John & Mandy's Night

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A five page section from my first novel

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




John goes to his bedroom and shuts the door.  Mandy notices, walks to his door, and kneels down in the submissive posture, her chin on her chest and eyes closed, she waits.

A few minutes later, the door opens, John reaches out to Mandy, takes her hand, helps her up, and the bedroom door closes again.

There is soft music playing, candlelight flickering, John takes Mandy in his arms, kisses her, and they dance.  Every time they come together in the dance he kisses her.  Hand in hand he spins her and brings her back to him for a kiss, he turns her about, his arms holding her back against his chest, he kisses her neck and she giggles.  He turns her back around to face him, her hands slide up his chest, and unbuttons the top button of his shirt.  He spins her away and back, dips her and back up, kisses her, and she unbuttons the second button.  He takes her by the hands, they dance around the room quickly, and when they stop Mandy bends forward and bites off the third button, letting it fall to the floor at their feet.  John takes the shirt in both hands, pulls it open, the rest of the buttons flying across the room.  He lets the shirt glide down his arms, catches it in his right hand, and throws it to the wall.  She falls into his arms, looks up into his eyes, and begins kissing his chest.  He moves the straps of her gown off her shoulders and it slips to the floor around her ankles.  John lifts her up, kicks the gown aside, brings her down face to face, and holds her suspended as they kiss.  He walks her over to the bed, sits down on the edge, and then lays down pulling her with him.  She lays on top of him kissing and caressing for a little while, and he rolls them over, so he is on top.  He kisses, nibbles and licks his way down her body.  Stopping at her perfect young breasts to lick and suck on them, making Mandy moan louder, and crush his head to her breasts.  John presses her breasts together, so the nipples almost touch, and licks them together.  He works his way down her body, while caressing her nipples with his hands and thumbs.  He kisses all over her belly, sticking his tongue in her belly button, making her giggle.  He kisses down her left thigh, down her right thigh, and looks up into her eyes.  There is a sparkle in her eyes, a heat, a deep desire waiting to be released.

“Mandy Love, I want you to run your fingers through my hair, if I happen to hurt you, you can push me away.  Only push me away, do not pull me closer, if you do you might hurt yourself or me.  Understand,” asks John?

“Yes Master, I understand,” she replies.

John separates her legs, takes a deep breath of her sensual sweet scent, and gently softly caresses the length of her crevice.  Licking up and down her crevice, pushing in a little deeper each time, slowly descending to her valley.  Once he finds her valley, he massages it with his tongue, and remaining far from her clitty.  He travels south, delving as deep as he can with his tongue into her passageway.  Her body shivers and she moans.

“Sweetness, don’t be afraid to tell me how you feel, it will help me a lot.”

“Oh Master, it feels so very good.  Don’t stop, don’t ever stop,” whispers Mandy.

John glides up her valley; butterfly kisses her clitty, Mandy gasps, and her body trembles under the delicate stroke.  He goes back to what he was doing, ignoring her little button. 

“Please Master, do that again,” she pleads.

“Do what again Sweetness,” he asks.

“Master, please touch my clit again,” she begs.

He slides up her valley, circles her little button, but doesn’t touch it directly.  Around and around, and finally a butterfly kiss.  Her body jerks, she tries to pull his head into her kitten, but he holds back, expecting her reaction.  He circles and flicks her clitty unexpectedly, her body bucking like a wild horse.  He strokes her from passageway to clitty, up and down, over and over again, until her body trembles and she lets out a deep moan. 

“Master, Master that was so very, very good,” declares Mandy as he kisses his way up her body.  When they come face to face, she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately.  “Master, may I please make love to you too?”

John rolls over, pulling Mandy with him, so she is lying on his chest.  She starts kissing his chest, licking and teasing his nipples, and working her way down his body.  She comes down to his manhood, it is standing long and hard, she licks it from balls to head, quickly getting into making love to his pole.

“Sweetie, stay on your hands and knees, but bring your body up here by me,” requests John.

She moves around, so John can play with her kitten and her clitty, while she enjoys his long hard shaft.  John reaches over, caressing her kitten, petting it, and lightly spanking it.  Mandy moans, pushes her hips back at him, and says, “Master, spank me harder, please Master.”  He spanks her harder; she trembles with his pole deep in her mouth.  He slips his index finger in her wet passageway, pulls it out wet, and slides it up her valley and around her clitty.  Again and again he slips his finger into her to wet it, each time delving a little deeper into her wet passageway.  When he gets his finger in as far as possible, he adds a second finger and again slowly works his way into her.  Mandy quivers and trembles over and over as John slowly opens her for his shaft.  Working his fingers inside of her and she orgasms, flooding her passageway.  John pulls her over, her kitten above his mouth, so he can continue teasing her clitty and drink her nectar.  She has a few small climaxes, and then a large orgasm.  John pushes her to the side, she understands and moves off of him.

“Bring me your sweet lips baby girl,” requests John.

Mandy turns around and kisses John.  He moves her hips over his belly, so she is straddling him.

“You take it as slow as you need to baby girl, it may hurt a little the first time it goes in, but that will not last long,” explains John.

“Yes Master,” replies Mandy.  She gets up on her knees, and then up on one leg, so she can be high enough to get his shaft in position with her passageway.  She takes his head in her entrance, and pops it back out, runs it up her valley, and over her clitty.  “Oh Master, that feels really good,” exclaims Mandy!  She does it several more times, he encourages her to take it deeper.  When she sets the head in her entrance, he pushes a little deeper by raising his hips, Mandy freezes, trembles, and moans.  Still holding his shaft near the base, she allows his pole to slide in and out of her passage several times.  John pushes a little harder, but Mandy resists.

“Baby girl, you have to let me all the way in,” coaxes John.  “I promise, if it hurts it will only be for a moment.  The pain will go away quickly.”

“Master, I’m afraid.  Will you still love me as much when I am just like the other girls,” asks Mandy.

“My sweet young Love, you will never be, just like the other girls, you give me a gift they can not give.”

“So I will always be special to you Master,” asks Mandy?  Putting her hands on his chest for balance.

“Yes sweetness.  Always,” answers John, and shoves his full length into her.  She gasps and collapses on his chest.  John pulls out slowly and pushes back in deep.  Mandy trembles and moans.  John continues slow motion strokes, not sure if he is hurting her or not, and he stops moving completely.

“Master, please, please don’t stop,” begs Mandy.  “It feels so good.”

John resumes his slow strokes, pushes Mandy upward so he can tease her nipples.  Mandy gets her feet under her and is able to ride his long hard pole, sliding up and down his pole like an expert.  Up and down, slowly, quickly, moving her hips forward and backward, and making a circle with her hips.  She lies down on his chest, and says, “Master beat me with your pole, make me scream like Scarlet, or squeal like Candy.”

John holds her hips, starts long slow strokes, and then faster, pounding into her passageway.  Mandy tries to hold on to his chest, tries to listen to his fast heart beat, but she can’t, he is slamming deep into her with every stroke, and she moans, “Yes, yeeesss, Yeeesss Master, Ohhh God Yeeessss.”  She pushes herself up on her arms, her breasts just above his chest, her nipples just brushing his chest hair, and her body trembles and tenses.  She takes a deep breath and moans, “Oh, Ohhh, Ohhhh Massssterrrr Yeeessss,” and falls back down on his chest.  John stops, wraps his arms around her, and holds her.  She is breathing fast and deep, trying to catch her breath, and moans softly into his chest.  “Master, . . . Master that was so fantastic, but Master did you cum?”

“No sweetness, I haven’t cum yet.  You need a brief rest.”

“I can feel that you are still hard inside me Master . . . while I rest . . may I taste myself on you?”

“Yes baby girl, you may have a lollypop,” answers John smiling.

Mandy slides up and down his hard pole three more times, moves up so he slips out, and moves down his body kissing as she goes down.  She licks up the underside of his shaft from balls to head, then up both sides, and then slips it in her mouth.  She slides down and up his shaft, using her tongue to tease the delicate underside of his shaft.  Swirling her tongue around his head several times before taking as much as she can in her mouth again.  Bobbing up and down on his long hard shaft.  Her eyes upward so she can look into his face, watching his reactions, his smile when he notices her gaze.  He half sits up, reaches down, and pulls her up to his lips.  He rolls them over, she is pinned under him, he forces her legs open with his, and slides into her.  He is holding her arms above her head, she can’t move as he slowly penetrates her depths over and over again.  She tilts her hips up to better meet his thrusts, moaning under him as he stares into her face.

“Sing for me baby girl, sing your passion song for me. Let yourself go, only think about how you feel.”

John balances above her; up on his arms, he comes down, and kisses her.  Their lips locked together, he starts deep hard thrusts into her, her eyes open, she looks into his and she moans into their kiss.  John pulls back, getting up on his knees, turns her over and gets her up on her hands and knees.  He pulls her hips back to him, sliding into her passage again, pulling her back onto his waiting shaft.  By her hips pulling her back on his pole and pushing her off again, thrusting into her wet passageway.  His balls swinging up, with each thrust, to hit her clitty.  With each thrust she is almost knocked off her balance, but she begs, “harder, please Master, harder.”  John slams deep and hard into her repeatedly, until he feels her tremble and tense, her passageway constricting around his shaft.  He pulls out with a pop.  He has her lay on her left side, facing away from him, and he spoons up behind her.  His left arm under her head, he moves her long hair above her head, his left hand on her right breast, his right hand on her left breast, and he slips into her dripping wet passageway from behind.  He kisses and bites her neck teasingly, as his shaft moves slowly in and out of her.  Her moans like a cats purr, she lays there in his arms as he slowly makes love to her.  His body tenses, his pole jerks within her, she feels his release, and they both fall gently asleep.


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