Romantic Evening

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Romantic evening

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013




Walking back and forth between the kitchen and living room window, watching for his approach, even though she knows that he will call when he is close to home. Finally the phone rings, and she snatches it up quickly.  "Hello," she says quickly into the received.

"Hello Angelface, I missed you, I'll be home shortly, I'm about a mile away," he replies.

"Thank you Love, dinner will be on the table waiting for you," she answers.

"See you momentarily babygirl," and he hangs up.

She rushes back to the kitchen; she brings tableware and cups, then the food to the table, and sets it up.

She rushes to the door and opens it just as he is reaching for the doorknob. He steps into the house and she pushes the door closed as she falls into his arms.  They embrace and kiss passionately, and she leads him to the dinning room by the hand. 

He pulls her chair out for her, and pats her bottom as she sits down, then pushes it back in once she is sitting. He takes his seat, bows his head and prays for the food. She then passes him each dish before serving herself. Every so often while eating he look up at her smiling face, her bare foot is caressing his calf as he eats.

"Would you like more of anything huni," she asks?

"No, everything was delicious, thank you kitten."

She puts her silverware on her plate and stands. She moves over to him and he catches her hand and kisses it delicately. He puts his silverware on his plate and she picks it up and goes to the kitchen. He hears her start the dishwater and he gathers up what he can carry and takes it to the kitchen.  Sitting it on the counter, he moves over to the sink, he moves her hair to one side and starts nibbling on her neck as he wraps his arms around her waist.  His hands work their way up to her breasts and gently tease her nipples through her blouse. She reaches for a towel to dry her hands and he moves to the kitchen door saying, "I'll be in the den when you're finished," and he leaves the kitchen.  She looks after him for a moment, smiles and thinks to her self, "two can play that game."

A short time later, while he is reading through some mail, he hears her enter the den, but decides not to look up.  She stops right in front of his desk and waits a moment before saying, "Master," questioningly?

He smiles to himself before looking up and saying, "Yes."

Standing before him in a very sexy little slave tunic, she asks, "Would Master like some dessert?"

"That would be very nice babygirl," he answers.

She moves around his desk slowly, pushes his chair back from the desk and sits on the desk in front of him.  "Dessert is ready Master."

He pulls his chair back up to the desk, raises the front of her tunic and lowers his head to partake of dessert.  He brushes his cheeks against her kitten and growls deeply before sliding his hot wet tongue up the center of her valley between her lips and to her delicate little rosebud. Butterfly kisses to her rosebud and long slow licks. She moans and lies back on the desk, her hands on her own breasts, teasing her nipples.  His hands work their way up her body and replace her hands on her breasts, rolling her nipples between thumbs and index fingers.  She arches her back and cums for him, giving him the drink he desires. He reaches over and takes her hands and pulls her back to a sitting position and captures her lips again, kissing her deeply and passionately. Her own flavor on his lips turns her on more.

Breathing heavily she asks with a smile, "Is there anything else Master wishes of his girl?"

"Is your Master's room prepared," he asks?

"Of course Master, this girl is always prepared to serve," she answers with a giggle.

He stands, takes her by the hand and leads her to his room to finish dessert. He closes the bedroom door after they enter, takes her in his arms and dances her around the room to music he alone can hear. She lays her head upon his shoulder with a smile.

His hands working up and down her back under the tunic, down to squeeze her cheeks and caresses them. He then removes her tunic, one arms wrapped around her, one hand on her kitten as he kisses her again. She moans softly into their kiss, as they dance.

She brings her hands between them and starts unbuttoning his shirt, she pushes it off his shoulders and it slips down his arms to the floor behind him. She reaches lower and unbuckles his belt, and looks back up into his eyes. She unfastens the button and unzips the fly of his pants, and she slowly pushes down his pants as she gets down to her knees. Still looking up into his eyes she asks, "please?"

He smiles and nods.

She reaches back up and with her fingers in his waist band pulls down is shorts. He steps out of his pants and shorts and she pushes them out of the way. While looking up into his eyes, she leans forward and kisses his shaft delicately. He moans softly, she gives it a lick, another kiss and takes it in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. The smile and moans from him tell her everything she needs to know. She begins to kiss, lick and tickle his manhood, making him squirm and moan. Her tongue sliding up the length of his hard rod, her tongue swirling around the delicate head. Sliding back down and teasing his sack with light little licks.

His hands are in her hair for a few moments before he pulls her up and captures her lips again with his. He pulls her tight against himself and she can feel his steel slide over her kitten, between her nether lips and rest between her thighs. Just a small adjustment and he would slide into her. She tries to move to capture his steel but he carries her to the bed and lays her down.

"I need to finish my dessert before you get yours my pet," he comments.

  "Yes Master," she replies with a pout, then a smile.

He crawls up her body, staring into her eyes like a wild beast, growling as he moves higher and higher up her body. Finally, yet again claims her lips, her arms pinned above her head by his strong arms. He kisses her passionately leaving her breathless as he moves to her side and nibbles on her ear and neck. Her body is trembling as he moves back to her lips, then to the other side. Her moans getting louder as he slowly entices her to greater pleasure. He kisses, nibbles and licks down her chest, to caress her breasts with his face and teases her nipples with his hot tongue. His tongue gently caressing and swirling around her hardened nipples. Her moans getting louder as her thighs try to rub together. Glancing up into her face occasionally to witness her soaring passion and growing need. Working down her body, her belly where he teases her belly button as she squirms under him. Caressing her hips and thighs, down her calves and back up to her treasure. Breathing in her intoxicating scent, caressing her kitten with his face before delicately kissing her hard rosebud. Sucking it into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Delicate little teases that make her squirm in his hands. Long slow licks up her valley, between her nether lips, ending in a flick of his tongue across her little rosebud. Up and down her sensual valley, slipping slightly into her passageway for a taste of her intoxicating nectar. His hands moving up and down her body, caressing her so delicately, finding her nipples and giving them a little squeeze between his fingers. Her breathing getting deeper as her moans get louder, her body trembles in his hands and she cums for him hard. Smiling to himself, he laps at her kitten, drinking what she offers him. He slowly moves up her body, kissing as he moves up, teasing her with the wait, until he is face to face with her smiling lips. He leans down and takes her soft sensual lips with his and kisses her delicately, as he moves his hips just right and slides slowly into her depths. She is so hot and wet as he pushes in so very slowly, feeling her breath in his mouth as he continues to kiss her deeply. She shifts her hips to get more of him inside her but he is persistent in his slow entry into her. When he is all the way into her, he breaks the kiss and looks deeply into her eyes as he begins to stroke slowly in and out of her with his full length, watching her facial expressions as he makes slow love to her.

Her eyes closing as he penetrates her over and over again and he demands her eyes, her moans and gasps driving him on and on, devouring her passion like a starving beast. Her arms around him, finger nails raking his back, fingers clutching at his back. Her body trembling below him, her breath caught in her throat, her body shakes violently as her orgasm ripples through her body. Breathing heavily, she sighs and goes limp under him.

He pulls out and rolls to her side and rests. Only moment's pass before she drags herself up to kiss his tender lips, her body again pressed to his, she works down his body with tender kisses, tempting licks and seductive growls. She moves down and finds his glistening rod, wet with the passion wine of her own satisfaction. She nuzzles it with her cheeks, breathing in her own sweet scent, her mouth watering for the taste of her own wine. She slowly licks its full length, savoring the flavor of hot sensual love that clings to his manliness. She licks it up and down, teasing him to insanity as she cleans every morsel of flavor from his hard piston. Savoring the flavor that bathed his rod and sack.

He reaches for her and pulls her body toward him as her mouth slides down his shaft, swallowing him whole. He pulls her on top of himself and buries his face in her hot wet kitten, savoring her exquisite wine. He laps at her well of passion, drinking in the essence of her love. His tongue dancing over her kitten and rosebud, her mouth making passionate love to his manhood, and both are moaning their appreciation.

He pushes her off, she quickly turns around, coming up his body growling like a jungle cat and attacks his lips. Straddling his body, she moves her hips down until she feels his rock hard shaft poised at her doorway and she looks up into his eyes as she slides down slowly encasing his rod in her hot wet silky depths. His eyes roll up in his head at the pleasure he experiences as she slowly impales herself on his fleshy sword. He reaches up to caress and tease her breasts, stroking her nipples with his thumbs and watching her face as she consumes his shaft within her passion well. Her head thrown back as she slides up and down his long hard pillar, impaling herself over and over again with his steel like rod. Her passion rising as she pounds down on him, filling herself with his meat. Breathing hard and feeling very hot as she slams down on him faster and faster. His breathing getting faster, as he nears his explosion. She can feel her orgasm building and building, and suddenly wave after wave of pleasure wash through her body, her body shivers and then shakes as she loses control as her passion explodes along with his. He moans loudly and his juice is propelled deep into her waiting depths. She feels his shaft enlarge just as he explodes, feeling the warmth deep inside her self.

She falls forward on his chest and he wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. She kisses his chest as she pants to catch her breath. He adjusts his arms to hold her tighter and begins to slowly stroke deep into her while she lays helpless in his arms. After a few strokes she starts to moan again and pushes down to meet his thrusts. It feels so good to have him thrusting deep into her and she begins to build another orgasm, a stronger orgasm trapped within his arms. His pleasure also builds quickly as he pushes deep into her wet hot silky tunnel, stroke after stroke deep into her as she moans into his chest hair. He starts moaning louder, his strokes less determined, she feels his body stiffen and suddenly she orgasms just as he moans loudly and his juice is deliver deep into her again. 

  His arms relax around her and she looks up into his eyes. The love she sees there is unmistakable. She smiles up at him and he smiles back. She starts moving downward, his eyes captured by hers. She moves down and slowly licks his now flaccid member, lying exhausted against his lower abs. She relishes the taste of their mingled juices on his shaft and patiently works to clean it all off with a smile on her face. He reaches down and pulls her up to his lips and kisses her passionately, "I Love You babygirl!"

"I Love You Master," she answers seductively with a giggle.

He rolls to the side with her and she rolls over, giving him her back. He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight, cupping her breasts and they're both sleeping soundly.

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