultation and free first session."

"Yes, that is our new campaign, and I'd be happy to make that appointment for you. Name please?"

"Andrea Snow."

"When would you like to make the appointment Miss Snow," asks the receptionist?

"As soon as possible," answers Andrea.

"I have an opening for early this evening, if that will work for you Miss Snow."

"What time," asks Andrea?

"You can come in anytime between 4 and 6pm this evening, Thomas usually leaves at 6pm."

"I can probably get there about 4:30pm, if that is alright," asks Andrea?

"That would be perfect, I have you scheduled for 4:30pm Miss Snow. Can you tell me what you wish to see Thomas for?"

"Smoking and weight control to start with," answers Andrea.

"Do you wish your first visit to be a consultation only?"

"That's not necessary, if we can get started on the first appointment all the better," remarks Andrea.

"Fabulous, please wear loose fitting clothes and expect to be here for an hour to 90 minutes. I'll have you fill out some papers the moment you walk in. I'm Sally by the way."

"Thanks Sally can't wait to meet you. See you at 4:30," states Andrea and hangs up.

"Sally, when is my next appointment," asks Thomas as he enters the reception area.

"Not for a couple hours Sir, and I just took an appointment for 4:30 this evening. So you have 3 appointments for today," answers Sally.

"Great, please call Becky Morecraft, see if she is available right now for a quick session," asks Thomas.

"Yes Sir, as you wish," answers Sally with a huge smile.

"Good girl, proud of your work," says Thomas as he returns to his office.


Ring ring, "Hello?"

"Hello may I speak with Becky Morecraft please," asks Sally?

"This is Becky."

"Hi Beck, this is Sally at Better Life, do you have time right now to come see Thomas?"

"Oh Yes, yes," stammered Becky, "I have time, I'll be right there."

Sally hangs up the phone smiling and walks back to Thomas' office. "Mrs. Morecraft will be here shortly Sir."

"Good, escort her to room 3 when she arrives and then let me know, remarks Thomas.

"Is there anything that I can do for you Sir, until she arrives," asks Sally.

"Hum, maybe there is, come in and close the door Sally."

Sally comes into the office and closes the door behind her, turning to Thomas with a huge smile.




Sally is sitting behind the reception desk when Andrea comes in.

"Hello, you must be Miss Snow, I'm Sally, we talked on the phone. Here are the papers I need filled out, I'll let Thomas know that you've arrived."

Sally picks up the phone and dials Thomas' office.

"Yes Sally?"

"Your 4:30 has arrived Sir, she is filling out paperwork right now," states Sally.

"Very good Sally, your assessment," asks Thomas?

"Room 3 is available Sir," answers Sally with a little giggle.

"Very good my pet, proud of you," states Thomas and hangs up. He slides open a drawer and selects room 3 and set some soft music playing.

Andrea finishes the paperwork and takes it to Sally.  Sally escorts her to room 3 and knocks on Thomas' office door.

Thomas opens the door, pulls Sally to him and looks deep into her eyes, "Yes my pet?"

"Miss Andrea Snow is waiting in room 3 Sir," states Sally with crimson cheeks.

Thomas pulls her closer and Sally closes her eyes and extends her lips for a kiss. Thomas kisses her passionately and she nearly faints in his arms.

"Wait at your desk in case I need you Sally dear," states Thomas.

"Oh Yes Sir, I hope you need me Sir," comments Sally.

Thomas walks down the hall toward room 3 as Sally watches him go, with a huge grin.

Thomas knocks on the door and Andrea says, "Come in."

"Hello Andrea, I am Thomas, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Thomas," says Andrea with a smile.

"Well Andrea, how can I help you with a better life," asks Thomas?

"I have a friend, Susan, who told me you can help me," answered Andrea.

"Hum, Susan, I've treated a couple Susan's, do you know her last name?"

"Susan Carter," states Andrea.

"Great, I'll let Sally know to give her credit for sending you," comments Thomas.

"Credit," asks Andrea?

Yes, Susan referred you, so she will get a free session," explains Thomas.

"She will love that, she talks about you all the time Thomas."

"Well it must have been good talk if you're here visiting," states Thomas smiling.

Oh Yes, the more she said the more I knew I had to come see you."

"I'm glad she is so happy with her sessions, word of mouth is the best advertising."

Andrea laughs, "I'm surprised your office isn't full from Susan's advertising."

"If it were I'd be working to hard," states Thomas offhandedly.

Andrea smiles and says, "I know how that is."

"I enjoy helping people but not to the point of risking my health. I never see more than 4 or 5 clients a day, and I do not work on the weekends. So Andrea, what did you want to work on?"

"Well initially Smoking and weight," answers Andrea.

"Excuse me, you think you need to lose weight," asks Thomas?

"I fluctuate badly, and need help maintaining proper weight," explains Andrea.

"Alright, we can take care of both those issues Andrea," states Thomas, "would you like to start right now?"

"Yes please," says Andrea with a big smile.

Submitted: May 18, 2013

© Copyright 2021 LordThomas62. All rights reserved.

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