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Two lovers reunite with passion

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




 There is a knock on the door. She jumps up from the bed, throws on a robe and runs for the door. She throws open the door without looking through the peephole first, and then looks up to see who is there.

He quickly steps in, pushes the door shut and takes her in his arms.

She jumps up into his arms and attacks him with her mouth and tongue. Her robe falls open and she shivers against the cold radiating from his clothes.

He bends down and kisses her chest, giving her a little bite and moving over to devour her nipple.

She feels his warm tongue on her, and the excitement that comes whenever she is near him. Her hands tangle in his hair, and she leans back a bit.

He carries her to the couch and lays her down, never taking his mouth from her body, moving down with growls and nibbles, kisses and licks.

 She shudders with instant need. Her nipples harden, her secret garden juices flow and her tummy muscles contract. She tosses her left leg up over the back of the couch, opening herself up even more to him. They have only been lovers for a few days, but she is addicted to him; his scent, his touch, his energy.

He circles her belly button with his tongue, darting into it repeatedly as she arches her back. He moves down quickly, brushing his face against her peach fuzz secret garden, taking in her scent. He slips his tongue down her valley seeking the treasured potion of her passion.

She feels his exciting torture and lifts her hips towards his mouth, loving the feel of his breath on her most sensitive parts. She has never been so wanton, so free with her needs. This man is not like the few boys that she had experimented on. This man knows how to control a girl and her needs.

He slips his tongue slowly into her love tunnel, moving it back and forth, capturing the precious potion from her fountain. His fingers tease her rosebudty as she bucks up into his face and moans with open abandon.

She can hear herself begging with her moans for more of him; the soft lapping noises he makes when he wants to push her a bit more towards that first orgasm. She digs her nails into the nap of the couch, and wraps her other leg up over his back, trying to hold him where he is.

He grins and begins sucking at her love tunnel, drinking ferociously at the well of her need. He presses down hard on her rosebud and moved his finger left and right, feeling her rosebud pop back and forth under his pressure.

She feels herself hitting that edge, and is almost nonstop begging him to not stop. She feels it rolling up inside her and she does not want to stop but she tries to pull away from him. She is torn, she has this greedy need and yet, she wants to feel him moving inside.

 He looks at her questioningly and pulls back, unsure as to what she wants, she had never pulled away from him before and it confuses him.

She begs him to make love to her now, hard, fast, please, please, please. She is so close, but she wants to feel him sliding in and out of her, she wants to feel him match her need. She is almost screaming out her need for him.

He grabs her and pushes her to the floor. He rips off his shirt, buttons flying everywhere. He drops his pants and she quickly moves to him.

She urges him to lie on his back.  Without preamble she slides down onto his manhood, burying him deep inside, and before she can think, her first orgasm hits and she clenches down on him, over and over.

He holds her as her orgasm rolls through her. He can feel the power as it courses through her. He can see in her face the heaven she has reached, and waits. It becomes too much, and she slides up off of him, until they are barely touching. She is afraid to move; she has shocked herself.

He reaches out to her and pulls her down to his chest, caressing her back and kissing the top of her head.

She tries to slow her breathing, the way he has taught her. She opens her eyes and sees his nipple. She opens her lips and sucks on him the way he was suckling on her earlier. She begins to slowly move up and down on his member, barely letting it dip in, and then slide back out.

"God, baby, that is so good," he whispers in her hair.

 She feels a glow of pleasure, to know that she is pleasing him as much as he pleases her. She moves her mouth to his other nipple and fans her hands out on his chest. In a moment, she pushes herself up a bit, and allows his penis to slide in another inch or so, trying to maintain that slow steady motion.

He gasps at her slight movements, and her teasing his nipples. She knows how sensitive they are and always goes after them.

She pops him out of her mouth, and pushes him a bit further into her. Her rhythm starts to build again, as she feels herself swelling around him once more. He wants so badly to drive in to her, but he gives control of this ride to her and withholds his urgency.

His twitches make her move to take even more of his manhood. She uses her hands and eyes to beg for his mouth on hers. She groans against his lips.  Rocking back, she starts to drop down on him again, working to bring him to orgasm with her.

She bends down and offers her mouth to him, he grabs her on either side of her head and forces her lips to his, sucking her probing tongue in to his mouth and caressing it with his. She drops down on him and he can barely stand it. When she stops moving, he thrusts his hips upward, feeling her give in to his urgency.  He pounds into her. His thrust matching his racing heart beat, pounding into her depths, her wet warm silky depths. He feels the tensing and tries his best to continue his strokes but the flood of feeling and pleasure are more than he can control, and he spasms under her as his seed is propelled deep into her moist passageway.

She matches his urgency and keeps herself dropped low against him, feeling him grind against her rosebud, and into her. She shudders and cries out with her second orgasm.

Then, still spasming around him, while he is still moving with his aftershocks, she smiles at him and asks, “ Did I do good, Master?”

She pulls off of him, and bends down to clean him with her mouth

Panting and trying to catch his breath he says, "Fantastic, baby girl, absolutely fantastic!!"

She smiles around his softening member.

He glances down and catches her eyes as she moves up and down his shaft, slowly cleaning their mixed juices from his shaft.



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