The Evening

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An erotic evening

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




Driving down the road after dinner, dancing and a movie, the full moon casting it's romantic light upon everything and everyone.  Driving down the road holding hands, soft caresses, stolen looks, a yearning that needs to be addressed.  She leans closer, kisses his cheek as her hand gently caresses his thigh, and comes close to the bulge in his pants.  He glances over at her and slows the car.  He turns into an old abandoned two-track and they drive deep into the woods.

He parks the car and she pulls him to her. Sitting in the middle of the front seat he runs his hands over her back as he kisses her passionately. She unbuttons his shirt and kisses and nibbles on his chest, teasing and gently biting his nipples. She reaches lower, unfastens his pants, fishes for his joystick, and pulls it out. She looks into his eyes as she moves lower, licking her lips in anticipation and to ignite the fire of his imagination.

She rubs his silky hardness across her cheeks, watching his eyes, kissing the head gently, her tongue caressing the sensitive head. She kisses down the shaft, biting with her lips and licks back up to the top, teasing and pleasing him with every movement. His hips press forward and she takes his snake in her mouth, teasing it within her mouth with her tongue and hot breathe. Back out to tease it more, remembering that the longer it stays hard the greater his pleasure and the sweeter the taste.  When he appears to have had enough, she moves back up and kisses him passionately.  Moving her skirt out of the way and pulling her panties to the side, she straddles him and engulfs his steely pole in her silky depths.

Almost insane with pleasure he pistons into her hot wet opening, feeling his pleasure getting stronger and stronger.  She cums several times riding his long thick pole, and finally looks him in the eyes and whispers, "Cum in me huni, give me your wine."  He moans loudly and delivers his load deep inside her, she arches her back and orgasms at the same moment. Sensual electricity flowing through both of them; and she slumps against him exhausted from her efforts.  They kiss passionately and hold each other until the moonsets.  They turn around and drive back out of the two tracks and happily head home where a shower and more play will finally put them to sleep.


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